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1. "La Historia, en general, es una sucesión de violentas conquistas y derrocamientos. Y aquel que más habilidad demuestra en los derrocamientos y con más firmeza se encarama a la silla, goza de la augusta bendición de la justicia, y todos sus actos, tanto pasados como venideros, son legales y encomiables, mientras que los de su menos afortunado adversario son delictivos, punibles y merecen ser castigados con la muerte."
Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
2. "The old family carriage and the two lady's maids were there,--as necessaries of life; but London society was not within her reach. It was therefore the case that they had not heard very much about Lizzie Eustace. But they had heard something. "I hope she won't be too fond of going out," said Amelia, the second girl."Or extravagant," said Georgina, the third."There was some story of her being terribly in debt when she married Sir Florian Eustace," said Diana, the fourth."Frederic will be sure to see to that," said Augusta, the eldest."She is very beautiful," said Lydia, the fifth."And clever," said Cecilia, the sixth."Beauty and cleverness won't make a good wife," said Amelia, who was the wise one of the family."Frederic will be sure to see that she doesn't go wrong," said Augusta who was not wise."
Author: Anthony Trollope
3. "I enjoy Augusta. I enjoy its challenges. There's no other golf course like this anywhere. Its greens and its challenges on and around the greens are just super, super tough. So the greens are fun to play in sort of a morbid way."
Author: Ben Crenshaw
4. "Charles and I are from Augusta, Ga. - so we come from James Brown territory, soul music and Motown. And Charles has always had a lot of Southern rock in there as well."
Author: Dave Haywood
5. "Throw that dreary man Cicero out of the window, and request the divine Virgil (with the utmost love and respect) to take a seat along with his fellow-Augustans and the First Consul, until your pupils are ready to be ushered into the presence."
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
6. "If there's a golf course in heaven, I hope it's like Augusta National. I just don't want an early tee time."
Author: Gary Player
7. "Hérault, Fabre thinks: and his mind drifts back—as it tends to, these days— to the Café du Foy. He'd been giving readings from his latest—Augusta was dying the death at the Italiens—and in came this huge, rough-looking boy, shoe-horned into a lawyer's black suit, whom he'd made a sketch of in the street, ten years before. The boy had developed this upper-class drawl, and he'd talked about Hérault—"his looks are impeccable, he's well traveled, he's pursued by all the ladies at Court"—and beside Danton had been this fey wide-eyed egotist who had turned out to be half the city's extramaritalinterest. The years pass … plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose …"
Author: Hilary Mantel
8. "You'll wear loads of face powder and rouge.""They'll itch." She knew from experimenting with Cousin Augusta's."And you must use a false name.""I'll forget it. I know it."He sighed. "You can't afford to forget it.""Then it must be Delilah," she said. "It's the only name I'll be able to remember.""Why Delilah?""I don't know. But I already know I won't forget it."
Author: Kieran Kramer
9. "My lady, it is the lady empress Sextilia Augusta, mother to—' ‘She knows to whom I am mother. The entire world knows to whom I am mother. The entire world shares my shame.' The empress's voice was sharp"
Author: M.C. Scott
10. "Yet Katie held fast to the dream that perhaps there were men in the world who appreciated good women - men capable of loving a woman enough to die for her.Something had to inspire the heroes in fairy tales and books.Her Aunt Augusta always said it was only womenfolk's eternal wish for better men that inspired such stories…but Katie liked to believe that living or, at least, once-living men inspired them."
Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
11. "And I need you, my love," he said. "I need you so much that I panic when I think that perhaps I will not be able to persuade you to come back with me to Enfield. I need you so much that I cannot quite contemplate the rest of my life if it must be lived without you. I need you so much that—Well, the words speak for themselves. I need you.""To look after Augusta?" she said. She dared not hear what he was surely saying. She dared not hope. "To look after Enfield? To provide you with an heir?""Yes," he said, and her heart sank like a stone to be squashed somewhere between her slippers and the parlor carpet."And to be my friend and my confidant and my comfort. And to be my lover."
Author: Mary Balogh
12. "The Masters is one of golf's greatest traditions and Augusta is one of the best courses in the world. They are synonymous. It's an event that every golfer, and golf fan, looks forward to."
Author: Mike Weir
13. "A woman without a past is like a fruitcake without brandy—insipid!" Aunt Augusta in Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree."
Author: Nancy Atherton.
14. "Bunbury? Oh, he was quite exploded.Exploded! Was he the victim of a revolutionary outrage? I was not aware that Mr. Bunbury was interested in social legislation. If so, he is well punished for his morbidity.My dear Aunt Augusta, I mean he was found out! The doctors found out that Bunbury could not , that is what I mean—so Bunbury died.He seems to have had great confidence in the opinion of his physicians."
Author: Oscar Wilde
15. "Ah! That must be Aunt Augusta. Only relatives, or creditors, ever ring in that Wagnerian manner."
Author: Oscar Wilde
16. "Lady Bracknell. Good afternoon, dear Algernon, I hope you are behaving very well.Algernon. I'm feeling very well, Aunt Augusta.Lady Bracknell. That's not quite the same thing. In fact the two things rarely go together."
Author: Oscar Wilde
17. "Ich hatte schon oft gehoert wie Augusta gesagt hatte: Wenn du etwas vom jemanden brauchst dann bau dem anderen eine Bruecke auf der ihr euch begegnen koennt."
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
18. "The major championships have always been a special focus in my career, and as a professional, I think Augusta is where I need to be."
Author: Tiger Woods
19. "Vê se aprendes tudo o que ainda não sabes. Vê se esqueces tudo o que aprendeste do que ainda não sabias desse tudo. Vê se sabes tudo nesse modo de esquecer tudo o que aprendeste. E serás o que em glória augusta se chama um sábio."
Author: Vergílio Ferreira

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