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1. "Teenagers are like atoms when they're moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody's got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place."
Author: Anton Yelchin
2. "My acting's very understated. I think my sad and happy don't play that differently onscreen."
Author: Bret McKenzie
3. "And I've been acting for 39 years, so I define characters differently than I did in say Miami Vice."
Author: Edward James Olmos
4. "I find myself acting differently with God. Often, when I pray, I will phrase my sentences in a way that makes me sound better. I will try to soften my sins, or touch up my true feelings before laying them before God. How foolish it is for me to be completely honest with my wife about my shortcomings, but try to fool God! God wants us to be open with Him. He definitely doesn't want us to 'season our wretchedness' as we would raw meat. He knows what we are, that we are disgusting, that all we are doing is trying to make ourselves feel better. God desires a true intimacy with each of us, and that comes only when we trust Him enough to be truly transparent and vulnerable. People who are obsessed are raw with God; they do not attempt to mask the ugliness of their sins or their failures. Obsessed people don't put it on for God; He is their safe place, where they can be at peace."
Author: Francis Chan
5. "I had barely said two words to Sage since my discovery. I worried that he'd notice I was acting differently. I racked my brain for something natural to say to him, but by the time we got to our gate, all I'd come up with was, "So…how exactly will we get to the house if people are watching and waiting for us?""I'm not sure yet.""Oh, good." Ben nodded. "Excellent that we're following you, then."
Author: Hilary Duff
6. "And here lies the crux of the matter: to say that nature is personal may mean not so much seeing the world differently as acting differently -- or, to state it another way, it may mean interacting with more-than-human others in nature as if those others had a life of their own and then coming to see, through experience, that these others are living, interactive beings."When nature is personal, the world is peopled by rocks, trees, rivers, and mountains, all of whom are actors and agents, protagonists of their own stories rather than just props in a human story. When Earth is truly alive, the world is full of persons, only some of whom are human."
Author: Priscilla Stuckey

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