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1. "Antimatter is not a source of energy for us, it's a method of storing energy, compact but inefficient."
Author: Barney Oliver
2. "Isn't antimatter what fuels the U.S.S.Enterprise?"
Author: Dan Brown
3. "Energetically speaking, antimatter is the mirror image of matter, so the two instantly cancel each other out if they come in contact.Keeping antimatter isolated from matter is a challenge, of course, because everything on earth is made of matter. The samples have to be stored without ever touching anything at all—even air."
Author: Dan Brown
4. "If antimatter and matter make contact, both are destroyedinstantly. Physicists call the process ‘annihilation."
Author: Dan Brown
5. "God created… light anddark, heaven and hell—science claims the same thing as religion, that the Big Bang createdeverything in the universe with an opposite."Including matter itself, antimatter"
Author: Dan Brown
6. "If you see an antimatter version of yourself running towards you, think twice before embracing."
Author: J. Richard Gott III
7. "Are you bringing antimatter to Hearth? You play with star-fire energies as casually as you put edges on furniture!"
Author: Larry Niven
8. "I like to say that while antimatter may seem strange, it is strange in the sense that Belgians are strange. They are not really strange; it is just that one rarely meets them."
Author: Lawrence M. Krauss
9. "I want you," he muttered. "Get rid of him and take me. The only risk is losing someone you don't have anyway. He's not what you need, Ella. I am""Unbelievable," I said in disgust."What's unbelievable?""Your ego. It's surrounded by its own cloud of antimatter. You're a black hole of...of hubris!"
Author: Lisa Kleypas
10. "Not far from here, by a white sun, behind a green star, lived the Steelypips, illustrious, industrious, and they hadn't a care: no spats in their vats, no rules, no schools, no gloom, no evil influence of the moon, no trouble from matter or antimatter - for they had a machine, a dream of a machine, with springs and gears and perfect in every respect."
Author: Stanisław Lem
11. "What's the matter? What's the antimatter? Does it antimatter?"
Author: Wes Scoop Nisker

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