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1. "En travaillant pour les seuls biens matériels, nous bâtissons nous-mêmes notre prison. Nous nous enfermons solitaires, avec notre monnaie de cendre qui ne procure rien qui vaille de vivre."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
2. "J'aimais les peintures idiotes, dessus de portes, décors, toiles de saltimbanques, enseignes, enluminures populaires ; la littérature démodée, latin d'église, livres érotiques sans orthographe, romans de nos aïeules, contes de fées, petits livres de l'enfance, opéras vieux, refrains niais, rythmes naïfs."
Author: Arthur Rimbaud
3. "…pues nada define mejor la España de mi siglo, y la de todos, que la imagen del hidalgo pobre y miserable, muerto de hambre, que no trabaja porque es rebaje de su condición; y aunque ayuna a diario sale a la calle con espada, dándose aires, y se echa migas de pan en la barba para que sus vecinos piensen que ha comido."
Author: Arturo Pérez Reverte
4. "Miracles: Œuvres surnaturelles, c'est-à-dire contraires aux lois sages que la divinité immuable a prescrites à la nature. Avec de la foi on fait des miracles tant qu'on veut, et avec de la foi on les croit tant qu'on peut. Quand la foi diminue on ne voit plus de miracles, et la nature pour lors va tout bonnement son petit train."
Author: Baron D'Holbach
5. "I find the fact that billionaires are quoted as if the fact that they are billionaires gives them some kind of wisdom is outrageous."
Author: Ben Elton
6. "Dread of returning to Iraq equals the direst poverty, and that's how he feels right now, poor, like a shabby homeless kid suddenly thrust into the company of millionaires. Mortal fear is the ghetto of the human soul, to be free of it something like the psychic equivalent of inheriting a hundred million dollars. This is what he truly envies of these people, the luxury of terror as a talking point, and at this moment he feels so sorry for himself that he could break right down and cry."
Author: Ben Fountain
7. "Nothing can take the sting off the world's economic problems like watching millionaires present each other golden statues."
Author: Billy Crystal
8. "Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste."
Author: Charles Bukowski
9. "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history. No purpose or place. We have no Great War, No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won't"
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
10. "You are put in school to be trained to become exactly what they want you to be: not them, anything but them. They live on a golden island and have the key to the only bridge. Your parents are not millionaires, so it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, you aren't invited to their party. That's the great shame. The idiots have the gold, and the poor die to give it to them. So you better start to laugh, because this world is one big joke written by the few, at the expense of the masses. Look around you, that feeling your life isn't going anywhere? That's the feeling that makes you part of the masses."
Author: Craig Stone
11. "If everything came easy in business everyone would have a business and be millionaires. It takes hard work, consistent effort and courage to keeping fighting the monster of failure."
Author: Delaine Robins
12. "Wall Street billionaires are predicting that Roosevelt-style railroad rate regulation will sooner or later bring about financial catastrophe. [ca. 1906]"
Author: Edmund Morris
13. "Dans les sociétés vernaculaires, l'éducation est homéotélique vis-à-vis de Gaïa"
Author: Edouard Goldsmith
14. "War, in its fairest form, implies a perpetual violation of humanity and justice."
Author: Edward Gibbon
15. "As a parent and a citizen, I'll take a Bill Gates (or Warren Buffett) over Steve Jobs every time. If we must have billionaires, better they should ignore Jobs's example and instead embrace the morality and wisdom of the great industrialist-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie."
Author: Eric Alterman
16. "Je m'entends dire : "Il y a en moi ce qui se trouve chez beaucoup d'hommes dans le monde, amours, coups de feu, des phrases pleines d'épines, aucune envie d'en parler. Nous sommes ordinaires nous autres hommes. Ce qui est spécial, c'est vivre, regarder le soir le creux de sa main et savoir que le lendemain sera nouveau, que le tailleur de la nuit coud la peau, raccommode les cals, reprise les accrocs et dégonfle la fatigue." (p. 44)"
Author: Erri De Luca
17. "Envy, like the worm, never runs but to the fairest fruit; like a cunning bloodhound, it singles out the fattest deer in the flock."
Author: Francis Beaumont
18. "Let thy chief terror be of thine own soul:There, 'mid the throng of hurrying desiresThat trample on the dead to seize their spoil,Lurks vengeance, footless, irresistibleAs exhalations laden with slow death,And o'er the fairest troop of captured joysBreathes pallid pestilence."
Author: George Eliot
19. "And yonder sits a maiden, The fairest of the fair, With gold in her garment glittering, And she combs her golden hair."
Author: Heinrich Heine
20. "Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."
Author: Henry Ward Beecher
21. "Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony."
Author: Heraclitus
22. "I have finally taught Dean that he can do anything he wants, become mayor of Denver, marry a millionairess, or become the greatest poet since Rimbaud. But he keeps rushing out to see the midget auto races"
Author: Jack Kerouac
23. "I have spoken to a whole group of millionaires, head executives at Microsoft. Boy did I chew those guys out."
Author: Jack LaLanne
24. "Bobby and I went through some old questionnaires about customer requirements for languages, then we compiled a new one and sent it out to a few dozen people we knew."
Author: James Frank
25. "At least once a year, I meet with a group called the Giving Pledge. It's a group of billionaires - including me, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner - who have pledged to give away most of their money to charity. We meet for three days to talk about what we're doing to help make the planet a better place to live."
Author: John Paul DeJoria
26. "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."
Author: John Steinbeck
27. "Les mots ont parfois le pouvoir des trolls et ils sont capables d'abattre les dieux, ils peuvent sauver des vies et les anéantir. Les mots sont des flèches, des balles de fusil, des oiseaux légendaires lancés à la poursuite des héros, les mots sont des poissons immémoriaux qui découvrent un secret terrifiant au fond de l'abîme, ils sont un filet assez ample pour attraper le monde et embrasser les cieux, mais parfois, ils ne sont rien, des guenilles usées, transpercées par le froid, des forteresses caduques que la mort et le malheur piétinent sans effort. (p. 235)"
Author: Jón Kalman Stefánsson
28. "Certains mots sont probablement aptes à changer le monde, ils ont le pouvoir de nous consoler et de sécher nos larmes. Certains mots sont des balles de fusil, d'autres des notes de violon. Certains sont capables de faire fondre la glace qui nous enserre le cœur et il est même possible de les dépêcher comme des cohortes de sauveteurs quand les jours sont contraires et que nous ne sommes peut-être ni vivants ni morts. (p. 74)"
Author: Jón Kalman Stefánsson
29. "I agreed with everything he was saying when he ran for president. I was listening to what he said. I go, this guy thinks like me and I agree with him. Now he's changing. All he keeps saying is millionaires and billionaires don't pay their fair share of taxes."
Author: Jon Lovitz
30. "…he noticed that the free thinkers, the doctrinaires of the bourgeoisie, people who claimed every liberty that they might stifle the opinions of others, were greedy and shameless puritans whom, in education, he esteemed inferior to the corner shoemaker."
Author: Joris Karl Huysmans
31. "Affaires meant 'business.' How like the French to kill two birds with one stone."
Author: Katherine Neville
32. "Baudelaires had visited the office of Vice Principal Nero and learned about all of the academy's strict and unfair rules. When they worked"
Author: Lemony Snicket
33. "You're noble enough, Baudelaires. That's all we can ask for in this world."
Author: Lemony Snicket
34. "The outside of the building was covered with faded poster advertising what was sold, and by the eerie light of the half-moon, the Baudelaires could see that fresh limes, plastic knives, canned meat, white envelopes, mango-flavored candy, red wine, leather wallets, fashion magazines, goldfish bowls, sleeping bags, roasted figs, cardboard boxes, controversial vitamins, and many other things were available inside the store. Nowhere on the building, however, was there a poster advertising help, which is really what the Baudelaires needed."
Author: Lemony Snicket
35. "This isn't fair," Klaus said finally, but he said it so quietly that the departing islanders probably did not hear. Only his sisters heard him, and the snake the Baudelaires thought they would never see again, and of course Count Olaf, who was huddled in the large, ornate bird cage like an imprisoned beast, and who was the only person to answer him. "Life isn't fair," he said, in his undisguised voice, and for once the Baudelaire orphans agreed with every word the man said."
Author: Lemony Snicket
36. "The Indian may seem poor to we rich Westerners but in matters of the spirit it is we who are the paupers and they who are millionaires."
Author: Mark Twain
37. "La liberté, à titre personnel, j'étais plutôt contre; il est amusant de constater que ce sont toujours les adversaires de la liberté qui se trouvent, à un moment ou à un autre, en avoir le plus besoin."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
38. "Casey glanced at her plate again, recalling the posters of her elementary school lunchroom: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. So, how much you ate indicated the quantity of your desire. Walter was also implying that how quickly you got your food revealed the likelihood of achieving your goals. She was in fact terribly hungry, but she'd pretended to be otherwise to be ladylike and had moved away from the table to be agreeable, and now she'd continue to be hungry" (Free Food For Millionaires, p.92.)"
Author: Min Jin Lee
39. "Les sentiments sont arbitraires."
Author: Monique LaRue
40. "It's the same misconception I used to have. I meet people and think they're millionaires and they're not."
Author: Peter Hook
41. "The truth hit him. Jason wasn't quite Roman anymore. His time at Camp Half-Blood had changed him. Reyna had recognized that. Apparently, so did the undead legionnaires. If Jason no longer gave off the right sort of vibe, or aura of a Roman leader..."
Author: Rick Riordan
42. "It appears the Kochs are among the most defensive billionaires, preferring the comfy confines of their callous and intellectually dishonest world view."
Author: Robert Greenwald
43. "Old and alone, thought Pelletier. Just one of thousands of old men on their own. Like the machine célibataire. Like the bachelor who suddenly grows old, or like the bachelor who, when he returns from a trip at light speed, finds the other bachelors grown old or turned into pillars of salt. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of machines célibataires crossing an amniotic sea each day, on Alitalia, eating spaghetti al pomodoro and drinking Chianti or grappa, their eyes half closed, positive that the paradise of retirees isn't in Italy (or, therefore, anywhere in Europe), bachelors flying to the hectic airports of Africa or America, burial ground of elephants. The great cemeteries at light speed. I don't know why I'm thinking this, thought Pelletier. Spots on the wall and spots on the skin, thought Pelletier, looking at his hands. Fuck the Serb."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
44. "I know it's bad to generalize, but when you think about billionaires, you just think this guy is going to walk into a room and just demand things to be a certain way."
Author: Sabrina Bryan
45. "There was a poem scribbled at the top of the Ashryver family tree, as though some student had dashed it down as a reminder while studying. Ashryver EyesThe fairest eyes, from legends oldOf brightest blue, ringed with gold Bright blue eyes, ringed with gold. A strangled cry came out of him. How many times had he looked into those eyes? How many times had he seen her avert her gaze, that one bit proof she couldn't hide, from the king?Celaena Sardothien wasn't in league with Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.Celaena Sardothien was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, heir to the throne and righful Queen of Terrasen."
Author: Sarah J. Maas
46. "Le parti national-socialiste avait fait un fameux cadeau à ces SS-là : ils pouvaient marcher au combat sans aucun risque physique, décrocher les honneurs sans avoir à entendre siffler les balles. L'impunité psychologique était plus difficile à atteindre. Tous les officiers SS avaient des camarades qui s'étaient suicidés. Le haut commandment avait pondu des circulaires pour dénoncer ces pertes futiles : il fallait être simple d'esprit pour croire que les juifs, parce qu'ils n'avaient pas de fusils, ne possédaient pas d'armes d'un autre calibre : des armes sociales, économiques et politiques. En fait, le juif était armé jusqu'aux dents. Trempez votre caractère dans l'acier, soulignaient les circulaires, car l'enfant juif est une bombe à retardement culturelle, la femme juive, un tissu biologique de toutes les trahisons, le mâle juif, un ennemi plus implacable encore qu'aucun Russe ne saurait l'être. (ch. 20)"
Author: Thomas Keneally
47. "Les enfants sont des créatures extraordinaires, quand ils ne sont pas simplement chiants."
Author: Vernor Vinge
48. "Mislike me not for my complexion,The shadowed livery of the burnished sun,To whom I am a neighbor and near bred.Bring me the fairest creature northward born,Where Phoebus' fire scarce thaws the icicles,And let us make incision for your loveTo prove whose blood is reddest, his or mine."
Author: William Shakespeare
49. "Away and mark the time with fairest show,False face must hide what false heart dothknow."
Author: William Shakespeare
50. "What's the story here, Karl?' Kevin asked.'Hard as it is to believe, these people are slaves,' Karl explained.'Slaves?' I asked skeptically.'Well, you might not call them that but they are virtual slaves. They don't receive any pay. They are dealt with harshly. They don't have anywhere else to go''What about the government? Don't they help?' Marcus asked.'The government?' Karl laughed. 'The government my eye! Those generals stay in power several years, make a bundle smuggling drugs, and once they're millionaires, they retire. Some other lousy generals take over from them, and history repeats itself. You think they give a shit what happens to a few lousy Indians?"
Author: Yossi Ghinsberg

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