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1. "[I]n communism, you'd threaten a dog into compliance, while in capitalism, obedience is obtained through bribes."
Author: Adam Johnson
2. "That can be achieved by termination of Israeli occupation to the territories according to the international resolutions related, so the Palestinian State can be establish with Jerusalem as capital for such State."
Author: Ali Abdullah Saleh
3. "Any given moment-no matter how casual, how ordinary-is poised, full of gaping life."
Author: Anne Michaels
4. "I'm a pro-capitalist, middle-of-the-road, tepid centrist."
Author: Anthony Lewis
5. "Dia tahu, bahawa sultan dan pembesar negeri Melaka itu sudah maklum sejak tahun 1448, pasti Portugis akan datang kembali menyerang! Tetapi kenapa Melaka hanya sibuk menyediakan damak untuk racun pada anak panahnya, tetapi tidak menyediakan timah, untuk 38 pucuk meriam besarnya yang dibeli dari Turki? Kenapa Melaka mampu berbelanja untuk dayang-dayang istana, sultan dan pembesar negeri berlebihan waktu dan tenaga untuk menggiliri selir, tetapi tidak berbelanja membina armada? Kenapa Melaka begitu mudah beri gelar laksamana kepada pendekar silat, tetapi tidak membina kekuatan daya tempur angkatan laut?"
Author: Arena Wati
6. "The rhythm of a New York summer is passionate and powerful, evoking a rapid calypso, with July being the musical climax."
Author: Ashley Pullo
7. "Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate."
Author: Bertrand Russell
8. "Netflix, Amazon, iTunes - whatever platforms emerge - we are looking at as having the same potential that home video had for the movie business. Which means there are entirely new opportunities to monetize our capital investment in content and do so in ways that work for distributors, for consumers and for creators."
Author: Bob Iger
9. "Chasing an errant swarm of bees is nothing to following a naked lunatic when the fit of escaping is upon him!"
Author: Bram Stoker
10. "Do you know how a pearl comes to be?""Oysters make them, from a bit of sand.""Aiyah. From a bit of sand." He rolled the pearl between his fingers. "All pearls begin as something unpleasant that the oysters cannot expel from themselves, even though they may want to. So they embrace these things that will not leave them, shaping them and smoothing away the sharp edges, until over time, they make of these unwanted things great treasures."
Author: C.L. Wilson
11. "Svaka knjiga, svaki svezak koji vidiš, ima dušu. Dušu onoga koji ju je napisao i onih koji su je citali, proživjeli i uz nju sanjarili. Svaki put kada knjiga prijede iz ruke u ruku, svaki put kad netko pogledom preleti njezine stranice, njezin duh raste i snaži se."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
12. "Our tongues can't compete with the rapid thinking of our brains, our words come out slow and slurred. The pen is our haven. There is a lot of fear buried into that little pen. It holds all of our agony, our torment, our blood and our heaven."
Author: Coco J. Ginger
13. "Screamed like a manic cheerleader heaping encouragement on her high school's punt returner as he breaks through the first wall of blocks."
Author: Dennis Vickers
14. "Žinojimas apie savo vidini švaruma irgi suteršia."
Author: Donaldas Kajokas
15. "Di me stesso so solo quel tanto che riesco a capire nelle mie attuali condizioni mentali. E le mie attuali condizioni mentali non sono buone."
Author: Douglas Adams
16. "Marketers spend millions developing strategies to identify children's predilections and then capitalize on their vulnerabilities. Young people are fooled for a while, but then develop defense mechanisms, such as media-savvy attitudes or ironic dispositions. Then marketers research these defenses, develop new countermeasures, and on it goes."
Author: Douglas Rushkoff
17. "The test of a progressive policy is not private but public, not just rising income and consumption for individuals, but widening the opportunities and what Amartya Sen calls the 'capabilities' of all through collective action. But that means, it must mean, public non-profit initiative, even if only in redistributing private accumulation. Public decisions aimed at collective social improvement from which all human lives should gain. That is the basis of progressive policy—not maximising economic growth and personal incomes. Nowhere will this be more important than in tackling the greatest problem facing us this century, the environmental crisis. Whatever ideological logo we choose for it, it will mean a major shift away from the free market and towards public action, a bigger shift than the British government has yet envisaged. And, given the acuteness of the economic crisis, probably a fairly rapid shift. Time is not on our side."
Author: Eric J. Hobsbawm
18. "Most of them are doomed to rapid extinction, but a few may make evolutionary inventions, such as physiological, ecological, or behavioral innovations that give these species improved competitive potential."
Author: Ernst Mayr
19. "Of capital importance is to have a good diet and exercise a lot."
Author: Evelyn Lauder
20. "Two ideas are opposed — not concepts or abstractions, but Ideas which were in the blood of men before they were formulated by the minds of men. The Resurgence of Authority stands opposed to the Rule of Money; Order to Social Chaos, Hierarchy to Equality, socio-economico-political Stability to constant Flux; glad assumption of Duties to whining for Rights; Socialism to Capitalism, ethically, economically, politically; the Rebirth of Religion to Materialism; Fertility to Sterility; the spirit of Heroism to the spirit of Trade; the principle of Responsibility to Parliamentarism; the idea of Polarity of Man and Woman to Feminism; the idea of the individual task to the ideal of ‘happiness'; Discipline to Propaganda-compulsion; the higher unities of family, society, State to social atomism; Marriage to the Communistic ideal of free love; economic self-sufficiency to senseless trade as an end in itself; the inner imperative to Rationalism."
Author: Francis Parker Yockey
21. "'Occupy' is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists, an unruly mob, fed by Woodstock-era nostalgia and putrid false righteousness. These clowns can do nothing but harm America."
Author: Frank Miller
22. "All markets have boom and bust cycles, and I think venture capital market has even more exaggerated boom and bust cycles."
Author: Fred Wilson
23. "The New Deal's enmity for that system of free and competitive private enterprise which we call capitalism was fundamental."
Author: Garet Garrett
24. "He's a threat to win until his brain turns to tapioca."
Author: Gary McCord
25. "A rapidez e a concisão do estilo agradam porque apresentam à alma uma turba de idéias simultâneas, ou cuja sucessão é tão rápida que parecem simultâneas, e fazem a alma ondular numa tal abundância de pensamento, imagens ou sensações espirituais, que ela ou não consegue abraçá-las todas de uma vez nem inteiramente a cada uma, ou não tem tempo de permanecer ociosa e desprovida de sensações. A força do estilo poético, que em grande parte se identifica com a rapidez, não nos deleita senão por esses efeitos, e não consiste senão disso. A excitação das idéias simultâneas pode ser provocada tanto por uma idéia isolada, no sentido próprio ou metafórico, quando por sua colocação na frase, ou pela sua elaboração, bem como pela simples supressão de outras palavras ou frases etc."
Author: Giacomo Leopardi
26. "Kenapa selama ini orang praktis terlupa akan burung gereja, daun asam, harum tanah: benda-benda nyata yang, meskipun sepele, memberi getar pada hidup dengan tanpa cincong? Tidakkah itu juga sederet rahmat, sebuah bahan yang sah untuk percakapan, untuk pemikiran, untuk puisi—seperti kenyatan tentang cinta dan mati?(Caping 2, h. 72)"
Author: Goenawan Mohamad
27. "Tidak ada yang jagoan di bumi ini, sekalipun dia seorang Bruce Lee atau Old Shatterhand. Lelaki memang harus keras, tapi bukan berarti kekerasan. Keras dalam arti menghadapi hidup dan menggeluti hidup yang serba susah ini. Lelaki memang harus begitu."
Author: Gola Gong
28. "Brecht was a cynical bohemian bogey of the middle classes, but also much more than a mere provocateur. He developed and dramatized his political knowledge in remarkable ways, and was an outspoken, radical opponent of the war, its nationalism and its capitalism"
Author: Harold Bloom
29. "La memoria es ficción. Seleccionamos lo más brillante y lo más oscuro, ignorando lo que nos avergüenza, y así bordamos el ancho tapiz de nuestra vida"
Author: Isabel Allende
30. "A man only begins to be a man when he ceases to whine and revile, and commences to search for the hidden justice which regulates his life. And he adapts his mind to that regulating factor, he ceases to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself up in strong and noble thoughts; ceases to kick against circumstances, but begins to use them as aids to his more rapid progress, and as a means of the hidden powers and possibilities within himself."
Author: James Allen
31. "I'm always pushing for human responsibility. Given that chimpanzees and many other animals are sentient and sapient, then we should treat them with respect."
Author: Jane Goodall
32. "Si quelque chose peut nous sauver, ce dont je doute, ce sera la vanité (...) aucun chef d'état ne souhaite passer à la postérité comme étant le taré qui a anéanti son pays en un après-midi. Et puis la trouille, peut-être. Dieu soit loué! la plupart de nos beaux politiciens ont une aversion narcissique pour l'auto-destruction. (chapitre 5)"
Author: John Le Carré
33. "It won't workI look before I leapI love margins and disciplineI make lists in my sleepBaby what's my sin?Never quit-I follow throughI hate mess-but I love youWhat to do with my impromptu baby"
Author: Jonathan Larson
34. "Homo sapiens is the species that invents symbols in which to invest passion and authority, then forgets that symbols are inventions."
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
35. "Incendiary capitalism is carrying its out evil works more dangerously than ever, and is doing so in the increasingly dangerous neighborhood of the powder kegs that are the great European military powers."
Author: Karl Liebknecht
36. "I'm's the Readers Digest style...people only have time to read thirty pages...apparently!...maximum!...that's all they have time for! they horse around for sixteen hours out of twenty-four, they sleep, they copulate the rest, where would they find the time to read a hundred pages? oh, do caca, I forgot! as well!"
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
37. "Gli amici si danno man forte, si insegnano tante cose, condividono i successi e gli errori.Un amico si prende cura di ciò che piace all'altro.Un amico si prende cura della libertà dell'altro.Un amico capisce i limiti dell'altro e lo aiuta.I veri amici condividono anche il silenzio.I veri amici si prendono sempre cura uno dell'altro.I veri amici condividono i sogni e le speranze.I veri amici condividono anche le piccole cose che allietano la vita.Gli amici non si ingannano mai.I veri amici condividono il meglio che hanno."
Author: Luis Sepúlveda
38. "Sophie, you saw Alice's transformation."I nodded. "And the murder of my great-grandfather. Weird it showed me that when I've had so many other awful things happen directly to me," I said, beginning to tick them off on my fingers. "Elodie getting killed, having to kill Alice, escaping a burning building with the help of a ghost…" And then, because both my parents looked so deflated, I added, "Oh, and this really heinous pageboy haircut in sixth grade."A few wan smiles appeared, but I think it was just to humor me."Yes, but that was the act that was directly responsible for all of those other horrible events," Dad said. "Well, except for the haircut. I suspect that can be laid at your mother's door.""James!" Mom protested, but I swear I heard affection behind it. I think Dad did, too, because his lips quirked upward briefly."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
39. "The wind blustered in from the sea, setting the horses' manes streaming sideways, and the gulls wheeled mewing against the blue-and-grey tumble of the sky; and Aquila, riding a little aside from the rest as usual, caught for a moment from the wind and the gulls and the wet sand and the living, leaping power of the young red mare under him, something of the joy of simply being alive that he had taken for granted in the old days."
Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
40. "Between my leaping upstairs and my escalation on the stairs there is an intimate connection, think on your feet!"
Author: Sam Houssami
41. "Cancer's life is a recapitulation of the body's life, its existence a pathological mirror of our own."
Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
42. "On the train: staring hypnotized at the blackness outside the window, feeling the incomparable rhythmic language of the wheels, clacking out nursery rhymes, summing up moments of the mind like the chant of a broken record: god is dead, god is dead. going, going, going. and the pure bliss of this, the erotic rocking of the coach. France splits open like a ripe fig in the mind; we are raping the land, we are not stopping."
Author: Sylvia Plath
43. "Even in a personal sense, after all, art is an intensified life. By art one is more deeply satisfied and more rapidly used up. It engraves on the countenance of its servant the traces of imaginary and intellectual adventures, and even if he has outwardly existed in cloistral tranquility, it leads in the long term to overfastidiousness, over-refinement, nervous fatigue and overstimulation, such as can seldom result from a life of the most extravagant passions and pleasures."
Author: Thomas Mann
44. "Non so. Io non capisco nulla di nulla della vita. E' così strana…mi sento come se avessi passato tutta la mia esistenza in riva a uno stagno e d'un tratto vedessi il mare. E mi sento mancare il respiro, ma sono al tempo stesso piena di esaltazione. Io non voglio morire, voglio vivere. Comincio ad avere un nuovo coraggio…mi sembra di essere uno di quei vecchi marinai che salpavano un tempo per mari sconosciuti. Sì, la mia anima anela all'ignoto."
Author: W. Somerset Maugham
45. "Nature's laws must be obeyed, and the period of decline begins, and goes on with accelerated rapidity."
Author: Warren De La Rue
46. "Deep layers of context are missed when cursorily reading for quantity at the expense of comprehension - only the vapid are impressed by those who try to squeeze as many books as possible into each passing month as if shoving one more oiled hot dog down the gullet in a food eating contest to prove accumulation superiority."
Author: Wil Zeus
47. "Mati itu gampang Chris! Tarik pelatuk dan tembak, maka kamu akan mati! Tapi hidup itu sulit oleh sebab itu kamu harus terus hidup dan mengatasi semua tantangannya. Tunjukkan bahwa kamu juga layak hidup!"
Author: Windhy Puspitadewi
48. "Ada suatu saat kita tidak dapat memilih yang terbaik. Ada suatu saat di mana kita berbuat kesalahan, dan hidup dalam kenangan penuh penyesalan. Tapi saat ini, aku hanya ingin mengikuti kata hati - ke mana pun ia membawaku.."
Author: Winna Efendi
49. "I'm not looking to step in and make 'big, bold changes' - I think reddit is great, and the team has a lot of good features already in the pipeline to improve functionality for users and mods, help with subreddit discovery, improve the API, and help bring reddit to more people."
Author: Yishan Wong
50. "A regime that can suspend or abrogate the constitution and run the country on its whims and caprice should be ashamed of bringing on its lips the word "law". It is like prescribing a punishment for adultery after raping the country. It is like saying that Holy Quran is suspended nobody can escape from the Hadees."
Author: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

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