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1. "Memory is the grid of meaning we impose on the random and bewildering flux of the world. Memory is the line we pay out behind us as we travel through time--it is the clue, like Ariadne's, which means we do not lose our way. Memory is the lasso with which we capture the past and haul it from chaos towards us in nicely ordered sequences, like those of baroque keyboard music."
Author: Angela Carter
2. "So, Ariadne was the babe with the ball of twine and the plan."
Author: Claire Cross
3. "She became his Ariadne, leading him through the labyrinth of books, stopping now and then to pass another one to him."
Author: Donna Leon
4. "I've been foolish." (Hester)"I hope you at least had a grand time being foolish." (Ariadne)"
Author: Grace Burrowes
5. "With words we begin to leave traces behind us like breadcrumbs: memories in symbols for others to follow. Ants deploy their pheromones, trails of chemical information; Theseus unwound Ariadne's thread. Now people leave paper trails."
Author: James Gleick
6. "Ariadne in the labyrinth. The most alive of worlds, human beings with the tenderest flesh, are made of marble. I strew devastation as I pass. I wander dead-eyed through cities and petrified populations."
Author: Jean Genet
7. "The multitude of men and women choose the less adventurous way of the comparatively unconscious civic and tribal routines. But these seekers, too, are saved—by virtue of the inherited symbolic aids of society, the rites of passage, the grace-yielding sacraments, given to mankind of old by the redeemers and handed down through millenniums. It is only those who know neither an inner call nor an outer doctrine whose plight truly is desperate; that is to say, most of us today, in this labyrinth without and within the heart. Alas, where is the guide, that fond virgin, Ariadne, to supply the simple clue that will give us courage to face the Minotaur, and the means then to find our way to freedom when the monster has been met and slain?"
Author: Joseph Campbell
8. "So. Ever get the urge to drown anyone?' Ariadne asked.'No!' Andy replied, horrified.'Shes just messing with you,' Helen assured her. Her face dropped. 'Seriously, though. What's your stance on strangling?''You mean apart from wanting to strangle both of you right now?"
Author: Josephine Angelini
9. "Helen's modest. She wanted to dress herself," Ariadne said, drizzling honey over a bowl of oatmeal and putting it down in front of Helen."Modest? Sure she is," Hector said sarcastically as he passed Lucas the bacon."That was YOUR SISTER'S nightgown, wasn't it?" Lucas asked without skipping a beat as he served Helen and himself.Hector wisely shut his mouth."Yeah," Ariadne replied for him, not getting it. "So comfortable! What? What are you all laughing at?"
Author: Josephine Angelini
10. "The Winter Photograph was my Ariadne, not because it would help me discover a secret thing (monster or treasure), but because it would tell me what constituted that thread which drew me toward Photography. I had understood that henceforth I must interrogate the evidence of Photography, not from the viewpoint of pleasure, but in relation to what we romantically call love and death."
Author: Roland Barthes

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Quotes About Ariadne
Quotes About Ariadne
Quotes About Ariadne

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