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1. "God's pleasure--the beauty creation possesses in his regard--underlies the distinct being of creation, and so beauty is the first and truest word concerning all that appears within being; beauty is the showing of what is; God looked upon what he had wrought and saw that it was good."
Author: David Bentley Hart
2. "True beauty lies not upon gilded veneers,But found in the soul within."
Author: E.A. Bucchianeri
3. "Artists strive for perfection. But what they often fail to see is that the beauty, the humanity, lies within the flaws."
Author: Elizabeth Isaacs
4. "When carving stone, the sculptor removes everything that is not the statue. […] The art of revealing beauty lies in removing what conceals it. So, too, Patanjali [in the Yoga Sutras] tells us that wholeness exists within us. Our work is to chisel away at everything that is not essence, not Self."
Author: Judith Hanson Lasater
5. "With lacquerware there is an extra beauty in that moment between removing the lid and lifting the bowl to the mouth, when one gazes at the still, silent liquid in the dark depths of the bowl, its colour hardly differing from that of the bowl itself. What lies within the darkness one cannot distinguish, but the palm senses the gentle movements of the liquid, vapour rises from within, forming droplets on the rim, and the fragrance carried upon the vapour brings a delicate anticipation ... a moment of mystery, it might almost be called, a moment of trance."
Author: Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
6. "Beauty Lies Within The unknown"
Author: Michael Biondi
7. "All of humanity is searching for truth, justice, and beauty. We are on an eternal search for the truth because we only believe in the lies we have stored in our mind. We are searching for justice because in the belief system we have, there is no justice. We search for beauty because it doesn't matter how beautiful a person is, we don't believe that person has beauty. We keep searching and searching, when everything is already within us. There is no truth to find."
Author: Miguel Ruiz

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Quotes About Beauty Lies Within
Quotes About Beauty Lies Within
Quotes About Beauty Lies Within

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