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1. "Only death can finish the fight, everything else only interrupts the fighting."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
2. "The secret is writing down one simple line after another."
Author: Charles Bukowski
3. "Look, I know you're a guy—" "Damn straight." "And there's some man rule that you've got to be all macho—" "Rule number three, actually." Both of her eyebrows shot up. "Would you just let me finish before I make you cry and break rule number three."
Author: Cindi Madsen
4. "Think of two parallel lines. […] One is the life of Lee H. Oswald. One is the conspiracy to kill the President. What bridges the space between them? What makes a connection inevitable? There is a third line. It comes out of dreams, visions, intuitions, prayers, out of the deepest levels of the self. It's not generated by cause and effect like the other two lines. It's a line that cuts across causality, cuts across time. It has no history that we can recognize or understand. But it forces a connection. It puts a man on the path of his destiny. - David Ferrie (339)"
Author: Don DeLillo
5. "Carol and I have found that unless God baptizes us with fresh outpourings of love, we would leave New York City yesterday! We don't live in this crowded, ill-mannered, violent city because we like it. Whenever I meet or read about a guy who has sexually abused a little girl, I'm tempted in my flesh to throw him out a fifth-story window. This isn't an easy place for love to flourish. But Christ died for that man. What could ever change him? What could ever replace the lust and violence in his heart? He isn't likely to read the theological commentaries on my bookshelves. He desperately needs to be surprised by the power of a loving, almighty God. If the Spirit is not keeping my heart in line with my doctrine, something crucial is missing. I can affirm the existence of Jesus Christ all I want, but in order to be effective, he must come alive in my life in a way that even the pedophile, the prostitute, and the pusher can see."
Author: Jim Cymbala
6. "Nonna likes Halloween, but draws the line at a costume, although she's been known to scare small children as she looms over them in her stark black, screeching at them to have some M&M's."
Author: Melissa Jensen
7. "In the manner of one recognizing a line from a familiar poem in a strange book."
Author: Neil Gaiman
8. "My goal was to do the best job I could in governing the state of Wisconsin, in some cases making very tough decisions to have to bring our spending in line with the resources we had at the state level."
Author: Scott McCallum
9. "Being postmodern, however, is about being complicit rather than virtuous, it is about approaching categories like Good and Evil with a certain ironic skepticism."
Author: Veronica Hollinger

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