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1. "Her honor will come to no harm at my hands," Jack said."'Tis not her honor but her tender heart that I worry about," Alexander said."She's a delicate lass," Hugh added."Aye," said Gregor. "A Scottish rose.""Your tender, delicate rose had me ambushed, knocked unconscious, and forced to wed," Jack groundout. "Facts you all know, if you've spoken to Hamish."Dougal grinned, his teeth flashing whitely. "She has the devil's own temper, our Fiona does."
Author: Karen Hawkins
2. "One must make allowances for a parental instinct that has been starving for twenty-five or thirty years. It is famished, it is crazed with hunger by that time, and will be entirely satisfied with anything that comes handy; its taste is atrophied, it can't tell mud cat from shad. A devil born to a young couple is measurably recognizable by them as a devil before long, but a devil adopted by an old couple is an angel to them, and remains so, through thick and thin."
Author: Mark Twain

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Quotes About Amish The Devil
Quotes About Amish The Devil

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I can't. If I do, I will second guess myself and nothing would get done. I'd stay in one place. I'd let my fear get me."
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