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1. "...I came across a Haida saying that had etched itself into my memory banks: 'Joy is a well-made object, equaled only to the joy of making it."
Author: Adam Leith Gollner
2. "Elle avait failli à un moment... Elle était fatiguée, elle aurait dû poser ses coudes sur le bureau elle aussi, et lui raconter la vérité. Lui dire que si elle ne mangeait plus, ou si peu, c'est parce que des cailloux prenaient toute la place dans son ventre. Qu'elle se réveillait chaque jour avec l'impression de mâcher du gravier, qu'elle n'avait pas encore ouvert les yeux, que déjà, elle étouffait. Que déjà le monde qui l'entourait n'avait plus aucune importance et que chaque nouvelle journée était comme un poids impossible à soulever. Alors, elle pleurait. Non pas qu'elle fut triste, mais pour faire passer tout ça. Les larmes, ce liquide finalement, l'aidaient à digérer sa caillasse et lui permettaient de respirer à nouveau."
Author: Anna Gavalda
3. "I want to know who she is particularly close toamong the staff here." Who is besotted with her. Hell,they probably all were. Except Donald, who rarelybroke his stoic façade. And Andreas. "And whatquestions she asks."Donald inclined his head, hair slipping a fractionmore. "It will be done." He watched Andreas for amoment. "And she and her family will be safe here,"he said, gaze steady, eyes just an extra bit bright.Andreas nodded sharply back, dismissed himquickly, all while trying to hold back the curseslayering his tongue at the words that were both saidand unsaid. Donald was infected too.Goddamn biscuits."
Author: Anne Mallory
4. "Redaktori mil klusus, pazemigus apmekletajus, kas nebažas virsu, bet pagaida, kamer vinus ievero, un tad izmekletos vardos ludz cienijama laikraksta neaizstajamo atbalstu."
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
5. "You're so loyal to him. Why is that?""I'm not a turncoat Akielon dog," saidAimeric."
Author: C.S. Pacat
6. "The best change you can make is to hold up a mirror so that people can look into it and change themselves. That's the only way a person can be changed."By looking into yourself," Zia said. "Even if you have to look into a mirror that's outside yourself to do it.""And you know," Maida added. "That mirror can be a story you hear, or just someone else's eyes. Anything that reflects back so you can see yourself in it."
Author: Charles De Lint
7. "Sometimes we wonder what it's like to feel normal," Maida said. "You know, like all the people you see out on the streets or sitting in their little boxy homes."..."But then", Maida went on, "we see how boring they are and we're happy to be the way we are."
Author: Charles De Lint
8. "We've got to recognize that when we march into Iraq, we're setting up the card tables in front of every university in the Arab world, the Islamic world, to recruit for al-Qaida."
Author: Chris Matthews
9. "The little boats cannot make much difference to the welfare of Gaza either way, since the materials being shipped are in such negligible quantity. The chief significance of the enterprise is therefore symbolic. And the symbolism, when examined even cursorily, doesn't seem too adorable. The intended beneficiary of the stunt is a ruling group with close ties to two of the most retrograde dictatorships in the Middle East, each of which has recently been up to its elbows in the blood of its own civilians. The same group also manages to maintain warm relations with, or at the very least to make cordial remarks about, both Hezbollah and al-Qaida. Meanwhile, a document that was once accurately described as a 'warrant for genocide' forms part of the declared political platform of the aforesaid group. There is something about this that fails to pass a smell test."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
10. "Able Danger was a top-secret military planning operation, established in '99 by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to identify cells of al-Qaida worldwide and to take out al Qaida terrorists. They identified five cells worldwide, one of them in Brooklyn."
Author: Curt Weldon
11. ""Faith is what's wrong with the world, Aidan. Or don't you follow the news?" "That's not faith," he says. "That's the complete lack of it. If any one of those mass-genocidal idiots had faith, they wouldn't have the insane need to prove it to others.""
Author: Cyma Rizwaan Khan
12. "I actually got to write with one of my musical heroes, a guy named Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace. I got to sit down and write some songs with him, and that was pretty heavy. I listened to Our Lady Peace growing up. It got me through the teenage angst."
Author: David Cook
13. "Mr. Stock came out of the competition tent carrying his zeppelin marrow on one shoulder and demanding to know what was going on. When he saw the hordes advancing on Aidan, he charged off that way, whirling the great vegetable. The Puck, who was rushing behind the horde, yelling at them to grab Aidan and kill Rolf, was Mr. Stock's first victim. The marrow caught him THOCK! on the side of the head. It laid the Puck out cold on the grass, but the mighty vegetable remained intact, mottled and glossy"
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
14. "Usalama wa Taifa ni akili si ukali. Kazi yake, au wajibu wake; ni kukusanya, kuchanganua, kudurusu na kuunganisha kwa makini, taarifa nyeti za kijasusi za ndani na nje ya nchi kuilinda Tanzania na watu wake. Ukitaka kuwa na akili kuwa kawaida. Ukitaka kuwa na nguvu kuwa mkarimu. Ukitaka kuwa tajiri kuwa tajiri wa unyenyekevu."
Author: Enock Maregesi
15. "Kupata maarifa kutokana na shida ni jambo la kawaida maana shida ni kipimo cha akili, lakini kupata maarifa bila shida ni hekima maana hekima ni ufunguo wa maamuzi mema na udadisi wa kiakili."
Author: Enock Maregesi
16. "Such power!" Adelaida cried all at once, peering greedily at the portrait over her sister's shoulder."Where? What power?" Lizaveta Prokofyevna asked sharply."Such beauty has power," Adelaida said hotly. "You can overturn the world with such beauty."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
17. "Iraq... has also had contacts with al-Qaida. Their ties may be limited by divergent ideologies, but the two sides' mutual antipathy toward the United States and the Saudi royal family suggests that tactical cooperation between them is possible."
Author: George Tenet
18. "She'd been taught that pants were inappropriate for girls because they were immodest [...] If women's pants were suggestive, men's were equally so, and they revealed a great deal more of what was underneath them. There was almost always a bulge--you couldn't help but notice it--and if the pants were tight, you could see practically everything. And the way men were always drawing attention to it! Touching and scratching themselves with total unselfconsciousness, as if they were alone and not in public. She'd even seen Aidan do it a few times, absent-mindedly. And yet no one accused men of being improper or of encouraging sin by reminding women of what hung between their legs. She looked at herself in the mirror, irritated suddenly by the double standard. This was how her body was made. The fact that it was well made and encased in a pair of blue jeans didn't mean she was inviting anything."
Author: Hillary Jordan
19. "Hannah thought back to her first time with Aidan, remembering how utterly certain she'd felt then, how confident that she was carrying out God's will. This feeling was entirely different. She had only her own volition to follow, her own desire to act upon, or not. Whatever decision she made would be hers alone."
Author: Hillary Jordan
20. "The queen gazes into the garden. There, near the trees, is a fountain; it is white in the darkness and tall, tall as a ghost. The queen hears, through the talk and the music, the soft splashing of its waters. She looks and thinks. You, Sirs, you are all noble, clever, rich, you throng round me, every one of my words is precious to you, you are all ready to die at my feet, you are my slaves.. But there, by the fountain, by the plashing water, he whose slave I am awaits me. He wears neither gorgeous raiment nor precious stones, no one knows him, but he await me, sure that I come – and I shall come –and there is no power in the world that can stop me when I want to go to him, to be with him, to lose myself with him there in the darkness of the garden, with the rustling of the trees and the murmur of the fountain …' Zinaida was silent."
Author: Ivan Turgenev
21. "Vaidade e orgulho são coisas diferentes, embora as palavras sejam frequentemente usadas como sinónimos. (...) O orgulho diz respeito mais à opinião que temos de nós próprios, enquanto a vaidade ao que pretendemos que os outros pensem de nós."
Author: Jane Austen
22. "A vaidade e o orgulho são coisas diferentes, embora as palavras sejam frequentemente usadas como sinónimos. Uma pessoa pode ser orgulhosa sem ser vaidosa. O orgulho relaciona-se mais com a opinião que temos de nós mesmos, e a vaidade, com o que desejaríamos que os outros pensassem de nós."
Author: Jane Austen
23. "The shapes inched closer. I gaped at them, trying to discern their features. "I think I see dead people," I whispered."Yep," Aidan said, smiling. "More vampire jokes. You're just fine, then. Once this is over, you and my brother will be BFFs." He wrapped his arms around me, pressing me against his broad chest. Against my better judgement, I leaned into him, strangely comforted."
Author: Jayde Scott
24. "Nintendo not letting itself make a browser Mario game has not stopped a flash flood of in-browser Mario games. Super Mario Flash, New Super Mario Bros. Flash, Infinite Mario, and the amazing Super Mario Crossover, which lets you play the original SMB games using characters from Castlevania, Excitebike, Ninja Gaidan, and more. (If you like that, try Abobo's Big Adventure.) There are free (and unlicensed) Mario games where he rides a motorbike, takes a shotgun to the Mushroom Kingdom, decides to fight with his fists, is replaced by Sonic, replaces Pac-Man in a maze game, and plays dress-up. They receive no admonition from Nintendo's once-ferocious legal department. Why not? Iwata's explanation is commonsensical: "[I]t would not be appropriate if we treated people who did someone based on affection for Nintendo as criminals." This is also why no one has been told by lawyers to stop selling Wario-as-a-pimp T-shirts."
Author: Jeff Ryan
25. "- - tämä kaikki on tuuleen huutamista. Itsemurhien ytimessä ei ollut suru eikä salaperäisyys, vaan silkka itsekkyys. Tytöt riistivät itselleen ratkaisut, jotka on viisainta jättää Jumalalle. Heistä tuli liian voimallisia elämään meidän keskuudessamme, liian itsekeskeisiä, liian näkemyksellisiä, liian sokeita. He eivät jättäneet jälkeensä elämää, joka aina siloittaa luonnollisen kuoleman jäljet, vaan mitä arkipäiväisimmän luettelon maallisia seikkoja: seinällä tikittävän kellon, keskipäivälläkin hämärän huoneen ja sen raivostuttavan tosiasian, että ihminen voi ajatella ainoastaan omaa itseään. Että häneen aivonsa saattavat sumeta kaikelle muulle, roihahtaa liekkeihin vain tietyissä täsmällisissä kohdissa, joissa kyse on henkilökohtaisesta kivusta, haavoista ja sortuneista unelmista. Kaikki lähimmäiset loittonevat kuin pieniksi pisteiksi valtaisan jäälautan toiselle laidalle, missä he heiluttavat pikkuruisia käsivarsiaan äänenkantaman ulkopuolella."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
26. "They were alike, and yet they were totally oppositein the way they viewed the world. He viewed it as it was. Itwas a dark place, always holding itself into the shadows.She saw the beauty that no one else could ever have seen inthe darkness. It was to be said that she both saved anddestroyed him. She was the essence of him and yet she,beautiful sad eyed angel that she was, was also hisdestruction all at the same time. He could be a downrightwretch of a man, yet she took it into herself, and never saida word, but to love him. It was the love that broke him."
Author: Jennifer Megan Varnadore
27. "Aidan was nowhere to be seen. She pictured him glowering in the shadows somewhere, breaking sticks or punching walls, or something equally useless."
Author: Jo Treggiari
28. "Harry, si tuviera que quedarme con una sola de todas sus lecciones, ¿cuál sería?-Le devuelvo la pregunta.-Para mi sería la importancia de saber caer.-Estoy completamente de acuerdo con usted. La vida es una larga caida, Marcus. Lo más importante es saber caer."
Author: Joël Dicker
29. "Sorvia o ar, farejando-lhe o almíscar virginal. E fazia de conta que não a procurava, escusando-se com fingida surpresa:- Pensei que fosse ...E, assim, confundiu-a, de cada vez, com todos os seres animados e inanimados do Marzagão, inclusive, distraidamente, com ela mesma:- Pensei que fosse você..."
Author: José Americo De Almeida
30. "You remembered what I like," he murmured.She slammed her glass down harder than she meant to. "Of course I do. The only thing predicable besides your outrageous libido is your stomach. You ordered the same thing each and every time we came here."A ghost of a flirtatious smile played at Aidan's lips. "If I don't clean my plate, are you going to spank me, Mommy?"Emma crossed her arms over her chest. "No, but I will force feed you myself like the damn petulant toddler you insist on acting like!"
Author: Katie Ashley
31. "Let me guess. This extremely horny moment was made possible by pregnancy hormones?Her giggle vibrated against his cheek. "Yes it was. Ugh, they're insane." She released his member and pulled away. "I think I'm starting to understand what it's like to be you."Throwing his head back, Aidan roared with laughter. "You mean what it feels like to be a horndog?"Wide-eyed, she replied, "uh-huh.""Then why did you pull away?""Well, because-" "That wasn't me complaining, babe."
Author: Katie Ashley
32. "Emma pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Okay, here's a really bad analogy for you. Aidan is like the Indy 500 of Sex, and I need someone who is more—""Bumper cars?" Casey asked."I was going to say the slow lane, smartass."
Author: Katie Ashley
33. "Emma narrowed her eyes. "Wow, I guess we have a lot in common. Maybe we should get t-shirts that say, ‘We were both fucked over by Aidan Fitzgerald'!"
Author: Katie Ashley
34. "She wants me for sex but not for a relationship, okay?"Aidan's mouth gaped open. "You mean, she's acting like…a dude?""If you mean that she has pretty much refused to go to dinner with me or any other honourable event that a man and woman can partake in on a date and instead she would rather pursue a strictly physical relationship, then the answer is yes.""My God, it's like she's turned into the old me," Aidan muttered."
Author: Katie Ashley
35. "Drawing in a deep breath, she smacked his bare ass. Hard. "Aidan Fitzgerald, you better fuck me like you mean it!"
Author: Katie Ashley
36. "Start being honest with her. Aidan always let her know what he was thinking. And he fairly much treated her like a queen."Lothaire sneered, "That's the worst bloody advice I've ever heard!"Brandr bowed his chest. "And why's that, leech? She cared for Aidan once—she will again.""Precisely. She cared for Aidan," Lothaire said. "I knew of Aidan the Fierce—no mortal could kill that many of the Horde without my hearing about it. And I know that he was a bold, blond Viking who was like a god among men. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him." He sighed."Reminded me of myself."
Author: Kresley Cole
37. "The standard argument is that civilian deaths in Afghanistan were the regrettable consequence of military action that was needed to destroy Al Qaida bases and thus prevent further terrorist attacks. But this is a spurious argument since it is obvious that Al Qaida is a decentralised network. The counterargument – that bombing Afghanistan has made it more likely that terrorists will attack – is equally plausible. Most of the September nth hijackers were from Saudi Arabia,"
Author: Mark Curtis
38. "Last nightthe rainspoke to meslowly, saying, what joyto come fallingout of the brisk cloud, to be happy againin a new wayon the earth! That's what it saidas it dropped, smelling of iron, and vanishedlike a dream of the oceaninto the branchesand the grass below.Then it was over.The sky cleared.I was standingunder a tree.The tree was a treewith happy leaves, and I was myself, and there were stars in the skythat were also themselvesat the momentat which momentmy right handwas holding my left handwhich was holding the treewhich was filled with starsand the soft rain –imagine! imagine! the long and wondrous journeysstill to be ours."
Author: Mary Oliver
39. "If you want," he said with a shrug. "It's up to you. If you want to be lifted, I'll lift you.'"Oh yes," Elsa said, refilling all the glasses. "There will be lifting."Clio realized that she hadn't spoken through any of this. It was all Elsa lifting and carrying the conversation, twirling around with it. "Sure," Clio said. "Pick up me up."Aidan tipped his head in concession, his green eyes lit up for once. "You want me to pick you up, I guess I can't refuse."
Author: Maureen Johnson
40. "If I talk to a woman for more than five minutes I can tell you exactly whether she's an Aidan girl or a Mr. Big girl. Aidan girls are more interested in nurturing relationships and building a nest while Mr. Big girls are more about show and having fun."
Author: Michael Patrick King
41. "See ühiskond vajab Wolfgang Priklopili suguseid kurjategijaid, et anda nägu sellele kurjale, mis temas elab, ja see endast ise eraldada. Ta vaja pilte keldrikongidest, selleks et ei peaks nägema paljusid kortereid ja aedu, kus vägivald näitab oma kodanlikku palet. Ta kasutab minusuguseid kõmuliste juhtumite ohvreid selleks, et vabastada end vastututusest igapäevaseste kuritegude paljude nimetute ohvrite ees, keda ei aidata - isegi siis, kui nad abi paluvad."
Author: Natascha Kampusch
42. "Next an Intimacy Consultant named Anita arrived. When Anita walked in she looked very studious. However, when she started to set up I would have never guessed that she did this for a living. First came all types of lingerie; see through, lacy, racy, edible, and even costumes."Okay," Phoebe cleared her throat. "The idea here is to purchase things for our dear Lilli to wear or use on her honeymoon." Phoebe giggled and I scowled at her."Don't waste your money," I spat quickly, earning a laugh from Maggie and Viola."Oh, honey, if Aidan is anything like his uncle then you will definitely want to get yourself some.""Mom," Maggie yelled and covered her ears.We all burst into laughter."I'm just saying," Viola shrugged. "Your father is quite—""Seriously? Seriously, mom? No…Ew, ew, ew!" Maggie screamed as she left the room. "God, please let my car get here soon!"
Author: Sadie Grubor
43. "May the blind see the forms,May the deaf hear sounds.May the naked find clothing,The hungry find food;May the thirsty find waterAnd delicious drinks.May the poor find wealth,Those weak with sorrow find joy;May the forlorn find new hope,Constant happiness and prosperity.May the frightened cease to be afraidAnd those bound be freed;May the powerless find power,And may the people think of benefiting one another"
Author: Śāntideva
44. "So," V'Aidan said as she thumped a cantaloupe, "what are you listening for?"She held it up to his ear and thumped. "This one is to ripe." Then she held up another one and let him hear the difference. "This one isn't."She put the good cantaloupe in the cart, then turned around to catch him thumping bananas. Erin quickly grabbed them away from him. "We don't thump those.""Why?""It'll bruise them.""Oh." He looked around, then paused. "What about those?"She turned to see the grapes. "Only thump if you want to turn them into whine."He pulled her into his arms. "What about if I thump you?"She smiled. "I'd probably make all kinds of interesting noises."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
45. "...he'd made friends with the oblivion found in dreamless sleep."~Aidan"
Author: Stephanie Stamm
46. "Wait," Kaidan called from behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut for a second, but kept walking. Then I felt his hand around my wrist, spinning me in a half circle and pulling me to his chest. His face was so close. He reached down and cupped my face with onewoolly hand, and wiped the top corner of my lip hard with his thumb. I flinched back. "What are you doing?" "I..." He appeared to have no idea himself. "I wanted to see your freckle." A vulnerable tenderness flashed across his face, more painful to see than the coldness. It took every ounce of strength I had not to beg for one last kiss. As fast as his expression had softened, it was back to stone again. "What do you want from me, Kai?" "For starters?" His voice lowered to sexy, dangerous depths. "I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body." A powerful shiver ripped through me."
Author: Wendy Higgins
47. "Blake got up after some time, claiming he was sweating because of Kaidan, the human furnace."
Author: Wendy Higgins
48. "Ready to s-snuggle?" he asked Kaidan, a slight clatter in his voice. Only Blake could joke on a night like this and get away with it.Kaidan shook his head and undressed down to his boxers, too, the tension finally shedding away from his frame. "I swear, mate. If I feel something poke me in the back. . ." Blake's laugh was dry. "I'm pretty sure my junk froze off, man, so don't worry."
Author: Wendy Higgins
49. "My mother was an angel," I blurted. "A guardian angel." Kaidan began to chuckle."What's so funny?" I asked."You. You're a walking contradiction. Horns and a halo. I don't belive it."
Author: Wendy Higgins
50. "I wondered what kind of sexy getup Kaidan would be wearing. Maybe Adam in a loincloth?"
Author: Wendy Higgins

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