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1. "For love is greater than any wind of words. And man, leaning at his window under the stars, is once again responsible for the bread of the day to come, for the slumber of the wife who lies by his side, all fragile and delicate and contingent. Love is not thinking, but being. As I sat facing Alias I longed for night, when my thoughts would be of civilization, of the destiny of man, of the savor of friendship in my native land. For night, so that I might yearn to serve some overwhelming purpose which at this moment I cannot define. For night, so that I might perhaps advance a step towards fixing my unmanageable language. I longed for the night as the poet might do, the true poet who feels himself inhabited by a thing obscure but powerful, and who strives to erect images like ramparts round that thing in order to capture it. To capture it in a snare of images."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
2. "A misspelled word is probably an alias for some desperate call for aid, which is bound to fail."
Author: Ben Marcus
3. "It felt like an eternity before he gingerly lifted himself from the table and staggered backwards. Glass shards protruded from chest to groin. The guy looked like a bloody porcupine. A cute, tall bloody porcupine. I'm tall too. Five foot ten. But he had at least four inches on me, even with my thick-heeled boots."What's your name?" he slurred. While visions of reckless homicide charges danced in my head, I contemplated using an alias. Finally, I said my real name, "Sam.""Nice to meet you, Sammers. I'm Jake," he said."
Author: Betsy Cook Speer
4. "I think about how people use the devil as an alias for the things they fear. The cause and effect is backward. The devil doesn't make anyone do anything. People just do things and blame the devil after."
Author: David Levithan
5. "If Miss Beresford had not been in such a hurry to marry a poor country clergyman, there was no knowing what she might not have become. But Dixon was too loyal to desert her in her affliction and downfall (alias her married life)."
Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
6. "Your swoonin' needs work." his accent was back. "so does your alias," I snapped. "Dr.Smith? Seriously? Why not John Doe? And how is it that everybody around here seems to buy you're a doctor? you don't look enough to drink, let alone practice medicine"
Author: Erica O'Rourke
7. "It becomes obvious the moment we acknowledge the futility of breeding men for special qualities as we breed cocks for game, greyhounds for speed, or sheep for mutton. What is really important in Man is the part of him that we do not yet understand. Of much of it we are not even conscious, just as we are not normally conscious of keeping up our circulation by our heart pump, though if we reject it we die. We are therefore driven to the conclusion that when we have carried selection as far as we can by rejecting from the list of eligible parents all persons who are uninteresting, unpromising, or blemished without any set-off, we shall have to trust to the guidance of fancy (alias Voice of Nature), both in the breeders and the parents, for that superiority in the unconscious self which will be the true characteristic of the Superman."
Author: George Bernard Shaw
8. "I can't believe it's you. Wait, why does my chart say Randy Johnson?" Reid chuckled at the ridiculous name he used for anonymity. "It's an alias." Wanting to erase the pained look from whatever had happened before he arrived, he gave her a wicked smile and added, "And sometimes a state of being." Her brows gathered together for the few seconds it took to sink in, then her cheeks flushed with color and her eyes grew wide. "Reid!"
Author: Gina L. Maxwell
9. "Doch das sei abermals betont: angestoßen, politisch zu werden, hat mich nicht Willy Brandt, sondern der allerchristlichste Kanzler. Er, der sich aus Nächstenliebe den Kommentator der Rassengesetze, Hans Globke, als Staatssekretär hielt, er, dem das christliche Abendland nur bis zur Elbe reichte, er verdächtigte den Emigranten Brandt „alias Frahm" unterschwellig des Landesverrats. Sein Christentum katholischer Machart gab ihm ein, uneheliche Herkunft als Makel anzuprangern. Konrad Adenauer war jedes Mittel recht, weshalb er immer noch als Staatsmann gilt."
Author: Günter Grass
10. "Sandalias. Al maestro sufi Ghulam-Shah se le preguntó qué patrón utilizaba al formular sus cursos para discípulos. Dijo: "Descalzo hasta que puedas obtener sandalias, sandalias hasta que puedas valerte de botas"."
Author: Idries Shah
11. "It's hard to live up to The Beatles. When Wings toured, they got slated. Even Dad found it hard living up to The Beatles. I started out playing under an alias because I wanted to start quietly."
Author: James McCartney
12. "I'm totally on Facebook, my alias is Invisible Nightmare."
Author: Jenn Cooksey
13. "JJ Abrams is definitely a guy that when he calls, you want to answer. He's incredibly focused. When he was shooting the pilot on 'Lost,' we'd do a take and he'd go back to his tent and be working on the first episodes of 'Lost' as well as the cliffhanger for the eighth season of 'Alias.' He's an incredible multitasker."
Author: Jorge Garcia
14. "I changed from 'Zoo Kid' to 'King Krule' mainly because I didn't want to be called a 'Kid' when I was 20, so I just thought I'd get rid of that alias and change it now while I'm younger. I wanted to change it quick. and 'King Krule' was the first thing that came into my head."
Author: King Krule
15. "—Así que, si me ayudas, es solo por temor a represalias. —Le doy la espalda, vuelvo a echarme en la cama, dispuesta a seguir durmiendo, y le resumo en una palabra lo que pienso de él—: Cabrón."
Author: Laura Gallego García
16. "I started dealing with weapons on the first show I ever did, 'The Inside,' but I didn't really do any physical stuff until 'Alias.'"
Author: Rachel Nichols
17. "If you were to come to the set of Alias, you'd know how silly we all are. And I mean, silly."
Author: Victor Garber
18. "That's why, when Alias came along, I knew I'd be OK if the show was on for five or six years because the writing was so good and the creative team was so strong."
Author: Victor Garber
19. "I find out more about Jack every week. Essentially, I'm the same character, but I'm having more fun this season because I'm doing more aliases, you know. I like the surprise of not knowing."
Author: Victor Garber

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