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1. "To get at parts of the vine high off the ground, men frantic to get every possible drop of rubber would sometimes tear down the whole vine, slice it into sections, and squeeze the rubber out. Although the Congo state issued strict orders against killing the vines this way, it also applied the chicotte to men who didn't bring in enough rubber. The chicotte prevailed. One witness saw Africans who had to dig up roots in order to find enough rubber to meet their quotas."
Author: Adam Hochschild
2. "The African specialist Nahid Toubia puts it plain [when speaking of female genital mutilation]: In a man it would range from amoutation of most of the penis, to "removal of all the penis, its roots of soft tissue and part of the scrotal skin."
Author: Eve Ensler
3. "My African roots made me what I am today. They're the reason I exist at all."
Author: Junot Diaz
4. "Maybe if I go far enough back into my ancestry, I have African roots or something. I've got no idea."
Author: Mick Taylor

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Quotes About African Roots
Quotes About African Roots
Quotes About African Roots

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