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1. "Cross-national studies show that the U.S. poverty rate, which stands persistently above 12 percent, is not only the highest poverty rate of any advanced industrial nation, but is more than twice the average for that group.Pursuing the American Dream, 9, 276"
Author: Cal Jillson
2. "In 1276, Peter of Spain was elected Pope John XXI, but he died just nine months later when the ceiling of his library suspiciously collapsed on him as he slept."
Author: Christopher Ryan
3. "Yang hebat dan kuat adalah yang rapat dan hampir dengan Tuhan.muka surat 276, 1511(Kombat)"
Author: Faisal Tehrani
4. "You know what I figured out?"I hate this part." Dr. Martin leaned back in his chair. "It means I'm about to lose income or I'm about to learn what a crappy shrink I am." (276)"
Author: Gail Giles
5. "Far from making me feel different and special, my [spiritual] experiences made me feel the same, ordinary, and interconnected. If I felt more spiritual, everyone else felt more spiritual as well. (276)"
Author: Julia Cameron
6. "I like index funds is that they tend to have low expenses. One of my favorites, Vanguard 500 Index, charges just 0.18 percent a year. Can't get too heated up about the difference between 1.5 percent and 0.18 percent? Well, let me put it in terms that matter to you: If you invest $3,000 a year for thirty years and you earn an 8 percent average rate of return (before expenses are deducted), the fund with the 1.5 percent expense ratio would give you a net return (after expenses are deducted) of $276,000. The fund with the 0.18 percent expense ratio would be worth more than $354,000. I can get worked up about $78,000—how about you?"
Author: Suze Orman

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Quotes About 276
Quotes About 276

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