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1. "You're going to be a famous artist." His voice is deep velvet - soothing and sure. "You'll live in one of those artsy, upscale apartments in Paris with your rich husband. Oh, who just happens to be a world-renowned exterminator. How's that for a twist of fate? You won't even have to catch your own bugs anymore. That'll give you more time to spend with your five brilliant kids. And I'll come visit every summer. Show up on the doorstep with a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce and a French baguette. I'll be weird Uncle Jeb."
Author: A.G. Howard
2. "There's a whole category of people who miss out by not allowing themselves to be weird enough."
Author: Alain De Botton
3. "Live life fully while you're here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don't try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human."
Author: Anthony Robbins
4. "Do I ever think Gossip will be really massive in America? No, I don't think it'll happen - and that's fine. It's kind of nice because I get to experience everything at once. I get to come home and it not be weird, like in Paris or something. It is nice to be completely anonymous."
Author: Beth Ditto
5. "These kids are all trying so hard to be weird. I'm genuinely weird, so I can spot the effort a mile away."
Author: Brent Crawford
6. "I was delighted to become a popular-culture reference point. I'm still delighted about it actually, and I still find it to be weird."
Author: Colin Firth
7. "I'd rather be weird and know it than be a stupid ass."
Author: Daniel H. Wilson
8. "Be certain that you're not modeling yourself after someone, but justbeing who you are meant to be. Go ahead, be weird because "normal" is boring!"
Author: Demi Lovato
9. "Seeing you with a face would be weird. Do you think you'd have hair?""Oh yes. Hair is a must.""Would you have a moustache?""Why would I have a moustache?""I'm not sure. What about your ears?""I'd have ears too, yes.""I can't imagine you with ears."
Author: Derek Landy
10. "You've done what?""I know," he said. "You're impressed. You send me out for bread and I come back with a boy. Well, not literally. That would be weird. Even for me."
Author: Derek Landy
11. "And then Harry Potter had launched in to a speech that was inspiring, yet vague. A speech to the effect that Fred and George and Lee had tremendous potential if they could just learn to be weirder. To make people's live surreal, instead of just surprising them with the equivalents of buckets of water propped above doors. (Fred and George had exchanged interested looks, they'd never thought of that one.) Harry Potter had invoked a picture of the prank they'd pulled on Neville - which, Harry had mentioned with some remorse, the Sorting Hat had chewed him out on - but which must have made Neville doubt his own sanity. For Neville it would have felt like being suddendly transported into an alternate universe. The same way everyone else had felt when they'd seen Snape apologize. That was the true power of pranking."
Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
12. "Phew," Zane muttered as James plopped down next to him and reached for the last piece of toast. "These little waiters of yours may be weird-lookin' buggers, but they know how to make a good cup of coffee."
Author: G. Norman Lippert
13. "It's hard for me to believe that a shy, bespectacled college graduate like Brad Meltzer who's a novelist and a father is a really setting out to be weirdly misogynistic."
Author: Grant Morrison
14. "When something catches your attention just keep your attention on it, stick with it 'til the end, and somewhere along the line there'll be weirdness."
Author: Helen Oyeyemi
15. "Where's your will to be weird?"
Author: Jim Morrison
16. "It's weird not to be weird."
Author: John Lennon
17. "I remember telling my second-graders the basic 'Metamorphosis' story, saying, like, 'What about - what if a guy woke up one morning and he was a bug? Wouldn't that be weird?' And they loved that. And I think that was the trigger that made me think, like, 'Oh man, here's my audience. They're just a lot shorter than I ever thought they might be.'"
Author: Jon Scieszka
18. "If you can't be perfect, be silly. If you can't be normal, be weird. If you can't get it right, get it wrong. Because the world is full of so many imperfection, that there's no need for you to be perfect or normal. Because there's always someone that'll love you, no matter who you are. Isn't that what friends are for?"
Author: Kathlan G.
19. "Like its author, this book is dedicated to Jen Schwalbach - the gorgeous mother of my child, the seductive temptress who keeps me faithful, and the friend I've always had the most fun with. My best friend, even.Also quite like the author, this book is additionally dedicated to Jen Schwalbach asshole.Everything above also applies here, obviously, except the "mother of my child" part: referencing my kid and my wife's brown eye in the same sentiment might come off as crude or something.(And I have a heart: Please don't go telling my kid you read in her old man's book that she's some kinda Butt-Baby. She's gonna have a hard enough time being Silent Bob's daughter - the daughter of the "Too Fat to Fly" guy.Also: Pleas don't tell my daughter I dedicated tge vook to her mother's sphincter. That'd be weird)"
Author: Kevin Smith
20. "Everyone loves a villain. Or maybe not a villain, exactly, but someone you can point out and say, "I might be weird, but I'm not weird like her."
Author: Laura Ruby
21. "I rather be weird than boring and bored."
Author: Leigh Hershkovich
22. "You keep seeing your picture on posters that you are missing but you're not. That'd be weird, right? Or say you look down at the sidewalk and earthworms are spelling your name. Or you open a peanut bag and the 'hello' is written in your writing on the inside of the shell. Would that weird ya?"
Author: Lynda Barry
23. "He pulls just an inch away, releasing with a sweet suction my bottom lip. "Your mouth is hot and tastes like honey." I show him the tea that I've been holding out of the way. "I see," he twinkles at me and takes the travel mug, helping himself to a long sip. He leans back in, and I guess what he's doing just in time. His feeding me the hot sip of honeyed tea should be weird, but as usual, he's so committed to the moment that I just enjoy the sweetness, the intimacy."
Author: Mary Ann Rivers
24. "Jamie : "I didn't want anybody to be weird around me.". Landon : "Including me?". Jamie : "Especially you! You know, I was getting along with everything fine. I accepted it, and then you happened!"."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
25. "Change can be weird or even queer. But change has to happen for things to grow--for us to grow. And change isn't so bad when you're not in it alone."
Author: P.C. Cast
26. "It's mom and me sharing a blanket, in a rare quiet moment when all we're doing is enjoying each other. This woman made me. She should get to cuddle me whenever she wants. She spent years with me attached to her side. Why should it be weirder now that I'm more than a couple of decades old?"
Author: Pamela Ribon
27. "Must be weird for you, having your mom here.""Weird for me, weird for her, probably weird for you since you had to give up your swinging bachelor pad.""Mrs. Casnoff let me install my heart-shaped Jacuzzi in my new dorm room.""Cal," I said with mock astonishment, "did you just make a joke?""Maybe."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
28. "It's got to be weird to sit in an office all day and deal with these creative types without having any idea of what they do or how they do it."
Author: Ron Livingston
29. "Watching him, I thought, not for the first time that night, that maybe it should have felt strange to be with him, here, now. And yet it didn't, at all. That was one of the things about the night. Stuff that would be weird in the bright light of day just wasn't so much once you passed a certain hour. It was like the dark just evened it all out somehow."
Author: Sarah Dessen
30. "Stuff that would be weird in the bright light of day just wasn't so much once you passed a certain hour."
Author: Sarah Dessen
31. "It wouldn't be weird at all if I just walked up to her and ran my tongue across her shoulder, would it? I could tell her she had a piece of food there or something. Totally normal."
Author: Tara Sivec
32. "I do feel like I've missed out a bit because I was really close with my sisters when I was at home. It must be weird for them but they cope really well."
Author: Zayn Malik

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