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1. "The time you won your town the raceWe chaired you through the market-place;Man and boy stood cheering by,And home we brought you shoulder-high.Today, the road all runners come,Shoulder-high we bring you home,And set you at your threshold down,Townsman of a stiller town.Smart lad, to slip betimes awayFrom fields where glory does not stay,And early though the laurel growsIt withers quicker than the rose.Eyes the shady night has shutCannot see the record cut,And silence sounds no worse than cheersAfter earth has stopped the ears.Now you will not swell the routOf lads that wore their honours out,Runners whom renown outranAnd the name died before the man.So set, before its echoes fade,The fleet foot on the sill of shade,And hold to the low lintel upThe still-defended challenge-cup.And round that early-laurelled headWill flock to gaze the strengthless dead,And find unwithered on its curlsThe garland briefer than a girl's."
Author: A.E. Housman
2. "DomesticWhere's the wisdom in erasing a loved one's mess,so akin to his signature? Your honor, I only meantto strew the immaculate in his wake. To wipe the pathahead and behind reasonably clean. Futile, yes,but weren't such gestures essential to love's disciplineonce upon a time? Daily, I harvested dropped fruit peelsand socks. I chased him through life with dustpanand broom, smoothed his body dents from the bed,soothed the mud tramped floors. Did I sin in this?Better to leave the habitat sweetly reeking of himthan to spend years scrubbing up evidence of his existence.Archaelogists centuries hence may marvel at such relics:his mustard stained napkins, toothpicks chewedto splinters. Never let it be said that in my zeal to clean I robbed the future's museums. Whoam I to call what flies to either side of the trailhe blazes--half read magazines, cups of scummedover coffee and mashed out cigarettes--dirt?"
Author: Amy Gerstler
3. "I am a work in progressDressed in the fabric of a world unfoldingOffering me intricate patterns of questionsRhythms that never come cleanAnd strengths that you still haven't seen"
Author: Ani DiFranco
4. "I have grown up watching Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan and the likes. These are actors who have changed with time. They have no shelf-life. They have immortalised themselves because they have evolved with time."
Author: Arjun Rampal
5. "I met a genius on the traintodayabout 6 years old,he sat beside meand as the train ran down along the coastwe came to the oceanand then he looked at meand said,it's not pretty."
Author: Charles Bukowski
6. "I admit,I was afraidto love.Not just love,but to love her.For she was a stunningmystery. She carried thingsdeep inside her that no onehas yet to understand,and I,I was afraid to fail,like the others.She was the oceanand i was just a boywho loved the wavesbut was completelyterrified toswim."
Author: Christopher Poindexter
7. "I pity the woman who will love youwhen I am done. She will show upto your first date with a dustpanand broom, ready to pick up all the piecesI left you in. She will hear my name so oftenit will begin to dig holes in her. Thatis where doubt will grow. She will lookat your neck, your thin hips, your mouth, wondering at the way I touched you.She will make you all the promises I did and some I never could. She will hear only the terrible stories. How I drank. How I lied. She will wonder (as I have) how someoneas wonderful as you could love a monster like the woman who came before her. Still, she will compete with my ghost. She will understand why you do not look in the back of closets. Why you are afraid of what's under the bed. She will knowevery corner of you is haunted by me."
Author: Clementine Von Radics
8. "See, the institutions and specialist, experts, you see. Yes, yes,experts, indeed. See, they would have us believe that there is an orderto art. An explanation. Humans are odd creatures in that way. Alwayssearching for a formula. Yes, a formula to create an expected norm forunexplainable greatness. A cook book you might say. Yes, a recipebook for life, love, and art. However, my dear, let me tell you. Yes,there is no such thing. Every individual is unique in their own design,as intended by God himself. We classify, yes, always must we classify,for if not, then we would be lost, yes lost now wouldn't we?Classification, order, expectations, but alas, we forget. For what is art,if not the out word expression of an artist. It is the soul of the artisanand if his expectations are met, than who are we to judge whether hiswork be art or not?"
Author: Cristina Marrero
9. "And you,You can be meanAnd I,I'll drink all the time'Cause we're lovers,And that is a factYes we're lovers,And that is that"
Author: David Bowie
10. "And what are you that, missing you,I should be kept awakeAs many nights as there are daysWith weeping for your sake?And what are you that, missing you,As many days as crawlI should be listening to the windAnd looking at the wall?I know a man that's a braver manAnd twenty men as kind,And what are you, that you should beThe one man in my mind?Yet women's ways are witless ways,As any sage will tell,—And what am I, that I should loveSo wisely and so well?"
Author: Edna St. Vincent Millay
11. "Music is like magic, there's a certain feeling you getWhen you real and you spit and people are feeling your shitThis is your moment, and every single minute you spendTryna hold on to it because you may never get it againSo while you're in it, try to get as much shit as you canAnd when your run is over just admit when it's at its endBecause I'm at the end of my wits with half the shit gets in"
Author: Eminem
12. "I clearly saw the skeleton underneathall this show of personalitywhat is left of a manand all his pride but bones?"
Author: Jack Kerouac
13. "That men, who might have tower'd in the vanOf all the congregated world, to fanAnd winnow from the coming step of timeAll chaff of custom, wipe away all slimeLeft by men-slugs and human serpentry,Have been content to let occasion die,Whilst they did sleep in love's Elysium."
Author: John Keats
14. "I come home from work this eveningthere was a note in the frying pansaid Fix Your Own Supper Babe I Run Off With The Fuller Brush ManWell I sat down at the tablescreamed & hollered & criedI commenced to carring on'till I almost lost my mindand I miss the way she used to Yell At Methe way she used to Cuss & Moanand if I ever go outand get married againI'll never leave my wifeat homeThe Frying PanDiamonds In The RoughJohn Prine"
Author: John Prine
15. "I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name"Though authors are a dreadful clanTo be avoided if you can,I'd like to meet the Indian,M. Anantanarayanan.I picture him as short and tan.We'd meet, perhaps, in Hindustan.I'd say, with admirable elan ,"Ah, Anantanarayanan --I've heard of you. The Times once ranA notice on your novel, anUnusual tale of God and Man."And AnantanarayananWould seat me on a lush divanAnd read his name -- that sumptuous spanOf 'a's and 'n's more lovely than"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan" --Aloud to me all day. I planHenceforth to be an ardent fanof Anantanarayanan --M. Anantanarayanan."
Author: John Updike
16. "Apocalyptic saucer cults have started to spring up all over America. One small group, which has been receiving messages from outer space via Lake City housewife Mrs. Marian Keech, becomes the subject of a research team led by psychologist Leon Festinger. According to an alien entity named Sananda, the end of the world is due any day and under the most cataclysmic of circumstances. The group meets regularly to discuss the latest predictions from Sananda and the rest of the Space Brothers, all relayed to them by Mrs. Keech. Some members bake cakes in the shape of flying saucers to be consumed during their gatherings while local college football scores are closely debated."
Author: Ken Hollings
17. "My old man's a white old manAnd my old mother's black.If ever I cursed my white old manI take my curses back.If ever I cursed my black old motherAnd wished she were in hell,I'm sorry for that evil wishAnd now i wish her wellMy old man died in a fine big houseMy Ma died in a shack.I wonder were i'm going to die,Being neither white nor black?"
Author: Langston Hughes
18. "- (...) que tipo de descoberta é essa, de que uma pessoa está amando? Como se, dizendo isso, alguma coisa desse um estalo: clique! - e já se está amando. Parece que, ao pronunciar essa palavra, algo fora do comum deveria acontecer, algum sinal, como todos os canhões atirando ao mesmo tempo, por exemplo. Penso - continuou - que quem pronuncia as palavras "eu te amo" ou está se enganando, ou está enganando os outros, o que é pior.- mas, assim, como a mulher vai saber que a amam, se não lhe dizem? - perguntou Kátia.- isso eu não sei - respondeu ele -, cada um tem sua maneira de se expressar. E, se um sentimento existe, ele mesmo se expressa."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
19. "I shall think myself blessed only when I see Him in every one of my daily acts; Verily He is the thread which supports Muktanand's life."
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
20. "The endWhen I die bang on cansRomp around in leaps and boundsLet whips crack in the airCall in clowns and acrobats!I want my coffin to go on a donkeyDecked out in Andalusian styleYou can't refuse anything to a dead manAnd I want, by all means, go on a donkey"
Author: Mário De Sá Carneiro
21. "Young bones groanAnd the rocks below say,"Throw your white body down!"But I'm going to meet the one I loveAt last"
Author: Morrissey
22. "Shade for a manAnd shelter for animals,Planted in your name,May you be the same for those around you,Every year the same."
Author: Nancy J. Cavanaugh
23. "Yo, bredren, we be the illest,' went my proclamation. 'We be the dopest,' Anand would follow. 'Our tunes are going to be good,' Nishant would finish with."
Author: Nikesh Shukla
24. "Anand finished up his cola cube transaction. I stepped up and slammed three pound coins on the counter like an oppressed inner-city youth born with the skills of rhythm and rhyme."
Author: Nikesh Shukla
25. "Tell me about Gang Starr,' said Nishant, in an effort to start a conversation I'd be interested in. 'One MC, one DJ...' 'Classic combo,' Anand affirmed.'No hype man?''No.''What do we need Anand for?' Nishant shrugged, ever the pragmatist, never the catcher of feelings."
Author: Nikesh Shukla
26. "How long does a man live, after all?Does he live a thousand days, or one only?A week, or several centuries?How long does a man spend dying?What does it mean to say 'for ever'?Lost in these preoccupationI set myself to clear things up.....In my own country the undertakersanswered me, between drinks:'Get yourself a good womanand give up this nonsense.'"And How Long" - Pablo Neruda"
Author: Pablo Neruda
27. "The Stone of Guilt in the River of the Mind, the block in the flow of intelligence.~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda"
Author: Paramahamsa Nithyananda
28. "Todo mejorarà en el futuro, si estàs haciendo un esfuerzo espiritual en el presente.Sri Yukteswar a Paramahansa Yogananda"
Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
29. "E o que significa a palavra qualidade? Para mim significa textura. Este livro tem poros. Tem feições. Este livro poderia passar pelo microscópio. Você encontraria vida sob a lâmina, emanando em profusão infinita. Quanto mais poros, quanto mais detalhes de vida fielmente gravados por centímetro quadrado você conseguir captar numa folha de papel, mais "literário" você será. Pelo menos essa é minha definição. Detalhes reveladores. Detalhes frescos. Os bons escritores quase sempre tocam a vida. Os medíocres apenas passam rapidamente a mão sobre ela. Os ruins a estupram e a deixam para as moscas. Entende agora por que os livros são odiados e temidos? Eles mostram os poros no rosto da vida. Os que vivem no conforto querem apenas rostos com cara de lua de cera, sem poros nem pêlos, inexpressivos."
Author: Ray Bradbury
30. "Supongo que en esta vida todo el mundo tiene que hacer algo y si ese algo no te gusta, pues mejor, porque te estás ganando el cielo, o al menos, el derecho de poder aconsejar.Me refiero a que si te jodes y te aguantas un poco puedes decir: «mira, yo también hago muchas cosas que no me gustan», pero si resulta que eres incapaz de hacer cosas que no te gustan, entonces estás perdido y sólo te queda sentarte a esperar que lo poco bueno que te ha pasado en la vida se haya marchado."
Author: Ray Loriga
31. "Where even ravi (the sun) cannot reach, there will go a kavi (poet)." - Vimalananda"
Author: Robert E. Svoboda
32. "But then the subject turned to the spiritual life and Meg talked about her many visits to ashrams in India and her admiration for Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi. That got in the way, especially because he told her of his skepticism regarding the guru industry, and suggested she might profitably read Gita Mehta's book Karma Cola. "Why are you so cynical?" she asked him, as if she genuinely wanted to know the answer, and he said that if you grew up in India it was easy to conclude that these people were fakes. "Yes, of course there are lots of charlatans," she said, reasonably, "but can't you discriminate?" He shook his head sadly. "No," he said. "No, I can't." That was the end of their chat."
Author: Salman Rushdie
33. "When the last moonshiner buys his radio,And the last, lost, wild-rabbit of a girlIs civilized with a mail-order dress,Something will pass that was AmericanAnd all the movies will not bring it back."
Author: Stephen Vincent Benét
34. "A Childish PrankMan's and woman's bodies lay without soulsDully gaping, foolishly staring, inertOn the flowers of Eden.God pondered.The problem was so great, it dragged him asleep.Crow laughed.He bit the Worm, God's only son,Into two writhing halves.He stuffed into man the tail halfWith the wounded end hanging out.He stuffed the head half headfirst into womanAnd it crept in deeper and upTo peer out through her eyesCalling it's tail-half to join up quickly, quicklyBecause O it was painful.Man awoke being dragged across the grass.Woman awoke to see him coming.Neither knew what had happened.God went on sleeping.Crow went on laughing."
Author: Ted Hughes
35. "All books can be indecent booksThough recent books are bolder,For filth, I'm glad to say, is inThe mind of the beholder.When correctly viewed,Everything is lewd.I could tell you things about Peter PanAnd the Wizard of Oz, there's a dirty old man..."
Author: Tom Lehrer
36. "...Anand, look at the back of my hands. No hair. The sign of an advanced race, boy. And look at yours. No hair either. But you never know. With some of your mother's bad blood flowing in your veins you could wake up one morning and find yourself hairy like a monkey"
Author: V.S. Naipaul
37. "Okay, when you start to fight for equality, like Anand did in 1995, you could end up losing game 10, like he did, without putting up any kind of fight."
Author: Vladimir Kramnik
38. "When I had laid it on the floorI went to blow the fire a-flame,But something rustled on the floor,And someone called me by my name:It had become a glimmering girlWith apple blossoms in her hairWho called me by my name and ranAnd faded through the brightening air. . . ."
Author: W.B. Yeats
39. "Yeah, it's hard, babyIt's hard right down to the boneI said Oh, it's hard babyIt's hard right down to the very boneIt's hard when you're a womanAnd you find yourself all aloneI've been flapping and scrappingAnd running from door to doorYou know I've been flapping and scrapping, honeyRunning from door to door"
Author: Walter Dean Myers
40. "MarriageSo different, this manAnd this woman:A stream flowing In a field."
Author: William Carlos Williams

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