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1. "Claiming that a person who views the Bible as nothing but a compendium of myths is thus denying the existence of a Creator is like claiming a person who rejects the junk science behind ‘man-made global warming' is denying the existence of atmosphere."
Author: Dave Champion
2. "They [terrorists] can't claim that their suicide bombings are martyrdom operations and that they become the heroes of the Muslim Ummah [global brotherhood]. No, they become heroes of hellfire, and they are leading towards hellfire."
Author: Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri
3. "Unlike some, I don't claim to hold the mystic key to the future. But judging from past events, it seems to me that those who want to prophesy the imminent end of America's unique global role have a harder case to make than those who think we will limp on for a while, making a mess of things as usual."
Author: Walter Russell Mead

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Quotes About Aim Global
Quotes About Aim Global

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