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1. "O grande ville! c' est dans ton sein palpitant que j'ai trouve ce que je cherchais; mineur patient, j'ai remue tes entrailles pour en faire sortir le mal; maintenant, mon oeuvre est accomplie, ma mission est terminee; maintenant tu ne peux plus m'ofrir ni joies ni douleurs. Adieu, Paris,! adieu!"
Author: Alexandre Dumas
2. "Adieu! but let me cherish, still, The hope with which I cannot part. Contempt may wound, and coldness chill, But still it lingers in my heart. And who can tell but Heaven, at last, May answer all my thousand prayers, And bid the future pay the past With joy for anguish, smiles for tears?"
Author: Anne Brontë
3. "He had told Downing that they would let the lady decide. That perhaps it was in Charlotte's best interest to accept and show her father what his actions wrought ... But she had cut the conversation short, said adieu, turned from all of them. Strode directly to her fate without another word.Not just from pride or anger though.He looked at her, at the delicate skin of her flawless neck, and smiled. No, her pulse didn't jump like that as a result of pride or anger or fear. Her voice didn't hitch [due to] chagrin at an unfortunate turn of events. That jump, that hitch...what the telltale signs meant...that was why she was doomed."
Author: Anne Mallory
4. "Tu reviendras me dire adieu, et je te ferai cadeau d'un secret."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
5. "- Adieu, dit-il…- Adieu, dit le renard. Voici mon secret. Il est très simple : on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.- L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux, répéta le petit prince, afin de se souvenir.- C'est le temps que tu a perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante.- C'est le temps que j'ai perdu pour ma rose… fit le petit prince, afin de se souvenir.- Les hommes ont oublié cette vérité, dit le renard. Mais tu ne dois pas l'oublier. Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé. Tu es responsable de ta rose…- Je suis responsable de ma rose… répéta le petit prince, afin de se souvenir."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
6. "Fatalisme: Systême affreux qui soumet tout à la nécessité, dans un monde réglé par les décrets immuables de la divinité, sans la volonté de laquelle rien ne peut arriver. Si tout était nécessaire, adieu le libre arbitre de l'homme, dont les prêtres ont si grand besoin pour pouvoir le damner."
Author: Baron D'Holbach
7. "The meanest thing to which we bid adieu, Loses its meanness in the parting hour."
Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
8. "Our lives are defined by fear from the very time we are born to the time we bid adieu to this material world."
Author: Faraaz Kazi
9. "Je sais pourtant que si on s'était embrassés, je serais reparti le cœur content, me foutant de la pluie ou du beau temps, puisque je comptais un peu pour toi. Je sais que ce baiser m'aurait accompagné partout et pendant longtemps, comme un souvenir radieux auquel me raccrocher dans les moments de solitude. Mais après tout, certains disent que les plus belles histoires d'amour sont celles qu'on n'a pas eu le temps de vivre. Peut-être alors que les baisers qu'on ne reçoit pas sont aussi les plus intenses."
Author: Guillaume Musso
10. "Adieu, mon cher vieux. Relis et rebûche ton conte. Laisse-le reposer et reprends-le, les livres ne se font pas comme les enfants, mais comme les pyramides, avec un dessin prémédité, et en apportant des grands blocs l´un par-dessus l´autre, à force de reins, de temps et de sueur, et ça ne sert à rien! et ça reste dans le désert! mais en le dominant prodigieusement. Les chacals pissent au bas et les bourgeois montent dessus, etc.; continue la comparaison."
Author: Gustave Flaubert
11. "To be afraid is the condition of loving knowledge. Were I not dying of fear, I'd not know how to exist myself, I wouldn't get the notices of existence, I wouldn't record with delight the miniscule passage of a blue tit, its wing dipped in gold on the dusk. Were I not dying of sorrow I wouldn't with nostalgia be present at the creation of the world, the squirrel nuptials this morning I wouldn't care. Creatures are born to a backdrop of adieux."
Author: Hélène Cixous
12. "Adieu," he said, "this is goodbye. I'll never forget you, never."She stood silent. He looked at her and saw her eyes full of tears. He turned away.At this moment she wasn't ashamed of loving him, because her physical desire had gone and all she felt towards him now was pity and a profound, almost maternal tenderness. She forced herself to smile. "Like the Chinese mother who sent her son off to war telling him to be careful 'because war has its dangers,' I'm asking you, if you have any feelings for me, to be as careful as possible with your life."Because it is precious to you?" he asked nervously.Yes. Because it is precious to me."
Author: Irène Némirovsky
13. "The theatre is a tragic place, full of endings and partings and heartbreak. You dedicate yourself passionately to something, to a project, to people, to a family, you think of nothing else for weeks and months, then suddenly it's over, it's perpetual destruction, perpetual divorce, perpetual adieu. It's like éternel retour, it's a koan. It's like falling in love and being smashed over and over again.''You do, then fall in love.''Only with fictions, I love players, but actors are so ephemeral. And then there's waiting for the perfect part, and being offered it the day after you've committed yourself to something utterly rotten. The remorse, and the envy and the jealousy. An old actor told me if I wanted to stay in the trade I had better kill off envy and jealousy at the start."
Author: Iris Murdoch
14. "Adieu, mes amis. Je vais à la gloire.Farewell my friends. I go to glory.Isadora Duncan's last words before her scarf caught in a car wheel, breaking her neck."
Author: Isadora Duncan
15. "...and yet, though desirous to be gone, she could not quit the mansion-house, or look an adieu to the cottage, with its black, dripping and comfortless veranda, or even notice through the misty glasses the last humble tenements of the village, without a saddened heart. Scenes had passed in Uppercross which made it precious. It stood the record of many sensations of pain, once severe, but now softened; and of some instances of relenting feeling, some breathings of friendship and reconciliation, which could never be looked for again, and which could never cease to be dear. She left it all behind her, all but the recollection that such things had been."
Author: Jane Austen
16. "Many were the tears shed by them in their last adieus to a place so much beloved. "Dear, dear Norland!" said Marianne, as she wandered alone before the house, on the last evening of their being there; "when shall I cease to regret you!—when learn to feel a home elsewhere!—Oh! happy house, could you know what I suffer in now viewing you from this spot, from whence perhaps I may view you no more!—And you, ye well-known trees!—but you will continue the same.—No leaf will decay because we are removed, nor any branch become motionless although we can observe you no longer!—No; you will continue the same; unconscious of the pleasure or the regret you occasion, and insensible of any change in those who walk under your shade!—But who will remain to enjoy you?"
Author: Jane Austen
17. "Do not be sad. Or think Adieu. Never Adieu. We will watch the sun set again - many times, and perhaps we'll see the Emerald Drop, the green flash that brings good fortune. And you must laugh and chatter as you used to do - telling me about the battle off the Saints or the picnic at Marie Galante - that famous picnic that turned into a fight. Or the pirates and what they did between voyages. For every voage might be their last. Sun and sangoree's a heady mixture. Then - the earthquake. Oh yes, people say that god was angry at the things they did, woke from his sleep, one breath and they were gone."
Author: Jean Rhys
18. "If she says goodbye perhaps adieu. Adieu - like those old time songs she sang. Always adieu (and all songs say it). If she too says it, or weeps, I'll take her in my arms, my lunatic. She's mad but mine, mine. What will I care for gods or devils or for Fate itself. If she smiles or weeps or both. For me."
Author: Jean Rhys
19. "Attends. Laisse-moi dire adieu à cette légèreté sans tache qui fut la mienne. Laisse-moi dire adieu à ma jeunesse. Il y a des soirs, des soirs de Corinthe ou d'Athènes, pleins de chants et d'odeurs qui ne m'appartiendront plus jamais. Des matins, pleins d'espoir aussi... Allons adieu! adieu! (Il vient vers Electre.) Viens, Electre, regarde notre ville. Elle est là, rouge sous le soleil, bourdonnante d'hommes et de mouches, dans l'engourdissement têtu d'un après-midi d'été; elle me repousse de tous ses murs, de tous ses toits, de toutes ses portes closes. Et pourtant elle est à prendre, je le sens depuis ce matin. Et toi aussi, Electre, tu es à prendre. Je vous prendrai. Je deviendrai hache et je fendrai en deux ces murailles obstinées, j'ouvrirai le ventre de ces maisons bigotes, elles exhaleront par leurs plaies béantes une odeur de mangeaille et d'encens; je deviendrai cognée et je m enfoncerai dans le cœur de cette ville comme la cognée dans le cœur d'un chêne."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
20. "Fairy SongShed no tear! oh, shed no tear!The flower will bloom another year.Weep no more! oh, weep no more!Young buds sleep in the root's white core.Dry your eyes! oh, dry your eyes!For I was taught in ParadiseTo ease my breast of melodies,— Shed no tear.Overhead! look overhead!‘Mong the blossoms white and red—Look up, look up! I flutter nowOn this fresh pomegranate bough.See me! 'tis this silvery billEver cures the good man's ill.Shed no tear! oh, shed no tear!The flower will bloom another year.Adieu, adieu—I fly—adieu!I vanish in the heaven's blue,— Adieu, adieu!"
Author: John Keats
21. "She dwells with Beauty--Beauty that must die: And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips, bidding Adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh, Turning to poison while the bee mouths sips:"
Author: John Keats
22. "Adieu, soleil ! s'écria-t-il. Disparais, astre radieux ! Couche-toi sous cette mer libre, et laisse une nuit de six mois étendre ses ombres sur mon nouveau domaine !"
Author: Jules Verne
23. "You talked over the tour guide who pointed to houses and windows. Showing us where people had lived and died and other people now stayed in their place. Just like a broken heart." - Adieu"
Author: Kate Chisman
24. "Adieu, my ladies. If you ever venture to Scotland…leave the husbands at home. (Braden)"
Author: Kinley MacGregor
25. "Adieu, Lord Dain," she answered without turning her head. "Have a pleasant evening with your cows."Cows?She was merely trying to provoke him, Dain told himself. The remark was a pathetic attempt at a setdown. To take offense was to admit he'd felt the sting. He told himself to laugh and return to his… cows."
Author: Loretta Chase
26. "You call me the unhuman," it might say to him, "and so I really am—for you; but I am so only because you bring me into opposition to the human, and I could despise myself only so long as I let myself be hypnotized into this opposition. I was contemptible because I sought my 'better self' outside me; I was the unhuman because I dreamed of the 'human'; I resembled the pious who hunger for their 'true self' and always remain 'poor sinners'; I thought of myself only in comparison to another; enough, I was not all in all, was not—unique.[102] But now I cease to appear to myself as the unhuman, cease to measure myself and let myself be measured by man, cease to recognize anything above me: consequently—adieu, humane critic! I only have been the unhuman, am it now no longer, but am the unique, yes, to your loathing, the egoistic; yet not the egoistic as it lets itself be measured by the human, humane, and unselfish, but the egoistic as the—unique."
Author: Max Stirner
27. "ADIEUThe glimmer farther away than the head The heart-skip On the slope where the air rolls its voice The spokes of the wheel the sun in the rut At the crossroads near the embankment a prayer Some words that are not heard Nearer the sky And on its steps the last square of light("Adieu")"
Author: Pierre Reverdy
28. "Nous sommes en avant tout à fait comme des nostalgies. C'est au loin, dans des arrière-plans éclatants, qu'ont lieu nos épanouissements. C'est là que sont mouvement et volonté. C'est là que se situent les histoires dont nous sommes des titres obscurs. C'est là qu'ont lieu nos accords, nos adieux, consolation et deuil. C'est là que nous sommes, alors qu'au premier plan nous allons et venons."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
29. "Nature awakens in brilliant colors of autumn, making me wish winter would bid adieu."
Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
30. "The vast world rainless, one may bid adieuTo charity and penance."
Author: Thiruvalluvar
31. "Greks, kuru es senak aukleju samudžinatas sirds stigas, mon grand peche radieux, ir saplacis lidz savai butibai: lidz neaugligam un egoistiskam netikumam; un tieši to es svitroju lauka un noladu. Jus varat zoboties par mani un piedraudet atbrivot tiesas zali, bet, kamer man mute neiebazis sprudu un nenoslapes mani, es kliegtin kliegšu par savu nabaga taisnibu. Briesmigi velos, lai visa pasaule uzzinatu, cik loti es milu savu Lolitu, šo Lolitu, balu un aptraipitu, ar svešu bernu zem sirds, bet vel arvien pelekam acim, arvien krasotam skropstam, arvien vel gaišmatainu un salkani smaidošu, arvien vel Karmensitu, arvien vel manu, manu… Changeons de vie, ma Carmen, allons vivre quelque part ou nous ne serons jamais separes."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
32. "Adieu, sucky speed-reading critics and reviewers!"Terry Dare, gothic author in Blatty's book "Elsewhere", just before he crosses over."
Author: William Peter Blatty
33. "SONNET 57Being your slave, what should I do but tend Upon the hours and times of your desire? I have no precious time at all to spend, Nor services to do, till you require. Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hourWhilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you,Nor think the bitterness of absence sour When you have bid your servant once adieu; Nor dare I question with my jealous thought Where you may be, or your affairs suppose, But, like a sad slave, stay and think of noughtSave, where you are how happy you make those. So true a fool is love that in your will, Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill."
Author: William Shakespeare

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