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1. "I'm the fifth generation of Seventh Day Adventists and the youngest of four brothers. When I was still very small, we formed a gospel quartet."
Author: Brian McKnight
2. "The Seventh Day Adventist Church believes that it was specially chosen by God to prepare the world for the Second Coming of His Son Jesus."
Author: Luke Ford
3. "I learned from my Adventist upbringing that the biggest sins were sexual."
Author: Luke Ford
4. "God gave Moses a calendar that began in spring. (Ex 12:2) God Himself emphasized the importance of Israel's new calendar at Ex 23:16; Le 23:34 and De 16:13. God's calendar was for marking, and keeping, God's holy days. Using a foreign calendar became illegal. Ignoring Israel's new calendar could cost an Israelite their life. (Nu 15:32-35) Yet, the Jewish calendar is not the only calendar. There are plenty of calendars to choose from: Assyrian; Egyptian; Iranian; Armenian; Ethiopian; Hindu; Coptic; Mayan; Chinese; Julian; Byzantine; Islamic and Gregorian; just to mention a few. Has the Seventh Day Adventists settled on any one of these calendars? Which one?pg 5"
Author: Michael Ben Zehabe
5. "And, for instance, Baptists, Adventists, Lutherans, Pentecostals - let them exist on line with others."
Author: Vladimir Zhirinovsky
6. "What I did was, I went and collected every bit of information from Adventist publishing houses in the basic areas of doctrine covered in the book Questions on Doctrine."
Author: Walter Martin
7. "I am a friend of Adventist people and a lover of truth."
Author: Walter Martin

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She felt warm and satisfied, but all the questions and uncertainty about the true nature of their connection still lurked there in the background, like wind rattling the windows of a cozy room. It was a long time before she slept."
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