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1. "I could make a martyrly claim to having been the victim of childhood enslavement when I report that I started regularly cooking with my mother at a hot stove when I was five. But the truth is I wanted to cook. Cooking meant being near food."
Author: Alice Dreger
2. "I heard a story once in the Orient about two architects who went to see the Buddha. They had run out of money on their projects and hoped the Buddha could do something about it. 'Well, I'll do what I can,' said the Buddha, and he went off to see their work. The first architect was building a bridge, and the Buddha was very impressed. 'That's a very good bridge,' he said, and he began to pray. Suddenly a great white bull appeared, carrying on its back enough gold to finish construction. 'Take it,' said the Buddha, 'and build even more bridges.' And so the first architect went away very happy. The second architect was building a wall, and when the Buddha saw it he was equally impressed. 'That's a very good wall,' he said solemnly, and began to pray. Suddenly the sacred bull appeared, walked over to the second architect, and sat on him."
Author: Colin Higgins
3. "The boys crept to her side at early dark to sit around her, mournful, with their heads bowed down like they wished they knew how to pray the oldest prayers and pray her well. Harold held a cool cloth to her swollen eye. Sonny made fists and said, 'What was the fight about?' 'Me bein' me I guess.' 'How many was it?"' 'A few.' 'Tell us the names. For when we grow up."
Author: Daniel Woodrell
4. "The churchyard. Walled in by houses and overrun with weeds, choked up with too much buying."
Author: David Levithan
5. "She is the widow of a Dothraki khal, a mother of dragons and sacker of cities, Aegon the Conqueror with teats."
Author: George R.R. Martin
6. "Cecilia wondered, as she sometimes did when she met a man for the first time, if this was the one she was going to marry, and whether it was this particular moment she would remember for the rest of her life - with gratitude, or profound and particular regret."
Author: Ian McEwan
7. "The cave had an immense ceiling peppered with tiny cracks which let in shafts of light whenever the sun broke through the clouds. The cave walls positively sang as water trickled down their smooth faces, and the trickles formed pools on the cave floor so dark that they seemed to have no bottom."
Author: Jack Croxall
8. "Salvation is the entire universe being brought back into harmony with its maker."
Author: Rob Bell
9. "Writers think in metaphors. Editors work in metaphors. A great reader reads in metaphors.All are continually asking, "What does this represent? What does it stand for?"They are trying to take everything one level deeper. When they get to that level, they will try to go deeper again."
Author: Steven Pressfield

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Quotes About A Great Night With Friends
Quotes About A Great Night With Friends
Quotes About A Great Night With Friends

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All these years I've had a story in my mind, the story about us that never really existed. And because of that story, I've kept you framed up on the wall in a little box of nostalgic moonlight."
Author: Cathleen Schine

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