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1. "Maybe they do. Maybe every stupid person you know cancels out every smart person you know and every good person you know cancels out every evil person you know.""That's right. That's probably why everyone forgot about Jesus and Hitler, and just remembers their un-cancelled out contemporaries Average Jane and Average Joe," I said."
Author: Audrey Bell
2. "Save yourselves from strangulation by stuff! You keep talking about how much more you need of this or that, but you don't need anything—well, anything but Jesus. Most Americans don't have true needs. We have more pressing wants than others, sure, but how many Americans won't eat anything tonight? How many don't have a place to live? How many have nothing on their feet or bodies to keep them warm and covered? Our homeless have it better than some of the world's average Joes. That's just wrong."
Author: Chautona Havig
3. "I'm your average Joe guy. I don't really care for politicians."
Author: John Mellencamp
4. "What would you prefer? Life in a maximum-security prison or trapped in Jurassic Park?""Do I have a social standing in this prison?""No. You're just an average Joe.""Then I guess I have to go with Jurassic Park.""Why?""Well, I'll have constant fresh air, for a start, and also if I'm going to be anyone's prey, I'm going to be the prey of an animal that's acting out of instinct rather than psychopathy... You?""If you're in Jurassic Park, I'm in Jurassic Park."
Author: Samantha Young

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