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1. "Le Jeuden, des Dreugen, Au Frauden"
Author: Adolf Hitler
2. "Ja tämä Henki oli Diabolus Sylvarum, Metsän ynnä Suden Henki, jolla suolla ja korvessa kotonsa on, rohkea ja pelvotoin, voiman ja vapauden henki, mutta myös raivon ja väkivallan, salattu yli kaiken ymmärryksen, siivekäs niinkuin myrskytuuli ja palava niinkuin maailman sydän, mutta kuitenkin Pimeyden kahleissa."
Author: Aino Kallas
3. "Of course Sartre and Beauvoir were not alone in being seduced by Communism. Many of the Auden generation, on both sides of the Channel, had become infatuated with the socialist 'paradise', and remained blind to its atrocities."
Author: Carole Seymour Jones
4. "It is noteworthy that few works of fiction make marriage their central concern. As Northrup Frye puts it, with his accustomed clarity: 'The heroine who becomes a bride, and eventually, one assumes, a mother, on the last page of a romance, has accommodated herself to the cyclical movement: by her marriage...she completes the cycle and passes out of the story. We are usually given to understand that a happy and well-adjusted sexual life does not concern us as readers.' Fiction has largely rejected marriage as a subject, except in those instances where it is presented as a history of betrayal -- at worst an Updike hell, at best when Auden speaks of it as a game calling for 'patience, foresight, maneuver, like war, like marriage.' Marriage is very different than fiction presents it as being. We rarely examine its unromantic aspects."
Author: Carolyn G. Heilbrun
5. "Mitä on rakkaus?Tarve tulla ulos itsestään.Ihminen on palvova eläin.Palvominen on itsensä uhraamista ja prostituoimista.Niin on kaikki rakkaus prostituutiota. Kaikista olennoista prostituoiduin on korkein olento, Jumala, koska hän on jokaisen yksilön ylin ystävä, koska hän on rakkauden yhteinen, ehtymätön lähde."
Author: Charles Baudelaire
6. "The Auden/Kallman relationship had this to be said for it: It affirmed that it's better to be blatant than latent."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
7. "The first two things Gaudencio Rivera was made aware of--within hours of arriving by carabao-drawn cart at the secluded town of Tagbaoran on the island province of Palawan--were these: that the most beautiful woman in creation dwelt by the river, and that it was pointless to even dream of being loved by her."
Author: Dean Francis Alfar
8. "The seasonal urge is strong in poets. Milton wrote chiefly in winter. Keats looked for spring to wake him up (as it did in the miraculous months of April and May, 1819). Burns chose autumn. Longfellow liked the month of September. Shelley flourished in the hot months. Some poets, like Wordsworth, have gone outdoors to work. Others, like Auden, keep to the curtained room. Schiller needed the smell of rotten apples about him to make a poem. Tennyson and Walter de la Mare had to smoke. Auden drinks lots of tea, Spender coffee; Hart Crane drank alcohol. Pope, Byron, and William Morris were creative late at night. And so it goes."
Author: Helen Bevington
9. "T. S. Eliot told Auden tht the reason he played patience night after night was that it was the nearest thing to being dead."
Author: Howard Jacobson
10. "?W. H. Auden once suggested that to understand your own country you need to have lived in at least two others. One can say something similar for periods of time: to understand your own century you need to have come to terms with at least two others. The key to learning something about the past might be a ruin or an archive but the means whereby we may understand it is--and always will be--ourselves."
Author: Ian Mortimer
11. "I read as much poetry as time allows and circumstance dictates: No heartache can pass without a little Dorothy Parker, no thunderstorm without W. H. Auden, no sleepless night without W. B. Yeats."
Author: J. Courtney Sullivan
12. "If you wanted to go on from the end of The Hobbit I think the ring would be your inevitable choice as the link. If then you wanted a large tale, the Ring would at once acquire a capital letter; and the Dark Lord would immediately appear. As he did, unasked, on the hearth at Bag End as soon as I came to that point. So the essential Quest started at once. But I met a lot of things along the way that astonished me. Tom Bombadil I knew already; but I had never been to Bree. Strider sitting in the corner of the inn was a shock, and I had no more idea who he was than Frodo did. The Mines of Moria had been a mere name; and of Lothlorien no word had reached my mortal ears till I came there.-- (J.R.R. Tolkien to W.H. Auden, June 7, 1955.)"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
13. "Odonata, peto: ahmii sanoja eikä mitään niin kaunista ole kuin siipi-suonet, siipitäplät, siipien lasimosaiikki ja kivihiilikauden kaiku.Korennot kasvavat kirjaimista, tavuista kasvavat kivilinnuiksi ja lentä-vät päin kasvoja. Kivilintujen parvi, huudot kuin rakka, kuin louhoskuin obeliski. Avaan suuni lintujen tulla ja hampaiden pirstoutua.Sanat halkeavat kirjaimiksi, kirjaimet järjestyvät uuden kieliopinmukaan ja sanon: sur kerenti ker korentussur, uum, uum."
Author: Kristiina Wallin
14. "Ei ole olemassakaan puhdistunutta suhdetta, sielujen ylivertaista liittoa tai mitään, joka muistuttaisi sitä, edes etäisesti. Fyysisen rakkauden loppuessa kaikki loppuu, päivät täyttää pinnallinen ja synkkä ärtymys. Eikä minulla ollut harhakuvitelmia fyysisestä rakkaudesta. Nuoruus, kauneus, voima: ruumiillisen rakkauden kriteerit ovat samat kuin natsismin. Olin lyhyesti sanottuna iskenyt käteni paskaan."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
15. "The fact is, there is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn't the family. If you don't have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don't have much at all. Love is so supremely important. As our great poet Auden said, ‘Love each other or perish'."
Author: Mitch Albom
16. "Music is storming, driving, relentless, devotional, slinky, subtle, heartbreakingly-beautiful sounds that, lyrically, switch from the cynical to the sanguine, the defeated to the defiant, dealing in love, war, beauty, children, romance, rejection, Pethedine, poetry, panties, God, Auden, Johnny Cash, cold potatoes, too-much-money, not enough money, writer's block, flowers, animals and more flowers. But maybe I'm projecting here."
Author: Nick Cave
17. "You searched through all my poets,From Sappho through to Auden,I saw the book fall from your hands,As you slowly died of boredom."
Author: Nick Cave
18. "Jokaisen rakkauden voittaa uusi rakkaus."
Author: Ovid
19. "Onko sitten mitään näkymää rakkauteen?Millaisen näkymän rakkauteen tahtoisit? Kissat asuvat laumanaA Laskoun tien varressaja illansuussa yksi makaa selällään ja toinen kissa poikittain sen päällänuolee voimakkain nuolaisuin sen poskia.Tahtoisitko siis rakkauden näkymän joka eivuorenvarmasti näyttäisi miltään muulta, nälältä,ruumiinlämmöltä, lihasten supistumiselta.Ei, sitä en tahdo. Vaan tahdon tuon suunnattoman,kuin vuoren jonka näen siksi että se peittää tähdet.En saa täsmälleen tietää mitä tarkoitan kun sanon: rakastan sinua.Sen sanoessani minun pitää haroa ympärilleni ja valojensyttyä tyhjässä mielessäni."
Author: Pauliina Haasjoki
20. "Auden is an accomplished rhymer and Shakespeare is not."
Author: Peter Porter
21. "Books should confuse. Literature abhors the typical. Literature flows to the particular, the mundane, the greasiness of paper, the taste of warm beer, the smell of onion or quince. Auden has a line: "Ports have names they call the sea." Just so will literature describe life familiarly, regionally, in terms life is accustomed to use -- high or low matters not. Literature cannot by this impulse betray the grandeur of its subject -- there is only one subject: What it feels like to be alive. Nothing is irrelevant. Nothing is typical."
Author: Richard Rodriguez
22. "What he felt during his Spanish encounter with left-wing anti-Christianity was similar to his reactions to the anti-Christianity of the right. The "novelty and shock of the Nazis", Auden wrote, and the blitheness with which Hitler's acolytes dismissed Christianity "on the grounds that to love one's neighbor as oneself was a command fit only for effeminate weaklings", pushed him inexorably toward unavoidable questions. "If, as I am convinced, the Nazis are wrong and we are right, what is it that validates our values and invalidates theirs?" The answer to this question, he wrote later, was part of what "brought me back to the church."
Author: Ross Douthat
23. "Almost, I thought. Out loud I said, "Just because we don't see eye to eye on everything doesn't mean we can't be close.Auden"
Author: Sarah Dessen
24. "Do you know who W.H. Auden was, Mr. Iscariot? W.H. Auden was a poet who once said, "God may reduce you on Judgement Day to tears of shame reciting by heart the poems you would have written had your life been good"…She was my poem, Mr. Iscariot. Her and the kids. But mostly her. You cashed in for silver, Mr. Iscariot. But me? Me…I threw away gold. That's a fact. That's a natural fact."
Author: Stephen Adly Guirgis
25. "I don't think Auden liked my poetry very much, he's very Anglican."
Author: Stevie Smith
26. "Books help to form us. If you cut me open, you will find volume after volume, page after page, the contents of every one I have ever read, somehow transmuted and transformed into me. Alice in Wonderland. the Magic Faraway Tree. The Hound of the Baskervilles. The Book of Job. Bleak House. Wuthering Heights. The Complete Poems of W H Auden. The Tale of Mr Tod. Howard''s End. What a strange person I must be. But if the books I have read have helped to form me, then probably nobody else who ever lived has read exactly the same books, all the same books and only the same books as me. So just as my genes and the soul within me make me uniquely me, so I am the unique sum of the books I have read. I am my literary DNA."
Author: Susan Hill
27. "Pelko ja kauhu ovat heikkoja rakkauden siteitä; kun nuo poistetaan, alkavat ne vihata, jotka ovat lakanneet tuntemasta pelkoa."
Author: Tacitus
28. "Audentes fortuna iuvat."
Author: Virgil
29. "Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito"
Author: Virgil

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