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1. "Regarding incident at Reiden Lake," Walter read out loud, pausing to exchange a significant glance with Bell. "Meet me at the northwest corner of Alamo Square Park at midnight 10/23. Crucial new information has come to light. A friend in the Bureau."
Author: Christa Faust
2. "Somewhere near the Alamo, a bugle brayed: either that or McCulloch's men had found some reason to torture a poor, defenseless donkey."
Author: Harry Turtledove
3. "Then his mouth took hers.Julianna didn't have a chance. It was the Alamo all over again. Warm, capable lips molded perfectly to hers and with one push, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Like a marauding pirate, he conquered and enjoyed his territory, his hot tongue thrusting in and out in a teasing game before he dove deep and claimed his treasure."
Author: Jennifer Probst
4. "I'm a 10th-generation Texan. My ancestor - Andrew Kent - fought at the Alamo."
Author: Jessica Collins
5. "Somos todos estranhos uns em relação aos outros. Podemos usar as mesmas palavras mas não falamos a mesma língua."
Author: José Eduardo Agualusa
6. "Fermi proslul svou schopností jednoduchým a rychlým zpusobem odhadnout fyzikální veliciny. Pri explozi první jaderné bomby v Alamogordu v poušti v Novém Mexiku 15. cervence 1945 napríklad upustil kus papíru z výšky ramen a sledoval, jak se vlivem nárazové vlny z bomby odklonil. Tím, že vedel, že epicentrum je devet mil daleko, odhadl energii výbuchu – jednalo se o ekvivalent více než 10 000 tun TNT."
Author: Marcus Chown
7. "It would be fair to say that the coppers in Amersham jail didn't take much of a shine to me. My little dance, my little ego, it didn't do me any favours in there. I wasn't the bat-biting, Alamo-pissing, ‘Crazy Train'-singing rock'n'roll hero. All that celebrity shit counts for nothing with the Thames Valley Police."
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
8. "Yes, I'm the crazy rock'n'roller who bit the head off a bat and pissed on the Alamo, but I also have a son who likes to mess around with the settings on my telly, so when I make myself a nice pot of tea, put my feet up, and try to watch a programme on the History Channel, I can't get the f**king thing to work. That kind of stuff blew people's minds. I think they had this idea in their heads that when I wasn't being arrested for public intoxication, I went to a cave and hung upside down, drinking snakes' blood. But I'm like Coco the Clown, me: at the end of the day, I come home, take off my greasepaint and my big red nose, and become Dad."
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
9. "‘Ozzy, is it true you got busted for pissing on the Alamo?' he asked me.‘Yeah,' I told him. ‘It's true.'‘Shit, man,' he said. ‘We piss on it every night on our way home.'"
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
10. "Alamo has been a strong inspiration for nations striving for freedom all around the globe since 1836. Gvozdansko has not earned public reputation, but profoundly touched the heart of the bitter enemy Ferhat-paša alone in 1578. Croats have a duty and obligation to learn about Gvozdansko."
Author: Vinko Vrbanic
11. "Not one escaped to tell the fall of Alamo,The hundred & fifty are dumb yet at Alamo."
Author: Walt Whitman

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