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1. "When I was 16, I made some little 35mm documentaries about the poor in London. I went round Notting Hill, which was a real slum in the 1950s, shooting film."
Author: David Suchet
2. "I'm really into my photography and am trying to catch up with digital generation - I was used to the old 35mm cameras."
Author: David Suchet
3. "I was part of a group that had a cinema club so every week we would project two or three movies on 16 or 35mm."
Author: Guillermo Del Toro
4. "YENWhat happens if you take a cup? Put it to your lips. A cup of desire. Of dazzling colour. Of intoxicating aroma. You can't resist. Drink. And in the bottom of the cup. There is a fish. And the fish says "You have uncovered me! Now I am condemned. To die."What happens if you find a box? 35mm by 35mm exactly. And are curious. You open it quickly. Of course. And inside there is an eye. And the eye seems to think that the box is its exclusive property. And fixes you with a terrifying glare.What happens if you catch a soft sound? A voice whispering in the air. Above the tree tops. And you can't quite hear what it is saying. But you have to listen. So you float up. Then you find you can't come down again. When the conversation is finished."
Author: Jay Woodman
5. "My art is that of the 35mm kind; my poetry is of the lead and ink kind; my happiness is of the product of both; and my legacy is of the story of my soul, that my life left behind"
Author: Jeremy Aldana
6. "The world just does not fit conveniently into the format of a 35mm camera."
Author: W. Eugene Smith

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