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1. "Écoutez le monde blanchorriblement las de son effort immenseses articulations rebelles craquer sous les étoiles duresses raideurs d'acier bleu transperçant la chair mystiqueécoute ses victoires proditoires trompeter ses défaitesécoute aux alibis grandioses son piètre trébuchementPitié pour nos vainquers omniscients et naïfs !"
Author: Aimé Césaire
2. "Believe me there is no such thing as great suffering, great regret, great memory....everything is forgotten, even a great love. That's what's sad about life, and also what's wonderful about it. There is only a way of looking at things, a way that comes to you every once in a while. That's why it's good to have had love in your life after all, to have had an unhappy passion- it gives you an alibi for the vague despairs we all suffer from."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants."
Author: Albert Camus
4. "We are living in the era of premeditation and the perfect crime. Our criminals are no longer helpless children who could plead love as their excuse. On the contrary, they are adults and the have the perfect alibi: philosophy, which can be used for any purpose - even for transforming murderers into judges."
Author: Albert Camus
5. "Crois-moi, il n'y a pas de grande douleur, pas de grands repentirs, de grands souvenirs. Tout s'oublie même les grandes amours. C'est ce qu'il y a de triste et d'exaltant à la fois dans la vie. Il y a seulement une certaine façon de voir les choses et elle surgit de temps en temps. C'est pour ça qu'il est bon quand même d'avoir eu un grand amour, une passion malheureuse dans sa vie. Ça fait du moins un alibi pour les désespoirs sans raison dont nous sommes accablés."
Author: Albert Camus
6. "The obstacle became his alibi for weakness."
Author: Anaïs Nin
7. "Being a novice is not an alibi to become a zilch."
Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
8. "Not being invited in is one of the boxes on the "suspicious behavior" bingo form that every copper carries around in their head along with "stupidly overpowerful dog" and being too quick to supply an alibi. Fill all the boxes and you too could win an all-­expenses-paid visit to your local police station."
Author: Ben Aaronovitch
9. "Vielleicht gibt es ja gar keine tollen, wunderbaren Menschen. Und wir reden es uns für eine kurze Weile nur ein, dass der oder der toll und wunderbar ist, damit wir einen Grund haben, uns in ihn zu verlieben. Sozusagen ein Alibi für die Liebe."
Author: Brigitte Blobel
10. "I suppose we'll never know what really happened in that room, though he did tell police, "I did it because I'm a dirty dog." This is not a very convincing alibi. He may as well have said, "I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one."
Author: Chuck Klosterman
11. "Succede, a volte, di provare una grande attrazione per qualcuno che poco ha a che fare con i nostri valori, le nostre abitudini, le nostre passioni. Che sia chimica, follia, istinto animale poco importa. Ciò che importa è che spesso, invece di dare alle cose il proprio nome, ci si affanna a interpretarle nel modo più indolore possibile, per non mettere in discussione la propria dignità, per tener fede a dogmi e precetti dai quali ci si sta svincolando, senza volerlo ammettere. (…) Si forniscono alibi, giustificazioni, si cercano attinenze che non esistono ma alle quali ci si aggrappa come polpastrelli in una scalata che renderà difficile sgretolare poi la roccia, pena il precipizio."
Author: Cristina Obber
12. "If you have the woman you love, what more do you need? Well, besides an alibi for the time of her husband's murder."
Author: Dark Jar Tin Zoo
13. "They were only to glad to come, ... as an alibi to test their charms ... ... but once they'd made it into the house their hearts where in their boots because they knew enough to see that here Madame Verona was still living off the interest."
Author: Dimitri Verhulst
14. "But the truth was, we had failed, and rather than let anyone else know, we crafted careful excuses and alibis, and wrapped them around ourselves like a cloak to keep out the cold truth."
Author: Eleanor Brown
15. "Can you stand on your legs?" Sydelle Pulaski asked. "Can you walk at all?"People never asked Chris those questions; they whispered them to his parents behind his back. "N-n-no. Why?""What better disguise for a thief or a murderer than a wheelchair, the perfect alibi."Chris enjoyed being taken for the criminal type. Now they really were friends."
Author: Ellen Raskin
16. "Alcohol.It can give the courage to talk dirty and the permission to go home with the bartender.It's the alibi. The cover story.It wasn't really you—you were possessed by Captain Morgan and the Grey Goose.Unfortunately, I have a very high tolerance for alcohol.Sucks to be me."
Author: Emma Chase
17. "There were more courses than O.J. has alibis."
Author: Erin Gruwell
18. "Where's your sense of adventure?It died under mysterious circumstances. My sense of self-preservation found the body, but assures me it has an airtight alibi.-Captain Tagon & Captain Andreyasn"
Author: Howard Tayler
19. "I got an alibi, just in case you think I did it. Tighter than a crab's ass, and that is air tight."
Author: James Ellroy
20. "Aside from murder alibis and kinky sex, what good are clones?"
Author: Jarod Kintz
21. "At the time of the murder, I had an airtight alibi: I spent the night in a Ziploc bag."
Author: Jarod Kintz
22. "When there are 16 ounces of coffee to be shared by two strangers, and only one 8-ounce cup between them, then one man must give up his coffee, and the other must formulate an alibi."
Author: Jarod Kintz
23. "Incredibly, he wore an incredulous look on his face like he had no idea what she was insinuating. Did she just accuse him of murder? I hope she did, because I have no alibi, but I do have a wallet full of motive."
Author: Jarod Kintz
24. "I'm here to tell niggas it ain't all swell.There's Heaven then there's Hell niggasOne day your cruisin' in your seven,Next day your sweatin', forgettin' your lies,Alibis ain't matchin' up, bullshit catchin' upHit with the RICO, they repoed your vehicleEverything was all good just a week ago'Bout to start bitchin' ain't you?Ready to start snitchin' ain't you?I forgive you. Weak ass, hustlin' just ain't youAside from the fast carsHoneys that shake they ass in barsYou know you wouldn't be involvedWith the Underworld dealers, carriers of mac-millersEast coast bodiers, West coast cap-peelersLittle monkey niggas turned gorillas."
Author: Jay Z
25. "'Home Alone' was a movie, not an alibi."
Author: Jerry Orbach
26. "Shit. Is this a good idea? I'm a lawyer for Christ's sake. I look at Lorelai and she looks so happy that I don't care anymore.Screw it! If she wants to vandalise this prick's car, I'm game.I can come up with an alibi for us both later …"
Author: Joanne McClean
27. "I thought it was her wicked stepmother who poisoned her...''...Turned out the wicked stepmother had an alibi.''...Seems she was off poisoning someone else at the time. Chance in a million, really. It was just bad luck."
Author: John Connolly
28. "An alibi is one alliterative consonant short of being a magic carpet"
Author: Josh Stern
29. "Anything I tell you is an alibi for something else."Then let's be quiet together."
Author: Leonard Cohen
30. "Even without the mushroom cloudstill I would have hatedListenI would have done the same thingseven if there were no deathI will not be held like a drunkardunder the cold tap of factsI refuse the universal alibi"
Author: Leonard Cohen
31. "The way I was brought up ‘he needed killing' is an airtight alibi."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
32. "Too much faith is the worst ally. When you believe in something literally, through your faith you'll turn it into something absurd. One who is a genuine adherent, if you like, of some political outlook, never takes its sophistries seriously, but only its practical aims, which are concealed beneath these sophistries. Political rhetoric and sophistries do not exist, after all, in order that they be believed; rather, they have to serve as a common and agreed upon alibi. Foolish people who take them in earnest sooner or later discover inconsistencies in them, begin to protest, and finish finally and infamously as heretics and apostates. No, too much faith never brings anything good..."
Author: Milan Kundera
33. "Teaching and learning _religious plurality often ends up privileging religious _texts_ over _practice_ and largely ignoring the social and historical contexts and the lived experience of people who shape, situate, and structure these religious texts. Furthermore, adopting the politics of recognition as a pedagogical principle in teaching can lead to an _uncritical silence_ about the various forms of oppression and domination of certain religious groups. Here people often use _religious difference_ as a _religious alibi_ for the oppression or violation of human rights of certain groups of people, such as women or LGBT people."
Author: Namsoon Kang
34. "IF - and this is the greatest of them all - I had the courage to see myself as I reallyam, I would find out what is wrong with me, and correct it, then I might have a chance to profit by my mistakes and learn something from the experience of others,for I know that there is something WRONG with me, or I would now be where I WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I had spent more time analyzing my weaknesses, and less time building alibis to cover them."
Author: Napoleon Hill
35. "Irony serves as an alibi for a fetish."
Author: Nathaniel Wing
36. "If you are ignorant of Lora Delane Porter's books that is your affair. Perhaps you are more to be pitied than censured. Nature probably gave you the wrong shape of forehead. Mrs. Porter herself would have put it down to some atavistic tendency or pre-natal influence. She put most things down to that. She blamed nearly all the defects of the modern world, from weak intellects to in-growing toe-nails, on long-dead ladies and gentlemen who, safe in the family vault, imagined that they had established their alibi. She subpoenaed grandfathers and even great-grandfathers to give evidence to show that the reason Twentieth-Century Willie squinted or had to spend his winters in Arizona was their own shocking health ‘way back in the days beyond recall."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
37. "Love is the way that life forgets that it is terminal. Love is life's alibi in the face of death."
Author: Peter Godwin
38. "Her eyes, however, were every bit as hard and shiny as the varnish on Dad's desk."Sophie, there you are! Where have you been the past few days? We've hardly seen you.""A-around?" I stuttered, inwardly cringing. Oh,that was an awesome alibi."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
39. "I need no alibi,I did steal your heart."
Author: Sapphire Belucci
40. "Grandpa, I haven't remembered all your stories, but I've written a few of my own adn as soon as the rain stops I'll read them to you. I got the idea from Nena Fatima, I got Grandpa Rafik's voice, I got the veins on your son's upper arms, he's painting coconuts now, I got my mother's melencholy. But still I don't have all the things i'd need to tell my story as one of us: I don't have the courage of the river Drina, or the voice of the hawk, or the rock hard backbone of our mountains, or Walrus's infalibility, or the enthusiasum of the man who misses, honorably. And I don't have Armin the stationmaster, Cika Hasan and Cika Sead in their eternal argument, Kiko's leg, Edin who forgets he's imitating a wolf and takes fright at the sound of his own voice, Cauliflower, the names of trees, a stomache for schnapps, the goals scored in the school yard. But most of all I miss the truth, the truth in which we are no longer listeners or storytellers, but we give and forgive."
Author: Saša Stanišić
41. "It's painfully obvious to both of us that you're dangerously close to a sexless-related meltdown. And I went to Alibi last girls' night and there were plenty of straight people there, too, you know, but um. I mean, there were also lots of—""People!" Jon shouts, "Plenty of people. With, uh, orifices."
Author: Seventhswan
42. "Ordinarily, an alibi is an account of suspect's whereabouts at the time a crime was committed and it's offered up as proof of innocence, but here it didn't matter where anyone was."
Author: Sue Grafton
43. "A girl gives her boyfriend an alibi for the evening when we suspect him of robbing a north-side Centra and stabbing the clerk. I flirt with her at first, telling her I can see why he would want to stay home when he's got her; she is peroxided and greasy, with flat, stunted features of generations of malnutrition, and privately I am thinking that if I were her boyfriend I would be relieved to trade her even for a hairy cellmate named Razor."
Author: Tana French
44. "Jealousy, turning saints into the seaSwimming through sick lullabiesChoking on your alibis"
Author: The Killers
45. "Now, if the writers of these four books [Gospels] had gone into a court of justice to prove an alibi, (for it is of the nature of an alibi that is here attempted to be proved, namely, the absence of a dead body by supernatural means,) and had they given their evidence in the same contradictory manner as it is here given, they would have been in danger of having their ears cropt for perjury, and would have justly deserved it. Yet this is the evidence, and these are the books, that have been imposed upon the world as being given by divine inspiration, and as the unchangeable word of God."
Author: Thomas Paine
46. "All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance."
Author: Will Rogers

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