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Author: Niall Horan
2. "A Short Alternative Medical DictionaryDefinitions courtesy of Dr Lemuel Pillmeister (also known as Lemmy)Addiction - When you can give up something any time, as long as it's next Tuesday.Cocaine - Peruvian Marching Powder. A stimulant that has the extraordinary effect that the more you do, the more you laugh out of context.Depression - When everything you laugh at is miserable and you can't seem to stop.Heroin - A drug that helps you to escape reality, while making it much harder to cope when you are recaptured.Psychosis - When everybody turns into tiny dolls and they have needles in their mouths and they hate you and you don't care because you have THE KNIFE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Author: Nikki Sixx
3. "DIDA: Ja od ove žene tražim samo to - da me ostavi na miru! Ali ona ne može shvatiti da mi je od nje mucno. To dolazi od toga što sam previše godina s njom spavao. Morao sam prestati mnogo prije, ali toj staroj nije nikad bilo dosta - a ja sam bio dobar u krevetu... Nisam trebao toliko toga rasipati na nju... Kažu da svatko ima odredenu kolicinu i ta je odbrojena. No, još je malo ostalo u meni, još malo, i ja cu izabrati neku dobru da to na nju potrošim. Izabrat cu nešto narocito, nije mi stalo koliko stoji, obasut cu je krznom od samurovine! Haha! Skinut cu je golu i obasuti je samurovinom i udaviti je draguljima! Haha! Skinut cu je golu i udaviti je draguljima i obasuti je samurovinom i ševiti je od jutra do sutra. Hahahahaha!"
Author: Tennessee Williams
4. "Igor?' said Moist. 'You have an Igor?'Oh, yes,' said Hubert. 'That's how I get this wonderful light. They know the secret of storing lightning in jars! But don't let that worry you, Mr Lipspick. Just because I'm employing an Igor and working in a cellar doesn't mean I'm some sort of madman, ha ha ha!'Ha ha,' agreed Moist.Ha hah hah!,' said Hubert. 'Hahahahahaha!! Ahahahahahahhhhh!!!!!-'Bent slapped him on the back. Hubert coughed.Sorry about that, it's the air down here,' he mumbled."
Author: Terry Pratchett

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Quotes About Ahahahaha
Quotes About Ahahahaha

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