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51. "Kehilangan memang memilukan. Tapi kehilangan hanya ada ketika kita sudah merasa memiliki. Bagaimana kalau kita tidak pernah merasa memiliki? Dan sebaiknya kita jangan terlalu merasa memiliki. Sebaliknya, kita malah yg harus merasa dimiliki. Oleh Sang Maha Pemilik."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
52. "Dunia memang sudah semakin tua. Entah sudah berapa milyar kali dia mengelilingi matahari sampai membuat isinya berbolak-balik tidak karuan. Sampai manusia lupa bahwa apa yang seharusnya dikatakan dan dilakukan malah terlupa untuk dipraktikkan sendiri."
Author: Ahmad Fuady
53. "The Morning After Coffee Bar was different from the mass-produced coffee bars that had mushroomed on every street almost everywhere, a development which presaged the flattening effects of globalisation; the spreading, under a cheerful banner, of a sameness that threatened to weaken and destroy all sense of place."
Author: Alexander McCall Smith
54. "Saya nggak peduli kalau hidup saya jadi jungkir-balik, selama ada kamu di dalamnya"
Author: AliaZalea
55. "-kalau aku susah, cukuplah kutangisi semalaman. semalam suntuk. esoknya aku tak mau lagi menangis. aku bangun dan tegak kembali-"
Author: Andrea Hirata
56. "Turning a friend into a lover, mengubah teman menjadi kekasih, ternyata proses itu menyenangkan. Tapi saat-saat turning back a lover into a friend, membalikkan lagi dari kekasih menjadi teman, rupanya bisa juga menjadi indah."
Author: Andrea Hirata
57. "I know it is the itch between the legs which causes everything-Wars, Religions, Marriages, Elections, Families, Globalization, Trade, Literature, Science, and for me Philosophy."
Author: Aporva Kala
58. "Dia tahu, bahawa sultan dan pembesar negeri Melaka itu sudah maklum sejak tahun 1448, pasti Portugis akan datang kembali menyerang! Tetapi kenapa Melaka hanya sibuk menyediakan damak untuk racun pada anak panahnya, tetapi tidak menyediakan timah, untuk 38 pucuk meriam besarnya yang dibeli dari Turki? Kenapa Melaka mampu berbelanja untuk dayang-dayang istana, sultan dan pembesar negeri berlebihan waktu dan tenaga untuk menggiliri selir, tetapi tidak berbelanja membina armada? Kenapa Melaka begitu mudah beri gelar laksamana kepada pendekar silat, tetapi tidak membina kekuatan daya tempur angkatan laut?"
Author: Arena Wati
59. "Taman siswa menurunkan mutu pengadjaran dan membawa kita kembali sepuluh tahun ke belakang! Memang kita harus kembali beberapa puluh tahun, kita amat mengingini untuk menemukan "titik tolak" agar kita dapat berorientasi kembali: kita telah salah djalan - Ki Hadjar Dewantara dalam pidatonya di Yogyakarta 1938"
Author: Arif Saifudin Yudistira
60. "Verbalize someone's actions back to them. Menace them with language, the language mirror. Death by feedback."
Author: Ben Marcus
61. "Isn't it time we asked ourselves, are we willing to accept any behavior codified within religious or cultural practice? Is there no line to be drawn? If honor killings are okay, then why not virgin sacrifices or cannibalism or sex with children outside the church? We have perversely taken our notion of tolerance to such extremes that we've become tolerant of intolerance."
Author: Bill Maher
62. "They tried boiling books, but that didn't work very well.""I'm surprised they haven't tried boiling one another.""Oh, it's been tried," Galladon said. "Fortunately. something happens to us during the Shaod—apparently the flesh of a dead man doesn't taste too good. Kolo? In fact, it's so violently bitter that no one can keep it down.""It's nice to see that cannibalism has been so logically ruled out as an option," Raoden said dryly"
Author: Brandon Sanderson
63. "How I would love to be a British pound. A pound is free to travel to safety and we are free to watch it go. This is the triumph. This is called globalisation. 2"
Author: Chris Cleave
64. "[I]f you think that American imperialism and its globalised, capitalist form is the most dangerous thing in the world, that means you don't think the Islamic Republic of Iran or North Korea or the Taliban is as bad."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
65. "Warning from the author: "if you're buying this book as a gift for your grandma or a kid, you should be aware that it contains cuss-words as well as tasteful depictions of cannibalism and people in their forties having sex. Don't blame me. I told you."
Author: Christopher Moore
66. "Wajah Ka'bah yg terekam dlm mataku yg terpejam,membuat air mata mengalir lagi.Aku sdg bergerak meninggalkan semua ini&blm tahu kpn kembali"
Author: Dian Nafi
67. "Dan ketika salah satu ilmu mendatangkan mudhorot, silahkan dievaluasi dan dimaknai kembali ilmunya"
Author: Dian Nafi
68. "Religious ceremonies are of paramount importance in Bali ( an island, don't forget, with seven unpredictable volcanoes on it-you would pray, too)."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
69. "Information technology has been one of the leading drivers of globalization, and it may also become one of its major victims."
Author: Evgeny Morozov
70. "We face the most compelling era of mankind: exponential growth of new technologies, cheaper electronic devices and the globalization of knowledge, commerce, and ideas along with the rapid growth of emerging markets of colossal sizes will generate the best opportunities, connections, higher risks and challenges for everyone."
Author: Franz Christian Israel Digital Entrepreneurs.
71. "Semua perempuan yang baik menemukan bahwa ilmu pengetahuan adalah bertentangan dengan kesopanan mereka. Ia membuat mereka merasa seakanakan ada orang yang ingin melihat dibalik kulit mereka--atau yang lebih parah! Dibalik pakaian dan kosmetik mereka..."
Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
72. "There is no cannibalism in the British navy, absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount."
Author: Graham Chapman
73. "Kau tidak akan dapat memahami seseorang hingga kau melihat segala sesuatu dari sudut pandangnya..hingga kau menyusup ke balik kulitnya dan menjalani hidup dengan caranya.."
Author: Harper Lee
74. "Consider the subtleness of the sea; how its most dreaded creatures glide under water, unapparent for the most part, and treacherously hidden beneath the loveliest tints of azure. Consider also the devilish brilliance and beauty of many of its most remorseless tribes, as the dainty embellished shape of many species of sharks. Consider, once more, the universal cannibalism of the sea; all whose creatures prey upon each other, carrying on eternal war since the world began. Consider all this; and then turn to the green, gentle, and most docile earth; consider them both, the sea and the land; and do you not find a strange analogy to something in yourself? For as this appalling ocean surrounds the verdant land, so in the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy, but encompassed by all the horrors of the half-known life. God keep thee! Push not off from that isle, thou canst never return!"
Author: Herman Melville
75. "Kau… merindukannya?" tanya Zhang Mi, memecah keheningan di antara mereka."Mmm." Hyun Ki masih menatap langit. "Aku tahu cerita Gege tentang surga di atas langit, di mana eomma-ku tinggal dan mengawasiku dari sana tidak nyata, tapi….""Siapa bilang tidak nyata?" Zhang Mi kembali menoleh pada Hyun Ki.Hyun Ki menggerakkan bahu. "Aku."-Cerita 3: Angela, TMHOLT-"
Author: Ida R. Yulia
76. "Menulis kembali kenangan masa lalu butuh sebuah keberanian."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
77. "One of the fundamental questions of today's world is undoubtedly the question of equitable globalisation."
Author: Janez Drnovsek
78. "And from my character's point-of-view in Ravenous, he had been collected by Robert Carlyle's character, he had become infected by this ravenous, cannibalistic power, and he was making the best of it."
Author: Jeffrey Jones
79. "For globalization to work for America, it must work for working people. We should measure the success of our economy by the breadth of our middle class, and the scope of opportunity offered to the poorest child to climb into that middle class."
Author: John J. Sweeney
80. "Everything here is edible; even I'm edible. But that, dear children, is cannibalism, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies."
Author: Johnny Depp
81. "I think diversity can also be a resource, an asset, especially in a world that is becoming globalized, to deal with difference, to deal with variety, to deal with complexity."
Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
82. "In the age of globalisation, pooled sovereignty means more power, not less."
Author: Jose Manuel Barroso
83. "Mungkin ini salahku yang terlalu bergantung dengan kehadiran Tristan dan tidak pernah mempersiakpakn diri kalau suatu saat ia akan pergi. Dan ketika sosoknya sudah tidak ada, hanya aku yang kelelahan menunggunya, memikirkannya, dan memutar kembali kenangannya."
Author: Laili Muttamimah
84. "Globalization is a great thing, but it needs a legal framework in which to blossom."
Author: Loretta Napoleoni
85. "So, Grace, how's school?" I asked myself. Dad nodded, eyes on the baby koala now struggling in the guest's arms. "Oh, it's fine," I continued, and Dad made a mumbling noise of agreement. I added, "Nothing special, aside from the load of pandas they brought in, and the teachers abandoning us to cannibalistic savages-" I paused to see if I'd caught his attention yet, then pressed on. "The whole building caught fire, then I failed drama, and then sex, sex, sex." Dad's eyes abruptly focused, and he turned to me and frowned. "What did you say they were teaching you in school?"
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
86. "Masterpieces of art possess immense potential to advance a worldview that could help assuage the societal terrors posed by globalization, the most thoroughgoing socioeconomic upheaval since the Industrial Revolution, which has set off a pandemic of retrogressive nationalism, regional separatism, and religious extremism."
Author: Martin Filler
87. "I will not let anything hurt you," Balik promised."I will not let anything come between us," I replied with my own whisperedoath."You and me," Balik smiled a little."Always," I agreed as I reached up to draw his face to mine and pressed my lipsonto his."
Author: Melanie Cusick Jones
88. "His heart's occupied elsewhere," said Ben from behind me. "And even if it weren't he's not interested in your kind. But, I'm available and ready.""You don't have a heart," I told him." Just a gaping hole where it should have been.""All the more reason for you to give me yours."I pounded my forehead against Warren 's back. "Tell me Ben's not flirting with me.""Hey," said Ben sounding hurt. "I was talking cannibalism, not romance."
Author: Patricia Briggs
89. "We live in an age that cannibalises its past because it has lost faith in its future."
Author: Paul J. McAuley
90. "Ci sono cose che si perdono e non tornano indietro; non si possono riavere mai più, se non nella carta carbone della memoria. Ci sono cose a cui sembra impossibile rassegnarsi ma a cui rassegnarsi è inevitabile. Lo scorrere dei giorni leviga il dolore ma non lo consuma: quello che il tempo si porta via è andato, e poi si resta con un qualcosa di freddo e duro, un souvenir che non si perde mai. Un piccolo bassotto di porcellana delle White Mountains. Una marionetta del teatro delle ombre di Bali. E guarda: un calzascarpe d'avorio di un hotel a quattro stelle di Zurigo. E qua, come un sasso che porto ovunque, c'è un pezzetto di cuore altrui che ho conservato da un vecchio viaggio."
Author: Peter Cameron
91. "Ada diajarkan oleh kaum Brahmana, orang kaya terkesan pongah di mata si miskin, orang bijaksana terkesan angkuh di mata si dungu, orang gagah berani terkesan dewa di mata si pengecut. Juga sebaliknya, Kakanda. Orang miskin tak berkesan apa-apa pada si kaya, orang dungu terkesan mengibakan pada si bijaksana, orang pengecut terkesan hina pada si gagah berani. Tetapi semua kesan itu salah. Orang harus mengenal mereka lebih dahulu."
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
92. "Parents and schools should place great emphasis on the idea that it is all right to be different. Racism and all the other 'isms' grow from primitive tribalism, the instinctive hostility against those of another tribe, race, religion, nationality, class or whatever. You are a lucky child if your parents taught you to accept diversity."
Author: Roger Ebert
93. "If I wear a dress that I bought from a street vendor in Bali on a red carpet, it's a way of bringing my travels with me."
Author: Serinda Swan
94. "If you could do one thing to improve yourself today, it would be this: Rid yourself of bias. If you can do this, you can learn to listen. If you learn to listen, then you can learn to communicate. If you can communicate, then you can begin to verbalize your feelings. When you verbalize your feelings, then you can release stress and frustrations. When you free yourself of what bothers you, then you can fully give yourself to others. When you come this far, then you have learned to grow spiritually."
Author: Shannon L. Alder
95. "In Panama, I found a spider that eats its own limbs during lean times. I am told they grow back. But though the distinction is razor-thin, desperation is not the same thing as determination. Nevertheless, auto-cannibalism is one the most intriguing phenomenon I have ever heard of."
Author: Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
96. "Worse, she already knew that there were bitter people devoted to the morbid ideal of the presutural cannibalism of appeasement that they defined as peace"
Author: Terry Goodkind
97. "Why this book? In today's globalized world, it seems we forget things that happened only a decade ago. Thus, we repeat the mistakes of the past, unnecessarily."
Author: Thomas Jerome Baker
98. "Ne može se sprijeciti misao da se vrati samoj sebi, kao što se ne može sprijeciti more da se vrati obali. Za mornara, to se zove plima; za krivca, to se zove grižnja savjesti. Bog podiže dušu kao i ocean."
Author: Victor Hugo
99. "Cinta adalah.. merasakan seluruh emosi jungkir balik dan berbaur menjadi satu. Merasa segalanya akan baik-baik saja selama berpegangan tangan dengannya. Seperti sedang bermimpi.. dengan kedua mata terbuka lebar-lebar."
Author: Winna Efendi
100. "Namun itu berarti bahwa telah tumbuhlah benih-benih pengakuan, bahwa yang benar-benar penting dalam sejarah justru adalah hidup sehari-hari, yang normal yang biasa, dan bukan pertama-tama kehidupan serba luar biasa dari kaum ekstravagan serba mewah tapi kosong konsumtif. Dengan kata lain, kita mulai belajar, bahwa tokoh sejarah dan pahlawan sejati harus kita temukan kembali di antara kaum rakyat biasa yang sehari-hari, yang barangkali kecil dalam harta maupun kuasa, namun besar dalam kesetiaannya demi kehidupan.[Impian dari Yogyakarta, hlm. 38]"
Author: Y.B. Mangunwijaya

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