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151. "Once a rebel, always a rebel. You can't help being one. You can't deny that. And it's best to be a rebel so as to show 'em it don't pay to try to do you down. Factories and labour exchanges and insurance offices keep us alive and kicking - so they say - but they're booby-traps and will suck you under like sinking-sands if you're not careful. Factories sweat you to death, labour exchanges talk you to death, insurance and income tax offices milk money from your wage packets and rob you to death. And if you're still left with a tiny bit of life in your guts after all this boggering about, the army calls you up and you get shot to death. And if you're clever enough to stay out of the army you get bombed to death. Ay, by God, it's a hard life if you don't weaken, if you don't stop that bastard government from grinding your face in the muck, though there ain't much you can do about it unless you start making dynamite to blow their four-eyed clocks to bits."
Author: Alan Sillitoe
152. "Non mi preoccupo mai del futuro, arriva sempre abbastanza presto"
Author: Albert Einstein
153. "Perché nessuno possa dimenticare che non si è mai lontani abbastanza per trovarsi, mai."
Author: Alessandro Baricco
154. "...let me say, on behalf of the entire gay male community, we hate your fucking guts 'cause you landed him. Share, you selfish bastard."
Author: Andrea Speed
155. "I'm a secretive bastard. I would never let anybody watch me painting... it would be like somebody watching you have sex - painting is that personal to me."
Author: Andrew Wyeth
156. "- Me odias x lo q dije anoche?- Yo no quiero—puedo odiarte. Te quiero. Stas lista para hablar?- No. No más hablar.- Lo haremos. Estoy en camino. Y Vamos a hablar, esta vez con MSH PSH.- NO!! NO!! Basta de hablar. EEEP. SB! SB!- Traduce: EEEP y BS? X favor. No entiendo.Al abrir completamente la puerta, mi teléfono vibra y suena de nuevo.Leo su respuesta mientras corro.- EEEP = Estoy En El Porche.SB = Solo Besarse.Entonces podemos hablar."
Author: Anne Eliot
157. "La televisión es el Anticristo y le digo yo que bastarán tres o cuatro generaciones para que la gente ya no sepa ni tirarse pedos por su cuenta y el ser humano vuelva a la caverna, a la barbarie medieval, y a estados de imbecilidad que ya superó la babosa allá por el pleistoceno. Este mundo no se morirá de una bomba atómica como dicen en los diarios, se morirá de risa, de banalidad, haciendo un chiste de todo, y además un chiste malo."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
158. "Sebastian it is. You can tell me what a patron saint is later, since I have no knowledge of such things. Sebastian Kane."Sebastian Kane Cannon. You're going to marry me and use my last name, right?""Is that supposed to be a proposal?"
Author: Christine Feehan
159. "Bet he was myrrh," said Josh. "Bastard, he brings the cheapest gift and now he wants to sodomize me. My mother told me the myrrh went bad after a week too." Did I mention that Joshua was not a myrrh fan?"
Author: Christopher Moore
160. "A moment later, Cat hurtled back into the room as if chased by demons. She stationed herself in front of Raisa, a knife in either hand, all of her genteel patina swept away. "Cuffs! Look sharp! It's him, the whey-faced, gutter-swiving, prig-napping bastard! He's here!"Han looked as mystified as Raisa. "Who's here?"
Author: Cinda Williams Chima
161. "«Quando ti porti dietro un libro» le aveva rivelato Mo quando Meggie ci aveva messo dentro il primo «avviene qualcosa di straordinario: le sue pagine raccoglieranno i tuoi ricordi. E un giorno ti basterà risfogliarle per tornare con il pensiero al luogo dove le hai lette per la prima volta: le immagini, gli odori, il gelato che ti eri gustata... Credimi, i libri sono un po' come la carta moschicida: a nient'altro i ricordi restano attaccati come alla carta stampata.»"
Author: Cornelia Funke
162. "I'm not difficult," Violet said. "I'm simple. I like good books and clever conversation and being left alone much of the time. How does that make me difficult? I make sense? I don't talk about my feelings, of course, but then, I don't want to." She shrugged. "So that's reasonable."Sebastian smiled despite himself, a smile that felt bitter even to him. "God, no. Not feelings. Heaven forbid that you have anything so messy.""I have feelings." She spoke stiffly. "I just don't talk about them. What's the point? Talking never changes them."
Author: Courtney Milan
163. "They've got us surrounded again, the poor bastards."
Author: Creighton Abrams
164. "Rick's a beater. He likes it. When I first got here, he beat all the kids. I told him I wanted to take it for everybody." Beckett had shrugged like he'd just eaten the last cookie. "I'm a big fucking bastard. I can handle it."
Author: Debra Anastasia
165. "Ero costretto a limitarmi a una conclusione abbastanza insoddisfacente cioè, che certamente esistono combinazioni di oggetti semplicissimi, naturali fino alla banalità, che hanno il potere di impressionarci, ma che, nello stesso tempo, tale potere resta per noi non analizzabile, superiore al potere della nostra mente."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
166. "Marry me, Esme. Please. Honor me. I will honor you as your husband never did. Our marriage would be a remedy against sin, if anyone could ever call it a sin to love you."Sebastian Bonnington to Esme Rawlings"
Author: Eloisa James
167. "Tyrion Lannister had claimed that most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it, but Jon was done with denials. He was who he was; Jon Snow, bastard and oathbreaker, motherless, friendless, and damned. For the rest of his life-however long that might be-he would be condemned to be an outsider, the silent man standing in the shadows who dares not speak his true name."
Author: George R.R. Martin
168. "The galleys...had been dirven onto the rocks of Skagos, the isle of unicorns and cannibals where even the Blind Bastard had feared to land."
Author: George R.R. Martin
169. "Chansey Leclaire is a Daughter of Anteros, which makes her your agápe. She is your gift....and your curse."- Sebastian from Blood of Anteros"
Author: Georgia Cates
170. "It is an age lurching along the lip of a dark precipice, peeking fearfully into chaos's empty eyes, enrapt, like a giddy rat trying to stare down a hungry cobra. The gods are restless, tossing and turning and wakening in snippets to conspire at mischief. Their bastard offspring, the hundred million spirits of rock and brook and tree, of place and time and emotion, find old constraints are rotting. The Postern of Fate stands ajar. The world faces an age of fear, of conflict, of grand sorcery, of great change, and of greater despair amongst mortal men. And the cliffs of ice creep forward.Great kings walk the earth. They cannot help but collide. Great ideas sweep back and forth aross the face of a habitable world that is shrinking. Those cannot help but fire hatred and fear amongst adherents of dogmas and doctrines under increasing pressure.As always, those who do the world's work most dearly pay the price of the world's pain."
Author: Glen Cook
171. "Odo ancora, mentre scrivo, l'intenso silenzio in cui si cessarono tutti i suoni della sera. Le cornacchie smisero di gracchiare nel cielo dorato e l'ora amica smarrì, per quell'orribile momento, tutta la sua voce. Ma non ci fu nessun altro cambiamento intorno a me, se cambiamento non era vedere con tanto singolare chiarezza. L'oro luccicava ancora nel cielo, l'aria era limpida e l'uomo che mi osservava da sopra i merli risaltava quanto un ritratto nella sua cornice. Ecco perché pensai, con straordinaria rapidità, a tutti coloro che egli avrebbe potuto essere e che non era. Ci fissammo attraverso lo spazio abbastanza a lungo perché potessi chiedermi ansiosamente chi fosse mai, e provare, dinanzi all'incapacità di rispondervi, uno sbigottimento che, a poco a poco, si faceva sempre più intenso."
Author: Henry James
172. "You'll lose.""What makes you so sure?""You have no discipline. All you do is tear down shit down. My father is a bastard, but at least he builds things. You turn cities into smoking ruins and blunder about like some hyper child, smashing anything you see. And then you sit here and wonder, 'Why did all of my children turn out to be violet idiots? It's a mystery of nature,'."
Author: Ilona Andrews
173. "He stuck around till around dinnertime, talking about all the guys at Pencey that he hated their guts, and squeezing this big pimple on his chin. He didn't even use a handkerchief. I don't even think the bastard had a handkerchief, if you want to know the truth. I never saw him use one, anyway."
Author: J.D. Salinger
174. "As she took a deep breath, all she smelled was him, the scent going in her nose and blooming all over her body.Bastard, she thought. Irresistible bastard"
Author: J.R. Ward
175. "Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government."
Author: James Madison
176. "And Phoebe and Sebastian went their separate ways, to the blacksmith shop and the library, after several backward glances that weren't coordinated enough to allow either to know that the other one was looking."
Author: Jean Ferris
177. "The bastard. It's bad enough knowing he's stolen our money,but it's humiliating having to watch him spend it."
Author: Jeffrey Archer
178. "Tot a?a cum galbenul este intotdeauna asociat cu lumina, se poate spune ?i ca albastrul aduce cu el ?i un principiu al întunericului. Aceasta culoare are un efect special ?i aproape indescriptibil asupra ochiului. Pe scara culorilor este una puternica, însa de partea negativa, ?i la maximum de puritate este, cum s-ar zice, o nega?ie stimulatoare. Aspectul sau este deci un fel de contradic?ie între excita?ie ?i calm."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
179. "As velas são os músculos do barco, basta ver como incham quando se esforçam, mas, e isso mesmo sucede aos músculos, se não se lhes dá uso regularmente, abrandam, amolecem, perdem nervo."
Author: José Saramago
180. "Fu dogs," Puck mused as we approached the doors, hopping over shattered pillars and crumbling archways. "You know, I met a Fu dog once in Beijing. Persistent bastard chased me all over the temple grounds. Seemed to think I was some kind of evil spirit.""Imagine that," Grimalkin muttered, and the Wolf snorted with laughter. Puck flicked a pebble at him."
Author: Julie Kagawa
181. "I barely knew Sebastian. You knew him enough to suck face. "
Author: Kelly Keaton
182. "I doona need drugs. I am naturally a mean bastard."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
183. "(...) Breve estaríamos em plena tempestade e o que procurávamos não ver estaria então bem diante de nós e nada mais poderíamos ver a não ser ela: nossa própria morte.A noite, da qual nos primeiros tempos tivemos tanto medo, tornava-se, em comparação, bastante suave. Acabávamos por esperá-la, desejá-la, a noite. Atiravam em nós mais facilmente de dia do que de noite. E era só essa diferença que contava.É difícil chegar ao essencial, mesmo no que diz respeito à guerra, a fantasia resiste muito tempo."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
184. "Anybody who talks about the future is a bastard, it's the present that counts. Invoking posterity is like making speeches to worms."
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
185. "Charity is salt in the wound. It is painful. The state gives charity with the bitter hatred of a victim to his blackmailer. The receiver of free money is subjected to harassment, insult, and profound humiliation. Newspapers are enlisted to heap scorn on the arrogant bastards who choose to beg instead of starve or let their children starve. It is made clear that the poor seek charity as a great and sordid chicanery in which they delight. And there are some who do. As there are people who take delight in sticking hot needles deep into their abdomens, swallow pieces of broken bottles. A special taste. Speaking for humanity in general, the poor accept charity with a shame and loss of self-respect that is truly pitiful."
Author: Mario Puzo
186. "...and that bastard Breckinridge Scott, yes, the Phalanx king, still hiding like a rat in his Antarctic Fortress of Scumditude.--Arthur Sinclair"
Author: Max Brooks
187. "For a while Bastian stood motionless. He was so stunned by what he had just heard that he couldn't decide what to do... What he had hoped was his ruin and what he had feared his salvation."
Author: Michael Ende
188. "Se habla de supermercados del sexo, que tienen un catálogo bastante completo de su oferta porno; pero les falta lo esencial. Y es que el objetivo mayoritario de la búsqueda sexual no es el placer, sino la gratificación narcisista, el homenaje que una pareja deseable rinde a la propia perfección erótica. [...] la meta que se persigue [...] es la embriaguez narcisista de la conquista."
Author: Michel Houellebecq
189. "Lei ha una storia, e quando una persona è abbastanza fortunata da vivere in una storia, da vivere in un mondo immaginario, i dolori di questo mondo svaniscono. Perché, fino a quando la storia continua, la realtà non esiste più"
Author: Paul Auster
190. "Dwarves are still the butt of jokes. It's one of the last bastions of acceptable prejudice."
Author: Peter Dinklage
191. "I swear I will never trust Edward again. This is not kingly, this is not as Arthur of Camelot. This is behaviour as base as an archer's bastard and I cannot meet his eyes when I see him stuffing his mouth at King Louis' table and pocketing the gold forks."
Author: Philippa Gregory
192. "Hey, those look good! Can I have one?" a man she'd seen hundreds of times around Jason's house asked, reaching out to take one. "Back the fuck off! She brought them for me, you bastard!" Jason snapped."
Author: R.L. Mathewson
193. "Se llamaba Mónica y era morena. Y tenía su vida, su novio, todas esas cosas que tiene la gente. Y no era, y esto Sebastián querría dejarlo muy claro, una musa ni una maga, ni una bruja ni un recuerdo, ni nada de esas cosas con las que la literatura suprime a menudo a las mujeres."
Author: Ray Loriga
194. "It is my strong conviction that a realist conception of human nature should be made a servant of an ethic of progressive justice and should not be made into a bastion of conservatism, particularly a conservatism which defends unjust privileges."
Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
195. "Oh you two look delicious," Bast said, licking her lips. "No, no-er, I mean wonderful. Now, off you go!"
Author: Rick Riordan
196. "The bastard even limped fast."
Author: Rosemary Clement Moore
197. "Sink every impulse like a bolt. Secure The bastion of sensation. Do not waver Into language. Do not waver in it."
Author: Seamus Heaney
198. "Look at the kind of people who most object to the childishness and cheapness of celebrity culture. Does one really want to side with such apoplectic and bombastic bores? I should know, I often catch myself being one, and it isn't pretty. I will defend the absolute value of Mozart over Miley Cyrus, of course I will, but we should be wary of false dichotomies. You do not have to choose between one or the other. You can have both. The human cultural jungle should be as varied and plural as the Amazonian rainforest. We are all richer for biodiversity. We may decide that a puma is worth more to us than a caterpillar, but surely we can agree that the habitat is all the better for being able to sustain each. Monocultures are uninhabitably dull and end as deserts."
Author: Stephen Fry
199. "La soledad es algo bastante extraño.Se arrastra por ti, silenciosa y tranquila, se sienta a tu lado en la oscuridad, acaricia tu cabello mientras duermes. Se enrolla alrededor de tus huesos, abrazándote tan fuerte que casi no puedes respirar.Deja constantes mentiras en tu corazón, se acuesta junto a ti en la noche, filtra la luz de cada esquina. Es una constante compañera, que sujeta tu mano sólo para derrumbarte cuando estás luchando por levantarte."
Author: Tahereh Mafi
200. "From THE DEVIL YOU KNOW-She wanted him too. He could see it in the rapid rise of her breasts. He could smell her budding arousal and would relish bringing her to full bloom. God, how he loved this dance! She had taken the first tentative steps, yet she still fought her desire, refused to give in to it, but he would lead her now. He was a master…and a ruthless bastard."
Author: Victoria Vane

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