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101. "Faham pada perasaan menterjemahkan amal, faham pada akal hanya di bibir."
Author: A.E.
102. "Mujahadah adalah kunci petunjuk, tidak ada kunci petunjuk selain mujahadah"
Author: Abu Hamid Al Ghazali
103. "Marilah kita bersatu untuk menghadapi musuh bersama kerana pada suatu titik waktu kritikal, kita harus melupakan pertelingkahan peribadi kita."
Author: Abu Hamid Al Ghazali
104. "Ketidakpastian dan kompleksitas permasalahan di abad 21 menuntut kita cepat beradaptasi dan maju ke depan; Insya Allah Indonesia akan menjadi bangsa pemenang, ketika kita cerdas dan cermat untuk mengubah segala tantangan menjadi peluang."
Author: Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
105. "Jangan gampang terbuai keamanan dan kemapanan. Hidup itu kadang perlu beradu, bergejolak, bergesekan. Dari gesekan dan kesulitanlah, sebuah pribadi akan terbentuk matang. Banyak profesi di luar sana, usahakanlah untuk memilih yang paling mendewasakan dan yang paling bermanfaat buat sesama. (Kiai Rais)"
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
106. "Normally, I don't drink on the job," she said to Rafe, "but damned if that old bastard hasn't given me a reason to start."(Sam, Graham Winters secretary)"
Author: Christine Warren
107. "Sol wanted to know how any ethical system – much less a religion so indomitable that it had survived every evil mankind could throw at it – could flow from a command from God for a man to slaughter his son. It did not matter to Sol that the command had been rescinded at the last moment. It did not matter that the command was a test of obedience. In fact, the idea that it was the obedience of Abraham which allowed him to become the father of all the tribes of Israel was precisely what drove Sol into fits of fury."
Author: Dan Simmons
108. "...bahasaku yang cuma rasa susah melekat pada kata..."
Author: Dee
109. "Kami tidak mau terburu-buru untuk mencapai surga kami, karena bukankah segala sesuatu yang diraih dengan ketergesaan tidak akan bertahan lama?"
Author: Dini Novita Sari
110. "Perpisahan yang sebenarnya adalah ketika seseorang tidak pernah saling ingat lagi."
Author: Dwitasari
111. "Ketidakbahagiaan datang lewat ketakutan atau keinginan yang tidak terkendali."
Author: Epicurus
112. "Yang ada di antara kitahanya sentuh, bukan rasahanya cium, bukan kata-katahanya saat ini, bukan selamanya."
Author: Fenny Wong
113. "Tiga hal yang tidak bisa lama tersembunyi : Matahari , bulan , dan kebenaran"
Author: Gautama Buddha
114. "Seseorang harus mencarikan kebahagiaan untuk orang lain sama seperti yang diinginkan untuk diri sendiri"
Author: Gautama Buddha
115. "You work three jobs? Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that." To a divorced mother of three, Omaha, Nebraska, Feb. 4, 2005"
Author: George W. Bush
116. "Counsels of BahaudinYou want to be filled. But something which is full has first to be emptied. Empty yourself so that you will fill properly, by observing these counsels, which you can do as duties to yourself:FirstNever follow any impulse to teach, however strong it might be. The command to teach is not felt as an impulsion."
Author: Idries Shah
117. "Dan akan ia lakukan apapun untuk membuat wanita itu tetap tersenyum. Karena ia mengenal bahagia saat melihat wanita itu tertawa."
Author: Irin Sintriana
118. "Buk, jangan nangis lagi ya. Kalau Bayek sudah besar, Bayek janji akan membahagiakan Ibuk. Bayek janji, ikrar Bayek dalam hati."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
119. "Last month, Dean Sheeter (whose name usually transports Franny when I mention it) approached me with his gracious smile and bull whip, and I am now lecturing to the faculty, their wives, and a few oppressively-deep type undergraduates every Friday on Zen and Mahayana Buddhism. A feat, I haven't a doubt, that will eventually earn me the Eastern Philosophy Chair in Hell."
Author: J.D. Salinger
120. "Aku! Buku-buku! Dan kepintaran! Ada banyak hal penting lainnya—persahabatan dan keberanian. (Hermione Granger)"
Author: J.K. Rowling
121. "Aciyi bir süreligine uyusturmak, sonunda onu hissettiginde daha da büyük aci çekmene yol açar." -- Dumbledore(Harry Potter ve Ates Kadehi)"
Author: J.K. Rowling
122. "Wala nang mas sasarap pa, kaysa sa umuwi ng bahay, kung saan naghihintay ang isang mapagmahal na misis at mangkok ng tinola."
Author: Jayson G. Benedicto
123. "Bagaimana bisa kau tidak menyukai hujan?Padahal hujan selalu mendekatkan kita.Oh, aku lupa. Kau mungkin tidak menganggapku sepenting itu.Aku bukan pemeran utama dalam lakon hidupmu.Aku hanya figuran yang hanya sesekali dibutuhkan."
Author: Jee
124. "Gangster man o mafia, mga tao pa rin sila, may puso na pwedeng magmahal."
Author: Jessica E. Larsen
125. "Great was the name of Abraham, but all his Sons were not accepted; only Isaac was in the Covenant."
Author: John Pearson
126. "I'm a pretty happy camper. Look a little more like Paul Newman, maybe. Haha."
Author: John Warnock
127. "Edmonton is Canada's answer to Omaha. Solid, unassuming, and surrounded by a whole lot of nothing. It's a place that makes you think of sensible shoes."
Author: Kathy Reichs
128. "You shouldn't give him a ride, Grace!" Meme snapped. "He's likely to strangle you and dump your body in the lake.""Is this true?" I asked Callahan."I was thinking about it," he admitted."
Author: Kristan Higgins
129. "Segala kejahatan manusia dan kesuksesan manusia diawali oleh satu hal yang sama : iri hati. Terserah manusianya, rasa ini mau diarahkan ke kebaikan atau ke kejahatan."
Author: Maria Magdalena
130. "I'd just as soon be on a good Steinway or Yamaha just as well."
Author: Marian McPartland
131. "As far as one journeys, as much as a man sees, from the turrets of the TajMahal to the Siberian wilds, he may eventually come to an unfortunateconclusion —usually while he's lying in bed, staring at the thatched ceiling ofsome substandard accommodation in Indochina," writes Swithin in his lastbook, the posthumously published Whereabouts, 1917 (1918). "It is impossibleto rid himself of the relentless, cloying fever commonly known as Home.After seventy-three years of anguish I have found a cure, however. You mustgo home again, grit your teeth and however arduous the exercise, determine,without embellishment, your exact coordinates at Home, your longitudesand latitudes. Only then, will you stop looking back and see the spectacularview in front of you."
Author: Marisha Pessl
132. "Back inside, his fire was crackling away. "okay." he actually rubbed his hands together. "Action." In two minutes, he'd pulled cushions and a couple throws from the two sofas and made a sort of nest in front of the fire. Then he grabbed his backpack. "Refreshments."I half expected to see a bottle of wine or someting similar. Instead, he pulled out a thermos.Followed by a bag of marshmellows, a box of graham crackers, and, absolutely, enough Hershey's chocolate bars to feed a small army."S'mores!" I said happily."And cocoa.Sit." He waited until I was in the middle of the nest, then disappeared through a doorway. I heard a few squeaks and rattles. When he came back,he was carrying a tray, loaded with mugs,napkins, and real, three-pointed skewers."You're kidding," I teased when he handed me one. "You actually own s'mores implements.""Roast,then laugh."
Author: Melissa Jensen
133. "There is a predictable theme as to what upsets our matriarchs. Usually, matriarchs are known for their unified support. When it comes to kingdom matters, however, they are willing to drive out Abraham's son. (Ge 21:10) They are willing to reject Isaac's son. (Ge 27:6-13) In other words, they are not afraid to reject royalty ('shepherd-like acquaintances') to further God's kingdom goals. (Re 20:4-6)pg 26"
Author: Michael Ben Zehabe
134. "I remembered Nahadoth's lips on my throat and fought to suppress a shudder, only half succeeding. Death as a consequence of lying with a god wasn't something I had considered, but it did not surprise me. A mortal man's strength had its limits. He spent himself and slept. He could be a good lover, but even his best skills were only guesswork - for every caress that sent a woman's head into the clouds, he might try ten that brought her back to earth."
Author: N.K. Jemisin
135. "DÖRDÜNCÜ SARKIBaharin son günleri; kömürlükler arasindaÇamasir ipleriyle kesilenÜç agaçli bahçemizin yanindaki papatyali arsaya bitisik400 Sert kaldirimli ve yokusu dikYolda, ayakkabilarimin burnunuÇarpmamaya çalisarak sekiyorum. (Becermekmümkün degil bunu.)Bir satici eseginin küfeleriyle sigmadigi darBogazi asiyorum405 Ve servi agaçlariyla kasvetVe daha birtakim agir duygular verenKüçük meydana ulasiyorum.Burada duvarlari yikikBir mezarlik ve içinde bir türbe,410 (Yillar sonra gördügüm Karacaahmet MezarlikBankasinin -tövbe de-Yaninda "bir küçük hesap sahibi" sayilirdi.)Türbenin parmakliklarina dügümlenmis çaputlari.Sudan çikarilmis bir ölünün parmaklarina takiliYosunlar gibi görürdüm. Ve duvarin önündeki kara çali,415 Bana ölümün tastanligini anlatan bir hocaydikara sakalli.Çarpik mezar taslari arasinda,Ölülerin besledigi çimenlerin ortasindaTürbedeki tas tabutlar kadarKayitsizca uzanmis çocuklar."
Author: Oğuz Atay
136. "Romancilar için bulunmaz bir okuyucuyum Esat Agabey,' derdi. 'Birinci sinif okuyucu; hayir, daha ileri: lüks okuyucu. Kitaplarinin böyle okundugunu bilselerdi fakirler; bir türlü ölemezlerdi."
Author: Oğuz Atay
137. "Prens Sabahattin'in adi hiç duydun mu?" diye sordu Nusret. "Her neyse. Simdi Paris'te. O da bir Jöntürk sayilir. Bütün prensler gibi aptalin tekidir, ama bir düsüncesi var..." Eliyle odanin bir kösesindeki kitaplari isaret etti. "Ya da, herkesin yaptigi gibi, baskasindan asirilmis bir düsüncesi var ki, dogru buluyorum. Demolins'e göre Ingilizlerin üstünlügünü, orada bireylerin, insanlarin daha özgür olmasinda aramak lâzim. Iste, bizde bu yok. Bizde öyle özgür, aklini kullanan, girisken insan yok! Bizde herkes köle, herkes boyun egmek, toplumun içinde erimek, anneyle teyzenin saçma tehditleri. Din, korku, karanlik düsünceler, ezberlenmis seyler... Sonunda boyun egmekten baska bir sey ögrenmiyorlar. Kimse kendi çabasiyla, topluma karsi çikarak yükselmiyor. Kimse kendi hesabina düsünmüyor. Düsünürse, korkuyor... Herkes olsa olsa kendi hesabina kulluk ediyor." (...)"
Author: Orhan Pamuk
138. "Bir yalan söylendigi zaman insanlarin degil, esyanin bile buna nasil tahammül ettigine sasiyordum. Yalana hersey isyan etmelidir. Esya bile: Damlardan kiremitler uçmalidir, agaçlar köklerinden sökülüp havada bir saniye içinde toz duman olmalidir, camlar kirilmalidir, hattâ yildizlar düsüp gökyüzünde bin parçaya ayrilmalidir filân... Zavalli mürâ-hik...Nüzhet bana yalan söyledi."
Author: Peyami Safa
139. "Rupanya di bumi jajahan ini setiap orang hidup atas dasar hancur menghancurkan."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
140. "Jalan ke rumah sahabat tidak pernah jauh. Begitu pula jalan untuk menggapai mimpimu."
Author: Prisca Primasari
141. "The columns of mounted men moved forward, passed out through the gates of the Palace of Karma, turned off the roadway and headed up the slope that lay to the southeast of the city of Mahartha, comrades blazing like the dawn at their back."
Author: Roger Zelazny
142. "Alangkah seringnya Mentergesai kenikmatan tanpa ikatan Membuat detik-detik di depan terasa hambar Belajar dari ahli puasa Ada dua kebahagiaan baginya Saat berbuka Dan saat Allah menyapa lembut memberikan pahala Inilah puasa panjang syahwatku Kekuatan ada pada menahan Dan rasa nikmat itu terasa, di waktu buka yang penuh kejutan Coba saja Kalau Allah yang menghalalkan Setitis cicipan surga Kan menjadi shadaqah berpahala Buku ini dipersembahkan untuk mereka yang lagi jatuh hati atau sedang pacaran bersama doi yang dipenuhi hasrat nikah dini tapi belum bernyali yang sedang menjalani proses penuh liku dan yang ingin melanggengkan masa-masa indah pernikahannya..."
Author: Salim Akhukum Fillah
143. "Sahabat yang menjadikan kita lebih kuat adalah masalah yang didampingkan dengan solusi."
Author: SBYudhoyono
144. "She makes several references to Paul making her "burn," almost like she's conjugating verbs. I burn for him. He burns for me. We burn for each other. One cannot help but suspect VD as a factor in their engagement. This comes up again when King defines a "hapahali" as "two people jumping around in the same skin," an image which, like the burning, is disgusting."
Author: Sloane Crosley
145. "Lalu, apa hidup mereka bahagia setelah diselamatkan?" tanyaku."Tentu saja Mbak, kan mereka sudah selamat.""Apa mereka pasti bahagia hanya karena bisa hidup?""Saya yakin mereka akan menikmati hidup dan bersyukur karenanya.""Kok tahu?"
Author: Soe Tjen Marching
146. "Begitulah kehidupan, Ada yang kita tahu, ada pula yang tidak kita tahu. Yakinlah, dengan ketidak-tahuan itu bukan berarti Tuhan berbuat jahat kepada kita. Mungkin saja Tuhan sengaja melindungi kita dari tahu itu sendiri."
Author: Tere Liye
147. "Apakah cinta sejati itu? Apakah ia sebentuk perasaan yang tidak bisa dibagi lagi? Apakah ia sejenis kata akhir sebuah perasaan? Tidak akan bercabang? Tidak akan membelah diri lagi? Titik? Penghabisan? Bukankah lazim seseorang jatuh cinta lagi padahal sebelumya sudah berjuta kali bilang ke pasangan - pasangan lamanya, "Ia adalah cinta sejatiku!"
Author: Tere Liye
148. "Sanotaan, että kaikki kauheudet on syytä hukuttaa / unohduksen kuiluun, hautoihin sulkea / ja että kirjoittaen henkiin herätetty paha / turmelee jälkipolvien moraalin. / Mutta paheen äiti ei ole tieto, / eikä hyve ole tietämättömyyden tytär."
Author: Théodore Agrippa D'Aubigné
149. "Perkembangan ilmu bisa dicapai dengan melakukan perubahan pola pikir dan pendefinisian lengkap komunikasi berantai dalam struktur piramida rantai makanan yang tersusun rapi."
Author: Toba Beta
150. "Character? I should have thought it needed a good deal of character to throw up a career after half an hour's meditation, because you saw in another way of living a more intense significance. And it required still more character never to regret the sudden step. I wondered if Abraham really had made a hash of life. Is to do what you most want, to live under the conditions that please you, in peace with yourself, to make a hash of life; and is it successto be an eminent surgeon with ten thousand a year and a beautiful wife? I suppose it depends on what meaning you attach to life, the claim which you acknowledge to society, and the claimof the individual. But again I held my tongue, for who am I to argue with a knight?"
Author: W. Somerset Maugham

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