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1. "The ambition of most beings is just to stay alive, overeat, spend too much, and avoid hard work. I'm happy that I can achieve much more than that…and we all die sooner or later. A death in service of a great ideal is a fine thing."
Author: Karen Traviss
2. "Every success I have ever had or will have in the future comes not solelyfrom my own ambition and hard work, but also from those that have encouraged,supported and challenged me. Success is never, ever a one person job."
Author: T.S. Tate
3. "Ambition is a path, not a destination, and it is essentially the same path for everybody. No matter what the goal is, the path leads through Pilgrim's Progress regions of motivation, hard work, persistence, stubbornness, and resilience under disappointment. Unconsidered, merely indulged, ambition becomes a vice; it can turn an man into a machine that knows nothing but how to run. Considered, it can be something else — pathway to the stars, maybe. I suspect that what makes hedonists so angry when they think about overachievers is that the overachievers, without benefit of drugs or orgies, have more fun."
Author: Wallace Stegner

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Quotes About Ambition And Hard Work
Quotes About Ambition And Hard Work
Quotes About Ambition And Hard Work

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