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1. "Pedersen was always wooing her. Sometimes he was gracious and kind, but at other times when his failure wearied him he would be cruel and sardonic, with a suggestive tongue whose vice would have scourged her were it not that Marie was impervious, or too deeply inured to mind it. She always grinned at him and fobbed him off with pleasantries, whether he was amorous or acrid.'God Almighty,' he would groan, 'she is not good for me, this Marie. What can I do for her? She is burning me alive and the Skaggerack could not quench me, not all of it. The devil! What can I do with this? Some day I shall smash her across the eyes, yes, across the eyes.'So you see the man really loved her.("The Tiger")"
Author: A.E. Coppard
2. "Real inspiration are not people, but their stories."
Author: Amit Kalantri
3. "Time is the proper moment,it flies! People who see through that time and tide mark time for no third estate do not just take time by the forelock;they have the time of their lives at fingertips."
Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
4. "I graduated college in 1992 and didn't reach a sizable audience with my column for nine solid years. If I had started ten years later, or ten years sooner, everything could have happened sooner, obviously. But if I had started fifteen years later? I don't know."
Author: Bill Simmons
5. "You untangle a knot with slow teasing, not sharp pulling, and believe me we have here a knot such as I have never seen. But I will unpick it. I will."
Author: C.J. Sansom
6. "It's true that my mom loved it when I played Joanie Cunningham in the musical 'Happy Days,' but I think she finally realized I am never going to do 'Oklahoma!'"
Author: Christine Lakin
7. "Neoliberalization has not been very effective in revitalizing global capital accumulation, but it has succeeded remarkably well in restoring, or in some instances (as in Russia and China) creating, the power of an economic elite. The theoretical utopianism of neoliberal argument has, I conclude, primarily worked as a system of justification and legitimation for whatever needed to be done to achieve this goal."
Author: David Harvey
8. "Humans are constantly, and in every way, comparing themselves to one another, which, given the brief nature of their existence, seems an oddity and, for that matter, a waste. Nevertheless, this is the driving influence behind every human's social development, their emotional health and sense of joy, and, sadly, their greatest tragedies. It is as though something that helped them function and live well has gone missing, and they are pining for that missing thing in all sorts of odd methods, none of which are working. The greater tragedy is that very few people understand they have the disease. This seems strange as well because it is obvious. To be sure, it is killing them, and yet sustaining their social and economic systems. They are an entirely beautiful people with a terrible problem."
Author: Donald Miller
9. "I like folk songs, but ten horses couldn't bring me to a concert or an opera."
Author: Fritz Lang
10. "As for Doing-good,that is one of the professions which are full. Moreover, I have tried itfairly, and, strange as it may seem, am satisfied that it does not agreewith my constitution. Probably I should not consciously and deliberatelyforsake my particular calling to do the good which society demands ofme, to save the universe from annihilation; and I believe that a likebut infinitely greater steadfastness elsewhere is all that now preservesit."
Author: Henry David Thoreau
11. "I don't have to put out another rap record. I can do it at my casual pace."
Author: Ice T
12. "As yet, if a man has no feeling for art he is considered narrow-minded, but if he has no feeling for science this is considered quite normal. This is a fundamental weakness."
Author: Isidor Isaac Rabi
13. "I don't hurt other people intentionally. I'm not a bad person. I have a decent job. So I like to put on high heels and a little dress. Does that make me a monster? -Edgar Saturnino, 24 (Lamentations 5:23)"
Author: Jessica Zafra
14. "Snowden said carefully, 'I've been unable to get in touch with the person I thought might know about our mutual friend's difficulty.'The guy sounded like he worked for the CIA. Or Charles Dickens."
Author: Josh Lanyon
15. "If I ever have sex with someone I might be able to develop a sense of humor."
Author: Kate Beckinsale
16. "They lay there like that, in a different kind of silence now, watching the lake and the stars, listening to the night, each basking in the warmth of the other."
Author: Kimberly Derting
17. "I had my first dream about you last night. Really? She smiles. What was it about?I don't remember exactly but the whole time I was dreaming, I knew you were mine."
Author: Lang Leav
18. "A tale is told of twin boys born to different mothers.One is dark by nature, the other light. One is rich, the other poor. One is harsh, the other gentle. One is forever youthful, the other old before his time.One is mortal.They share no bond of blood or sympathy, but they are twins nonetheless.They each live without ever knowing that they are brothers.They each die fighting the blind god."
Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
19. "I love the work of Matisse and Picasso, but I don't have enough millions to own one. And I don't really believe in owning art, anyway."
Author: Ravi Shankar
20. "Well, it hurts but that maybe the only way."
Author: Ria Destriana
21. "I felt that I was really living in the moment. I did not know where my life was going, but right now the future did not trouble me."
Author: Ruth Reichl
22. "If you break up with a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you're in this vulnerable state where you're still kind of half in the relationship with them, but you're single, and it takes a while to feel solid in yourself again."
Author: Sam Palladio
23. "We do not know until the shell breaks what kind of egg we have been sitting on."
Author: T.S. Eliot
24. "Children should always be treated like they can shine bright in their lives!"
Author: Timothy Pina
25. "It ruffles me a bit, not being able to tell apart my best friend from my girlfriend from this distance. But then one of the figures dashes across the sandy trail and jumps into my arms and I'm reasonably sure it's Liv and not Perry."
Author: Veronica Rossi
26. "The younger, certainly, had to the full that charmof a constitutional freshness of aspect which maydefy for a long time extravagant or erring habits oflife; a physiognomy healthy-looking, cleanly, andfirm, which seemed unassociable with any form ofself-tormenting, and made one think of the nozzle ofsome young hound or roe, such as human beingsinvariably like to stroke—with all the goodliness, thatis, of the finer sort of animalism, though still whollyanimal. It was the charm of the blond head, theunshrinking gaze, the warm tints:—neither morenor less than one may see every English summer, inyouth, manly enough, and with the stuff in it whichmakes brave soldiers, in spite of the natural kinshipit seems to have with playthings and gay flowers."
Author: Walter Pater
27. "I have before me a newspaper slip on which a writer expresses the opinion that no one should be allowed to possess more than one million dollars' worth of property."
Author: William Graham Sumner
28. "You came to tell us that the great cities are in favour of the gold standard; we reply that the great cities rest upon our broad and fertile plains. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy out farms and the grass will grow in the city...You shall not press down upon the brow of labour this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."
Author: William Jennings Bryan

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