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1. "I just learned two things there at that college, Mr. Ford, that was ever of any use to me. One was that I couldn't do any worse than the people that were in the saddle, so maybe I'd better try pulling 'em down and riding myself. The other was a definition I got out of the agronomy book, and I reckon it was even more important than the first. It did more to revise my thinking, if I'd really done any thinking up until that time. Before that I'd seen everything in black and white, good and bad. But after I was set straight I saw that the name you put to a thing depended on where you stood and where it stood. And…and here's the definition, right out of the agronomy books: ‘A weed is a plant out of place.' Let me repeat that. ‘A weed is a plant out of place.' I find a hollyhock in my cornfield, and it's a weed. I find it in my yard, and it's a flower."
Author: Jim Thompson
2. "A theoretical grounding in agronomy must, therefore, include knowledge of biological laws."
Author: Trofim Lysenko
3. "In essence, the science of agronomy is inseparable from biology."
Author: Trofim Lysenko
4. "And the more profoundly the science of biology reveals the laws of the life and development of living bodies, the more effective is the science of agronomy."
Author: Trofim Lysenko

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