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1. "Masochista má - i když nevedomé - prání nehody, nemoci, ponížení. U masochistické perverze - kdy je toto prání sexuálne zabarveno a pro osobu méne nebezpecné - je toto masochistické prání dokonce vedomé."
Author: Erich Fromm
2. "Osebnost, ki ni celovita, živi razdvojeno, kar predstavljajo posamezne barve ali njihove kombinacije. Osebnost, ki ni razdvojena, živi celovito, kar predstavlja bela svetloba. Osebnost, ki izgubi stik s svojo dušo, ki izgubi izvir Luci, je osebnost, ki je postala sposobna tega, cemur recemo zlo in kar predstavlja crnina."
Author: Gary Zukav
3. "We were having the best time working together, too, except when he'd make a mistake on an order and I'd have to be an advocate for my customer. I always mentioned it sweetly."You didn't say hold the bacon, Hope.""Barverman, I said it twice.""You must have said it to someone else.""I said it to you."Clang."Don't clang pots at me."
Author: Joan Bauer

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Quotes About Barve
Quotes About Barve
Quotes About Barve

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I think MTV put a huge dent in the songwriting craft."
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