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201. "Incluso sin tratarlo, Perséfone contaminó cada faceta de mi vida y cada persona a la que amaba. Como una hermana más joven, cuyas únicas cosas eran heredadas, todo lo que tenia olía a ella, y nada alguna vez iba a hacer que el olor desapareciera."
Author: Aimee Carter
202. "—No importa —dijo Perséfone—. Él no tenía que hacerlo. Mientras goberné con él sólo hicimos unas pocas excepciones, e incluso entonces había tantas advertencias que en realidad nadie llegaba de nuevo a la superficie. Violó todo lo que lo representaba desde el amanecer de la humanidad para salvar tu vida."
Author: Aimee Carter
203. "[L]earn how to distinguish the king from royalty; the king is but a man; royalty is the gift of God. Whenever you hesitate as to whom you ought to serve, abandon the exterior, the material for the invisible principle, for the invisible principle is everything."
Author: Alexandre Dumas
204. "Há dois motivos para ler um livro. Um: porque você gosta; o outro: pra você se gabar disto."
Author: Bertrand Russell
205. "I cannot hate gay men, I cannot hate homosexuality. At the lowest points in my life, when all else abandoned me, my gay men friends were my sisters, aunts, mothers who lifted me up on their shoulders and reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If I were to hate gay men, or to condemn them just because they're gay, I would be a hypocrite. I simply cannot turn my back on arms that held me in my darkest hours."
Author: C. JoyBell C.
206. "¿Qué enfermo cuento de hadas era, si él estaba hecho exactamente para mí y yo no estaba bien para él?"
Author: Cate Tiernan
207. "A mí cada vez que alguien me hablaba me entraban ganas de tirarme por la ventana o de escapar en el ascensor. La gente, simplemente, no me resultaba interesante. Quizá no tenía por qué serlo. Pero los animales, los pájaros, incluso los insectos lo eran. No podía entenderlo."
Author: Charles Bukowski
208. "This night is not calm; the equinox still struggles in its storms. The wild rains of the day are abated; the great single cloud disparts and rolls away from heaven, not passing and leaving a sea all sapphire, but tossed buoyant before a continued, long-sounding, high-rushing moonlight tempest. The Moon reigns glorious, glad of the gale, as glad as if she gave herself to his fierce caress with love. No Endymion will watch for his goddess tonight. there are no flocks out on the mountains; and it is well, for to-night she welcomes Aeolus."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
209. "— Dijiste que yo no te gustaba.— No me gustas. No me gusta la forma en que tu cabello huele, y cómo no puedo dejar de pensar en despertar y ver tu cara. Odio como mi cama se sentía vacía cuando te fuiste. No me gusta lo bien que estábamos con mi familia, especialmente con Harper, y cómo yo quería verte de nuevo con ellos, pero no sólo como invitada. Sino como miembro. Tienes razón. No me gustas en absoluto."
Author: Chelsea M. Cameron
210. "You know how sometimes you remember a place you once loved, a movie you've enjoyed, only to be disappointed when you return to that place or see that movie for a second time? Well, it wasn't disappointing. She sounds exactly as I remember her—and there is still something so warm and caring about her that it is difficult to hate her for how she abandoned us."
Author: Christina Westover
211. "Abaratians are very much about living in the moment; living life because that's what we've got, we've got today, we've got now, we've got being alive now and we have to be awake and alive in the moment and not asleep in our lives. And they would find the idea of sleeping through your life, of being bored - they would think that was very stupid - why would you be bored when there's so much to do and so much to see and so much to be?"
Author: Clive Barker
212. "-Ezt nem lenne szabad csinálniuk magával. Embertelen.-Nem tudom, hogy ez mennyire vonatkoztatható rám.-Nem az számít, hogy maga ember-e vagy sem -mondta Kira ... -Ok emberek, ami azt jelenti, hogy emberként is kell viselkedniük."
Author: Dan Wells
213. "An important United Nations environmental conference went past 6:00 in the evening when the interpreters' contracted working conditions said they could leave. They left, abandoning the delegates unable to talk to each other in their native languages. The French head of the committee, who had insisted on speaking only in French throughout the week suddenly demonstrated the ability to speak excellent English with English-speaking delegates."
Author: Daniel Yergin
214. "The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
215. "We search for happiness everywhere, but we are like Tolstoy's fabled beggar who spent his life sitting on a pot of gold, under him the whole time. Your treasure--your perfection--is within you already. But to claim it, you must leave the buy commotion of the mind and abandon the desires of the ego and enter into the silence of the heart."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
216. "Cuando se acaba el karma de una relación, sólo queda el AMOR"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
217. "Man's true taproots are nourished in the sequence of generations, and he loses his taproots in disrupted developmental time, not in abandoned localities."
Author: Erik Erikson
218. "Vaya, vaya, vaya, pero que tenemos aquí, una chupa gasofa preciosa, pensaba que eraís una leyenda de camioneros, pero ya veo que existís, como las sirenas"
Author: Federico Moccia
219. "We move, all of us, in sprung rhythm: for our world – whether we conceive it as broad or as cosy – is, not to out-Manley Fr Hopkins, as ringèd and streakèd and specklèd as the cattle of Laban."
Author: G.M.W. Wemyss
220. "Tan pronto como me tendí en la cama tomé conciencia del silencio pavoroso de la queda. No puedo imaginarme otro silencio igual en el mundo. Un silencio que me oprimía el pecho, y seguía oprimiendo más y más, y no terminaba nunca. No había un solo ruido en la vasta ciudad apagada. [...] Me levanté agitado y me asomé por la ventana, tratando de respirar el aire libre de la calle, tratando de ver la ciudad desierta pero real, y nunca la había visto tan solitaria y triste desde que llegué por la primera vez en los días inciertos de mi adolescencia."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
221. "We were like confirmed opium-eaters: in our moments of reason we well knew the deadly nature of our pursuit, but we certainly were not prepared to abandon its terrible delights."
Author: H. Rider Haggard
222. "Era consolador saber que hasta Doakes necesitaba dormir de vez en cuando. O tal vez había pensado que alguien que acababa de comprometerse merecía un poco de intimidad. Como yo le conocía bien, esto no era probable. Era más probable que le hubieran elegido Papa y hubiera tenido que volar al Vaticano."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
223. "Había pasado treinta años satisfaciendo mis ambiciones, me enfrentaba a los siguientes treinta intentando mantener esas ambiciones a flote y, al pensar bien en ellas, me pregunté en qué momento me dedicaría a vivir, sin más"
Author: Joël Dicker
224. "Shame was an emotion he had abandoned years earlier. Addicts know no shame. You disgrace yourself so many times you become immune to it."
Author: John Grisham
225. "Cabal regarded her with mild amusement. "Smile when you whisper," he advised her. "You're supposed to be flirting with me, if you recall?" She stared at him icily. Then suddenly her expression thawed and she smiled winsomely, her eyes dewy with romantic love. "Oh, sweetheart… somebody tried to kill you? Whosoever would do such a thing to my nimpty-bimpty snookums?"Cabal could not have been more horrified if she'd pulled off her face to reveal a gaping chasm of eternal night from which glistening tentacles coiled and groped. That had already happened to him once in his life, and he wasn't keen to repeat the experience. "What?" he managed in a dry whisper."Smile when you whisper," she said, her expression fixed and blood-curdlingly coquettish. You're supposed to be flirting with me, remember?" "Please don't do that."
Author: Jonathan L. Howard
226. "Help me. Please?"She gave him an abashed nod (but not nearly soabashed as she ought) and turned to Harriet. "I think that Lord Winstead refers to the rhyming qualities of the title." Harriet blinked a few times. "It doesn't rhyme.""Oh, for heaven's sake," Elizabeth burst out. " Finstead Winstead?"Harriet's gasp very nearly sucked the air from the room. "I never noticed!" she exclaimed."Obviously," her sister drawled."I must have been thinking about you when I wrotethe play," Harriet said to Daniel. From her expression, he gathered he was meant to feel flattered, so he tried to smile."
Author: Julia Quinn
227. "… and that's why they leave, isn't it? Because they have to see themselves in the context of something larger than just the two of them. It's like that Faiz poem, you know, mujh say pehli si muhabat, when you've seen the sorrows of the rest of the world you can't go on pretending none of it matters, you can't pretend two people can really live in isolation telling themselves their love is all that matters in the world. And that two of them, when they come back to the city, that's when they find out that their love was imperfect because it couldn't bear the knowledge of everything that lies outside…"
Author: Kamila Shamsie
228. "-Gracias por esto, Ángel, pero no me gusta el Coco Pops. Le fruncí el ceño, confundida. Siempre estaba comiendo mi cereal. -Claro que sí, te lo comes todos los días.Se echó a reír.-No, no lo hago. Hago un plato cada día y pretendo comerlo, antes de que vengas y me lo arrebates.-¿Por qué diablos harías un plato y pretender comerlo? ¿Te gusta hacerme enojar?-No, Ángel. Me gusta hacerte el desayuno."
Author: Kirsty Moseley
229. "El mundo ha sido siempre así desde la aparición de la vida. Las criaturas nacen y mueren. Ninguna criatura puede sobrevivir sin alimentarse de otra, directa o indirectamente. Para que las criaturas existan, otras tienen que morir. Nosotros estamos en el mundo para que las criaturas vivan. Los demonios están en el mundo para que las criaturas mueran. Si los ángeles no existiésemos, nuestro planeta acabaría por convertirse en un mundo muerto. Si los demonios no existiesen, las criaturas crecerían y se reproducirían sin control, el planeta no podría sustentarlas a todas. Somos los dos extremos de la balanza. La existencia de unos y otros garantiza el equilibrio del mundo."
Author: Laura Gallego García
230. "No es que crea que soy una especie de premio.No, espera, eso no es verdad. Sí creo que soy una especie de premio. Soy inteligente y ocasionalmente graciosa y linda. No veo porque debería pasar largas citas con un tipo que se expresa en una sola sílaba y quiere ver películas de terror."
Author: Michael Grant
231. "Finalmente, la doncella del aguamanil vino, y acabaron de lavar a don Quijote, y luego la que traía las toallas le limpió y le enjugó muy reposadamente; y, haciéndole todas cuatro a la par una grande y profunda inclinación y reverencia,"
Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
232. "You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honour."
Author: Miyamoto Musashi
233. "Suppose God wants to teach you to say, "I know how to be abased"--are you ready to be offered up like that? Are you ready to be not so much as a drop in a bucket--to be so hopelessly insignificant that you are never thought of again in connection with the life you served? Are you willing to spend and be spent; not seeking to be ministered unto, but to minister?"
Author: Oswald Chambers
234. "Voila bien la différence entre le singe et le footballeur. Le premier a trop de mains ou pas assez de pieds pour s'abaisser à jouer au football."
Author: Pierre Desproges
235. "Neden yalniz bir yabanci gibi tuhaf ve farkli oldugunuzu düsünüyorsunuz? Sizin basiniza gelen sadece henüz ailenizi bulamamis olmanizdir."
Author: Richard Bach
236. "Percy," my father said, "what exactly do you mean?" "Kronos couldn't have risen if it hadn't been for a lot of demigods who felt abandoned by their parents," I said. "They felt angry, resentful, and unloved, and they had a good reason."
Author: Rick Riordan
237. "Mereka sedang dalam perjalanan menggapai mimpinya ... tampaknya sebentar lagi sampai .. sementara ini aku masih duduk termenung menunggu bus yang dapat membawaku menuju impian itu, inginnya sih naik pesawat jet ... tapi dalam menggapai mimpi tidak ada yang instan butuh perjuangan , kalau begitu sembari menantinya datang bagaimana kalau kamu tetap melangkah dengan kedua kakimu sekarang? walaupun jauh tapi setidaknya kamu tetap mencoba hingga waktu itu pun tiba ... percayalah, bersabarlah dan melangkahlah :)"
Author: Rizqiyyah Yasmin
238. "I wanted to make him understand that we shared the details of our lives, because they were the threads that braided us so closely together. And you would have been certain to tell me about a Sabatier knife, because it would have had the rare value of being a detail in your life which tied directly into mine - Bee in Sister"
Author: Rosamund Lupton
239. "Yo solo pense para mi mismo, asi subitamente, que nosotros teniamos algo en comun. Una quimica natural, si tu deseas. Y yo tenia un sentimiento que algo grande iba a pasar. A ambos. Que nosotros estabamos, de hecho, hecho para estar juntos."
Author: Sarah Dessen
240. "As we distribute ourselves, we may abandon ourselves."
Author: Sherry Turkle
241. "Vaikai baisesni už teroristus. Jie nuolat rekia, kad yra priklausomi nuo tevu, taciau iš tikruju yra visiškai atvirkšciai — tai tevai yra vaiku ikaitai. Meile, prisirišimas, stiprus nuosavybes jausmas — komplektas, kuris labai slegia tevus, alina juos ir varžo. Vaikai tevus pradeda myleti, arba supranta, kad tai yra šis tas daugiau nei edalas ir lova, velai, tik persirite per savojo gyvenimo viduri, dažniausiai, kai patys tampa tevais. Vaikas yra uždelsto veikimo bomba — jam gali bet kas ir bet kada atsitikti, ir joks tevas negali savo vaiko nuo to apsaugoti. Vaikas gali susirgti, gali tapti melagiu, šunsnukiu, vagimi, žudiku, politiku, — ir tevas visa tai turi pakelti, išverti ir netgi — nesiliauti myleti. Nes jis nebegali liautis. Jis jau yra inikes i savo vaika kaip i narkotikus."
Author: Sigitas Parulskis
242. "La gratitud nos hace felices porque son raras las ocasiones en que se nos hace visible; toda delicadeza nos produce un efecto saludable, y para mí, naturaleza fría y mesurada, aquella superabundancia de sentimiento significaba algo nuevo, agradable y felicísimo."
Author: Stefan Zweig
243. "Objectivity cannot be equated with mental blankness; rather, objectivity resides in recognizing your preferences and then subjecting them to especially harsh scrutiny — and also in a willingness to revise or abandon your theories when the tests fail (as they usually do)."
Author: Stephen Jay Gould
244. "—¿Qué otra cosa podía hacer, Eva? Ni siquiera sabía de tu existencia. —La voz de Gideon se hizo más grave y áspera—. Si hubiera sabido que andabas por ahí, te habría buscado. No habría perdido ni un segundo. Pero no lo sabía, y me conformé con menos. Igual que tú. Los dos perdimos el tiempo con personas que no eran adecuadas."
Author: Sylvia Day
245. "I have been an unabashed fan of NPR for many years, and have stolen untold excellent ideas from its programming."
Author: Ted Koppel
246. "He made small talk on the way about how he was abandoned as a child and will only rest easy once he is avenged. His name was Tom."
Author: The Harvard Lampoon
247. "Do we ever have to abandon all hope? Is it not perhaps a good thing that by refusing to give in to the evidence, the dreams that lie half awake in us all may persist?"
Author: Théodore Monod
248. "I take my son to school and then I drive 45 minutes to practice with my ABA team, the Florida Pit Bulls, from 10 to 1. In the afternoon, I have meetings."
Author: Tim Hardaway
249. "-Mi, hátramaradottak, utadra bocsátunk. Sok év rabság vaskapujáról leverve a lakat. Menj hát szabadon a gyönyöru országba. Bocsáss meg nekünk, e befelhozött világon szenvedoknek. Vezess bennünket, várj bennünket, ahogyan mi téged várunk. Még viszontlátjuk egymást."
Author: William Nicholson
250. "...bu agidin tamamini bilen yasli kadin o günlerde ölmüstü. Konustugum kadinlar, "ah o sag olaydi," diyorlardi, "sen bu agidi ancak iki üç günde yazabilirdin." Agidin içerigini bütün ayrintilariyla anlatiyorlardi. Gelin, alti ayda her seyi, her seyi özlemisti. Çiçekleri, agaçlari, yapraklari, kuslari, kelebekleri, böcekleri, her seyi, her seyi özlemisti. Karsi dagin arkasini, yaylasini, kilim dokudugu isdari, geçtigi yollari, pinarlari, alabaliklari, çakil taslarini, her seyi göresi gelmisti. Ele geçirdigim agit bile sikismis insanin duygularini büyük bir sicaklik, özlemle dile getiren, lirizmin bir basyapitidir."
Author: Yaşar Kemal

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