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1. "In 2004, we had a great year, with Samit Patel, Liam Plunkett, Tim Bresnan, Luke Wright, Alistair Cook. Some groups are not quite as strong."
Author: Andy Pick
2. "You and I are more alike than you think," Alistair says."I don't see that at all," I say."Besides the fact that we both lied about our names," I add."
Author: Carolyn MacCullough
3. "There's an immense dramatic possibility in describing that universe. The books, for me, were an enormous relief in that sense of how they were written to allow primary emotion, elemental emotion, to matter enormously but to give the thing an extraordinary flow so you don't notice at what point that you're actually overwhelmed by this. There's no showiness, at all. It's the opposite of showiness. I think, if it was a painting, it could be very grey abstract, almost, with some lines and very, very beautiful. But you wouldn't have a notion of where the beauty was.(Talking about the short stories of Alistair MacLeod, who he discovered while working on The Modern Library.)"
Author: Colm Tóibín
4. "I believe in witches, Sophia," his deep voice hypnotized her."I hope you don't burn me at the stake," she murmured to him."I don't burn witches. I set them on fire," Alistair whispered so low Sophia thought she had heard wrong."
Author: Cristiane Serruya
5. "That night as they slept in each other's arms neither Alistair nor Sophia had any nightmares."
Author: Cristiane Serruya
6. "Good things come…" Her head fell back, giving him total access to her throat "to those who wait.' Patience is a virtue, Alistair."
Author: Cristiane Serruya
7. "Sophia, you're the best thing that could have happened to Alistair. I've never seen him happier than he is now."
Author: Cristiane Serruya
8. "Alistair would never reject her, never make her feel ashamed of her desires...never make her hold back." - Felicity (The Pleasure Room)"
Author: D.N. Simmons
9. "He doesn't like making others uncomfortable."-Helen to Sophia about Alistair"
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
10. "But Sir Alistair's gaze was different. Those other men had looked at her with lust or speculation or crass curiosity, but they hadn't been looking at her really. They'd been looking at what she represented to them: physical love or a valuable prize or an object to be gawked at. When Sir Alistair stared at her, well, he was looking at her."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
11. "The lengths to which you're prepared to go to please a housekeeper make me wonder about the servant situation in Scotland. Good help must be thin on the ground." Vale widened his eyes and took a drink."She's more to me than a housekeeper," Alistair growled."Wonderful!" Vale slapped him on the back. "And about time, too. I was beginning to worry that all your important bits might've atrophied and fallen off from disuse."He felt unaccustomed heat climb his throat. "Vale…"
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
12. "Sophia looked down her long nose at the girl. "Who are you?""I'm Abigail, ma'am," she said, curtsying. "This is my brother, Jamie. I apologize for him."Sophia arched an eyebrow. "I'll wager you do that quite a lot."Abigail sighed, sounding world-weary. "Yes, I do.""Good girl." Sophia almost smiled. "Younger brothers can be a chore sometimes, but one must persevere.""Yes, ma'am," Abigail said solemnly."Come on, Jamie," Alistair said. "Let's go into dinner before they form a Society for Bossy Older Sisters."
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
13. "Our story begins eight years ago when Ms.Jacobs was living in London with Mr. McAllister.However, she had to leave the country urgentlydue to a family emergency.""Considering the ‘he-was-dead' defence, I'msure this will be hugely entertaining." Lily didn'tsee it but she heard the scoffing behind Nate's attorney'stone, that would be attorney number twoor Sarcastic Attorney. Her startled eyes moved tothe man who, she noted distractedly, was staringat her with extreme distaste."Well, I'm not sure one would describe losingboth of one's parents in a plane crash as ‘entertaining',"Alistair noted blandly."
Author: Kristen Ashley
14. "I felt instantly at home, and wanted only to dismiss Alistair, along with the rest of Justice Hall, that I might have a closer look at the shelves.I had to content myself instead with a strolling perusal, my hands locked behind my back to keep them from reaching out for Le Morte D'Arthur, Caxton 1485 or the delicious little red-and-gilt Bestiary, MS Circa 1250 or.... If I took one down, I should be lost. So I looked, like a hungry child in a sweet shop, and trailed out on my guide's heels with one longing backward glance."
Author: Laurie R. King
15. "Young Reggie Foljambe to my certain knowledge offered him double what I was giving him, and Alistair Bingham-Reeves, who's got a valet who had been known to press his trousers sideways, used to look at him, when he came to see me, with a kind of glittering, hungry eye which disturbed me deucedly. Bally pirates!"
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
16. "Our fathers had bequeathed us nothing but memories. A fire had stripped me of all tangible tokens, save my little hat; Alistair Warthrop had taken most of what had belonged to Pellinore. What remained of them was simply us, and when we departed, so would they. We were the tablets upon which their lives were writ."
Author: Rick Yancey

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