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1. "They mimicked what Americans told them: You speak such good English. How bad is AIDS in your country? It's so sad that people live on less than a dollar a day in Africa."
Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
2. "Even though it is the case that poverty is linked to AIDS, in the sense that Africa is poor and they have a lot of AIDS, it's not necessarily the case that improving poverty - at least in the short run, that improving exports and improving development - it's not necessarily the case that that's going to lead to a decline in HIV prevalence."
Author: Emily Oster
3. "When we walk away from global warming, Kyoto, when we are irresponsibly slow in moving toward AIDS in Africa, when we don't advance and live up to our own rhetoric and standards, we set a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy."
Author: John F. Kerry
4. "I had seen AIDS patients in India and Africa, and knowing that people were dying even though drugs existed that could help them was shattering for me."
Author: Yusuf Hamied

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