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1. "Humans are capable of so much more. Power mongers like you have stripped away what is most valuable to us, the importance of our heritage and family values. We have been robbed of this, blinded by your authority, while you encourage us to burry ourselves in debt and rely on our corrupt governments. Men and women around the world have been forced to work long hours to keep up with inflated debts, all the while abandoning the families they struggle to support. History repeats, and repeats. It's time to break the cycle and start anew."
Author: Aaron B. Powell
2. "Buku adalah sahabat paling setiarela mendampingi sepanjang waktudi mana pun aku beradatanpa pernah memikirkan dirinya."
Author: Abdurahman Faiz
3. "My workplace is wherever I'm making something, which could be in a field in gold country, or in an abandoned warehouse on a military base."
Author: Adam Savage
4. "Bahwa rasa dendam mampu membinasakan martabat kemanusiaan. Juga di antara dua orang dusun yang masih terikat pada keserbaluguannya."
Author: Ahmad Tohari
5. "We must abandon completely the notion of blaming the past for any kind of situation we're in and reverse our thinking and see that the past always flows back form the present. That now is the creative point of life. So you see its like the idea of forgiving somebody, you change the meaning of the past by doing that...Also watch the flow of music. The melody as its expressed is changed by notes that come later. Just as the meaning of a wait till later to find out what the sentence means...The present is always changing the past."
Author: Alan Wilson Watts
6. "Continuo pensant que els amors no correspostos són la droga natural més potent d'aquest món. Tan per als qui el practiquen com pel fruit de l'amor no correspost. Tothom acaba patint sempre, però acaba caient a les seves xarxes. Hi ha una èpica difícil d'explicar. Es pateix, s'intenta, es pateix, es prova...Què et fa desitjar algú amb tant d'afany quan saps que no t'estima? I si ho has sentit, si t'has sentit desitjat i has rebutjat, per què desitges algú que saps que no et correspondrà?"
Author: Albert Espinosa
7. "When's your birthday?"I was taken aback by the question. "I don't like presents,"I said quickly, in case he got any ideas. "Who said anything about presents? I'm just asking for your date of birth.""Thirtieth of February," I said, throwing out the first date that came to mind.Xavier raised an eyebrow."Are you sure about that?"I panicked. What had I said wrong? I ran through the months in my head and realised my mistake. OOPS--there were only twenty-eight days in February! "I mean thirtieth of April," I corrected and grinned sheepishly.Xavier laughed. "You're the first person I've ever known to forget her own birthday."
Author: Alexandra Adornetto
8. "-Puedo darte todo lo que desees -dijo el hada-. Riqueza, poder y cetro, fama, una vida larga y feliz. Elige.-No quiero riqueza ni fama, poder ni cetros -respondió la bruja-. Quiero un caballo que sea negro y tan imposible de alcanzar como el viento de la noche. Quiero una espada que sea luminosa y afilada como los rayos de la luna. Quiero atravesar el mundo en la oscura noche con mi caballo negro, quiero quebrar las fuerzas del Mal y de la Oscuridad con mi espada de luz. Eso es lo que quiero.-Te daré un caballo que sea más negro que la noche y más ligero que el viento de la noche -le prometió el hada-. Te daré una espada que será más luminosa y afilada que los rayos de la luna. Pero no es poco lo que pides, bruja, habrás de pagármelo muy caro.-¿Con qué? En verdad nada tengo.-Con tu sangre."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
9. "But I won't bore you any longer on the subject of old men. It won't make things any better and all my plans of revenge (such as disconnecting the lamp, shutting the door, hiding his clothes) must be abandoned in order to keep the peace. Oh, I'm becoming so sensible! ..."
Author: Anne Frank
10. "Creo que en el mundo de hoy la única libertad posible es la indiferencia. Por eso seguiré viviendo con mi sable y mi caballo."
Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte
11. "Kimi zaman öyle geliyor ki, hayatim boyunca kati hale geçemedim ben, durmadan masalarin, koltuklarin, sehpalarin altina ve yetiskinlerin ayaklarinin dibine çöken, bereket versin havadan agir bir gaz olarak yasadim bunca yili. Yirmi alti yili. Ve bu yirmi alti yil boyunca tek bir seyi istedim, tek bir seyin pesinden kostum, kos dedim ruhuma, kos alçak, kos pislik, o da kostu…Karsima çikan herkesin, kadin erkek, çoluk çocuk, herkesin bana asik olmasini istedim. Iste benim basit gerçegim! Ama artik, içkili ve kalabalik bir aksam yemegi hayal ediyorum. Açik havada, çiplak ampullerin altinda. Güzel seyler yiyip içmisiz. Nefis bir yaz gecesi. Masada kalan son kisi ben olmak istiyorum. Eslerin birlikte kalkmasini seyrediyorum sessizce. Sonra erkeklerden yemege yalniz gelmis kadinlari evlerine birakmalarini rica ediyorum. Masada tek basima kalmak istiyorum. Rüzgarla sallanan çiplak ampüllerin altinda. Agustosböceklerini dinliyorum ve bir parça kuru ekmek atiyorum agzima."
Author: Baris Biçakçi
12. "Ya estaba todo bien claro: sus palabras suaves, sus ojos negros brillantes, su experiencia mintiendo, seduciendo a las mujeres. Me había enamorado de un demonio."
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
13. "Daughters. They were sometimes as familiar and intimate as honeysuckles in bloom, but mostly daughters were mysteries. They lived in rooms you had long since abandoned and could not, did not, ever want to reenter."
Author: Benjamin Alire Sáenz
14. "Fortune helps the intrepid and abandons the cowards. I am the daughter of a man who did not know of fear. Whatever may come, I am resolved to follow that course until death."
Author: Caterina Sforza
15. "The truth is, it's not a great career move to create a readership and then, in effect, abandon them."
Author: Dan Simmons
16. "You survived as a child because others helped to maintain your life. It continues to be true today, even when you think you are abandoned, rejected, neglected, and unloved: the tomatoes you eat sustain you, the crossing guard stops the traffic so you can get to the other side of the street, the dinner offered to you on clean white plates nourishes you, the paper on which these words are printed informs you. Noticed or ignored, this web of others protects and holds you and makes it possible for you to make a difference: to take what came to you as seed and pass it on as blossom, and what came as blossom and ripen it to fruit."
Author: Dawna Markova
17. "Aku menyimpannya sendiri. Karena belum punya keberanian untuk menanyakannya pula. Kuatir kalau jawabannya malah membuatku sakit dan terluka."
Author: Dian Nafi
18. "Sem a tua presença eu floresci. Para fora do cadáver. Onde você me abandonou."
Author: Filipe Russo
19. "Fiel Malaver murió hace ya varios años. La última vez que lo vi, tenía blancos el pelo y el mítico bigote, su cuerpo estaba más enteco, había perdidomucho de su tejido adiposo, y pensé que en las tardes de diciembre ahora sentiría frío"
Author: Francisco Suniaga
20. "I believe he was feeling a bit nervous. Possibly it was my costume that took him aback. I was dressed quite well, even elegantly, and looked as if I belonged to the best society."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
21. "Así fue como apareció, de la nada, mientras Rand rogaba por el regreso de su hija: una sonrisa de asesino."
Author: Gillian Flynn
22. "La Madre de Dios tenía siempre el dedo índice levantado cuando yo me sentaba delante, en el banco de los niños. Pero la expresión de su rostro era amable, y yo no le tenía miedo. Todo el tiempo llevaba el mismo vestido largo azul claro y tenía unos labios rojos muy bonitos. Y un día que el cura dijo que los lápices de labios se hacen con sangre de pulga y de otros bichos repugnantes, me pregunté por qué la Madre de Dios que había en el altar lateral se pintaría los labios. También se lo pregunté al cura, que me golpeó las manos con su regla hasta ponérmelas rojas y me mandó en seguida a casa. Estuve varios días sin poder mover los dedos."
Author: Herta Müller
23. "As a stalwart reader of printed books, I'm left to wonder what will happen to the wide, slow silty river of the their history, to the countless volumes waiting now in the abandoned silence of library stacks. Stacks: The word itself connects books to the harvest, to corn and hay. They were always earthbound. Smell the must, feel the brittle, browning pages between your thumb and forefinger. The tears, the cracked spines, the stains and folds. Even if we readers forget them, printed books will hold us in their memory."
Author: Jane Brox
24. "Here is a truth, a truth by which to live: there is hope. There is always hope. If we choose to abandon it, our souls will turn to ash and blow away."
Author: John Connolly
25. "We get information in the mail, the regular postal mail, encrypted or not, vet it like a regular news organization, format it - which is sometimes something that's quite hard to do, when you're talking about giant databases of information - release it to the public and then defend ourselves against the inevitable legal and political attacks."
Author: Julian Assange
26. "No me parece que la luciérnaga extraiga mayor suficiencia del hecho incontrovertible de que es una de las maravillas de este circo, y sin embargo basta suponerle una consciencia para comprender que cada vez que se le encandila la barriguita el bicho de luz debe sentir como una cosquilla de privilegio. De la misma manera a la Maga le encantaban los líos inverosímiles en los que andaba metida siempre por causa del fracaso de las leyes en su vida."
Author: Julio Cortázar
27. "Los dioses nos dan a los enanos unos centímetros de más aquí abajo para compensar los que nos quitan de altura."
Author: Kate Quinn
28. "Though Anne was born in Alabama and schooled in Mississippi, she had traveled North, and, like many Southerners, gained a theoretical understanding of the concept of cold. But the mind is an overprotective parent. What it doesn't care for, it hides. Like many inhabiting the subtropics, Anne had repressed the reality of subzero mercury."
Author: Kathy Reichs
29. "Because I am a small man, my heart is moved by what's in front of my eyes, not by what the world needs. I just can't abandon what's there in front of me. I want to protect everything I can!"
Author: Katsura Hoshino
30. "Los más jóvenes subieron para espiar a esas extrañas criaturas. Sentían, como yo, una mezcla de curiosidad y odio. Eran los depredadores, lo que todo lo torcían, los creadores de rectas, los devoradores de bosques. Pero también eran los que interpretaban canciones, los que esculpían la piedra para extraer formas bellas; eran quienes creaban historias que emocionaban y ayudaban a reflexionar. Y algunos de ellos podían vernos. Incluso había quienes traspasaban la sutil frontera de la magie, y podían usarla, mejorarla, convertirla en poderosa herramienta o temible arma. Eran capaces de la peor destrucción y de la evolución más fabulosa."
Author: Leo Batic
31. "Seems like "all systems go" na 'di ba? Super compatible. Gusto n'yo ang isa't-isa. Pero 'yan ang mga nakakatakot. 'Yung akala mo okay lahat, sabay 'pag sinabi mong mahal mo s'ya. *blam!* Guguho lahat."
Author: Manix Abrera
32. "When the offense of the Cross ceases, when the rage of the enemies of the Cross abates, when everything is quiet, it is a sign that the devil is the door-keeper of the Church and that the pure doctrine of God's Word has been lost."
Author: Martin Luther
33. "Did she ever feel nostalgia for any of her girlhood dreams? But life was made up of a succession of dreams, some few to be realized, most to be set aside as time went on, one or two to persist for a lifetime. It was knowing when to abandon a dream, perhaps, that mattered and distinguished the successful people in life from the sad, embittered persons who never moved on from the first of life's great disappointments. Or from the airy dreamers who never really lived life at all."
Author: Mary Balogh
34. "My books are not really books; they're endless chains of distraction shoved inside a cover. Many of them begin at the search box of Pub Med, an Internet database of medical journal articles."
Author: Mary Roach
35. "Ya se sabe que la hermosura de algunas mujeres tiene días y sazones, y requiere accidentes para diminuirse o acrecentarse; y es natural cosa que las pasiones del ánimo la levanten o abajen, puesto que las más veces la destruyen."
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
36. "Un caballero errante sin su amada es como un árbol sin hojas ni fruto, o como un cuerpo sin alma"
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
37. "Universo interior!Eram grandes palavras, essas, e Jaromil ouviu-as com uma extrema satisfação. Nunca se esquecia de que coma idade de cinco anos era já considerado como uma criança excepcional, diferente das outras; o comportamento dos seus colegas de turma, que troçavam da pasta ou da camisa dele, confirmara-o, do mesmo modo (por vezes, duramente), na sua singularidade. Mas, até aqui, essa singularidade não fora para ele mais do que uma noção vazia e incerta; era uma esperança incompreensível ou uma incompreensível rejeição; mas agora, acabava de receber um nome: era um universo interior original; (...)o que lhe sugeria a ideia confusa de que a originalidade do seu universo interior não era o resultado de um esforço laborioso mas se exprimia por meio de tudo o que passava fortuitamente e maquinalmente pela sua cabeça; que lhe era dada, como um dom."
Author: Milan Kundera
38. "É verdade que os cupins da redução desde sempre atacam a vida humana: até o maior amor acaba se reduzindo a um esqueleto de lembranças raquíticas."
Author: Milan Kundera
39. "All that we know, soon shall we abandon. As time will lend itself. Eyes know only what they see. But brave hearts beat on with belief."
Author: Nathalie M. Leblanc
40. "We'll win, of course," he said. "You don't want that," said the demon. "Why not, pray?""Listen," said Crowley desperately, "how many musicians do you think your side have got, eh? First grade, I mean." Aziraphale looked taken aback. "Well, I should think-" he began. "Two," said Crowley. "Elgar and Liszt. That's all. We've got the rest. Beethoven, Brahms, all the Bachs, Mozart, the lot. Can you imagine eternity with Elgar?"
Author: Neil Gaiman
41. "I went to Juilliard in New York and used to do cabarets just for fun. Occasionally, I would get together with a jazz musician and play at a restaurant for cash. And I've done some background vocals for recording artists."
Author: Nicole Beharie
42. "Mis esfuerzos por intentar borrarlo de mi pensamiento me impedían lograrlo. Temía tanto no poder lograrlo, que este mismo miedo me lo recordaba constantemente"
Author: Oscar Wilde
43. "Doña Bárbara se precipitó al escritorio, en cuya gaveta guardaba el revólver cuando no lo llevaba encima; pero alguien le contuvo la mano y le dijo:—No matarás. Ya tú no eres la misma."
Author: Rómulo Gallegos
44. "People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what she wants in life and isn't going to let anyone get in her way. And you know what it's all about? Jealousy."
Author: Summer Altice
45. "To call the population of strangers in the midst of which we live "society" is such a usurpation that even the sociologists wonder if they should abandon a concept that was, for a century, their bread and butter. Now they prefer the metaphor of a network to describe the connection of cybernetic solitudes, the intermeshing of weak interactions under names like "colleague," "contact," "buddy," acquaintance," or "date." Such networks sometimes condense into a milieu, where nothing is shared but codes, and where nothing is played out except the incessant recomposition of identity."
Author: The Invisible Committee
46. "If you are in a pit of stress or despair, don't succumb to defeat. Don't accept that difficult place as your fate. Even though God has allowed you to be there right now, he never intended for you to live there. Our God is bigger then whatever problem you are facing. The only way to see past the problem is to believe that he has not forgotten or abandoned you and that, at the exact time that he has ordained, he will reach down and pick you up."
Author: Tracie Miles
47. "¿He dicho el nombre de ese bar lácteo que visité en una ocasión? Pues se llamaba nada menos que La reina frígida. Sonriendo con cierta tristeza, apodé a Lo Mi princesa frígida. Ella no comprendió esa melancólica broma."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
48. "The American craving for illegal, mind-altering, addictive chemicals provides a steady flow of American capital through the Texas border into Mexico and South America. Basically, the drug traffic is uncontainable as long as its U.S. market exists, but newspapers and other media virtuously trumpet feel-good headlines about "record drug busts" and arrests while the drug trade continues unabated."
Author: William Earl Maxwell
49. "The I.B.M. machine has no ethic of its own; what it does is enable one or two people to do the computing work that formerly required many more people. If people often use it stupidly, it's their stupidity, not the machine's, and a return to the abacus would not exorcise the failing. People can be treated as drudges just as effectively without modern machines."
Author: William H. Whyte
50. "For me, a woman who is absorbed in her work, who does not care about gaining one's favour, strong yet subtle at the same time, is essentially more seductive. The more she hides and abandons her femininity, the more it emerges from the very heart of her existence."
Author: Yohji Yamamoto

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A radical love story is the only device that makes the time-chariot of a village, a city, a country, gallop faster. Such a love story pulls the wheels of that chariot from a murky, regressive past towards a spotlessly clean road under autumn-blue skies. And for that chariot to move forward, to bring change in the village, you don't have to be conscious of being a radical. You just have to fall in love."
Author: Aruni Kashyap

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