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1. "Hopefully, America will really get a sense of how justice can be served in this country. And hopefully, they'll forget the Simpson trial."
Author: Andrew Cohen
2. "Certainly the O.J. Simpson case was a turning point in my career."
Author: Dan Abrams
3. "All of journalism is a shrinking art. So much of it is hype. The O.J. Simpson story is a landmark in the decline of journalism."
Author: Dick Schaap
4. "Most timidities have such secret compensations and Miss Bart was discerning enough to know that the inner vanity is generally in proportion to the outer self depreciation."
Author: Edith Wharton
5. "Kids who get Bart Simpson dolls too easily grow up to be punks who steal from candy stores, because they're used to getting whatever they want the easy way."
Author: Etgar Keret
6. "Its like Mrs Fitzherbert all over again, or that bloody Simpson woman! I do not believe it!""Sorry," said Merlin, wondering who the blazes Mrs Fitzherbert and that bloody Simpson womanwere. He had a feeling Gaius didn't mean Marge."
Author: FayJay
7. "Q: What do Jesus and Nicole Brown Simpson have in common? A: They were both killed by the Joooooooose."
Author: Helen Thomas
8. "And LO and BEHOLD, I was on BOTH the six AND eleven o'clock newscasts!AND all the commercials, as well! (‘Day of the drag queen at one area high school, controversy at six!')And it must have been a slow night because I was the SECOND PIECE of the night! The granny suicide bomber got the lead. BITCH! But I managed to beat out the president's pulled groin and day six of the Jessica Simpson chapped-lip crisis!"
Author: James St. James
9. "All I have to say is: Jessica Simpson is the most beautiful woman on the planet!"
Author: Jessica Simpson
10. "The O.J. Simpson case, they had no understanding of that DNA evidence, and didn't want to."
Author: Joseph Wambaugh
11. "Today, lawyers are attacking more; they're attacking everything. A good example is the O.J. Simpson case."
Author: Joseph Wambaugh
12. "I don't use the voice of Bart when I'm making love to my husband, but Marge's voice turns him on a little."
Author: Nancy Cartwright
13. "I've known Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles and they're two of the most independent people I've ever known in my life, and the thought we could somehow bend their views I find really beyond my capacity to believe."
Author: Peter George Peterson
14. "I'm still angry with Simpson for getting by with two murders."
Author: Vincent Bugliosi
15. "When the Populist congressman "Sockless" Simpson of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, misspelled his hometown while running for office, he said, "I wouldn't give a tinker's durn for a man who can't spell a word more than one way."
Author: William Least Heat Moon

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