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1. "I used to have a cat, an old fighting tom, who would jump through the open window by my bed in the middle of the night and land on my chest. I'd half-awaken. He'd stick his skull under my nose and purr, stinking of urine and blood. Some nights he kneaded my bare chest with his front paws, powerfully, arching his back, as if sharpening his claws, or pummeling a mother for milk. And some mornings I'd wake in daylight to find my body covered with paw prints in blood; I looked as though I'd been painted with roses."
Author: Annie Dillard
2. "It's possible, and I stress possible, that such a moment may never come: you may not fall in love, you may not be able to or you may not wish to give your whole life to anyone, and, like me, you may turn forty-five one day and realize that you're no longer young and you have never found a choir of cupids with lyres or a bed of white roses leading to the altar. The only revenge left for you then will be to steal from life the pleasure of firm and passionate flesh - a pleasure that evaporates faster than good intentions and is the nearest thing to heaven you will find in this stinking world where everything decays, beginning with beauty and ending with memory."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
3. "You must bring great resolve to your work. It's not all a bed of roses."
Author: Douglas Conant
4. "A revolution is not a bed of roses."
Author: Fidel Castro
5. "And he repents in thorns that sleeps in beds of roses."
Author: Francis Quarles
6. "Living with a whore--even the best whore in the world--isn't a bed of roses."
Author: Henry Miller
7. "Allah takkan bebankan hamba-Nya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu!Hidup tak selalunya lawaTak selalunya ada pelangiKalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap adaKadang-kadang... bilamana ‘malapetaka' tu datang, terasa macam kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumoRasa macam dah tak mampu bangkitRasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas..." live well or hell you choose May Allah bless...."
Author: Hlovate
8. "With me it is exceptionally true that the Presidency is no bed of roses."
Author: James K. Polk
9. "Knowledge is a Bed of Roses; for Every Beautiful Flower, there are a Dozen Thorns to Match"
Author: Joshua Caleb
10. "The mountain panorama was the backdrop to every photo taken here, the backdrop to everything. At first Ursula had thought it beautiful, now she was beginning to find its magnificence oppressive. The great icy crags and the rushing waterfalls, the endless pine trees--nature and myth fused to form the Germanic sublimated soul. German Romanticism, it seemed to Ursula, was write large and mystical, the English Lakes seemed tame by comparison. And the English soul, if it resided anywhere, was surely in some unheroic back garden--a patch of lawn, a bed of roses, a row of runner beans."
Author: Kate Atkinson
11. "Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses."
Author: Maureen Forrester
12. "...she imagines her body curled in the narrow monk's bed, knees to chin, her own irrefutable geography, but she sees the blood of her futile heart seeping out over her chest and arms and legs, flooding across the rough wooden floor, down the narrow wooden stairs and out into the old soil of the garden. No roses, no, she does not even ask to make roses, just dissolution; most any night she asks just for that."
Author: Michelle Latiolais
13. "...and here is a bed of roses for the great king now beyond us and our petty little world."
Author: Michelle Shen
14. "I think life is full of challenges and problems. I don't believe that anyone is perfect. We all make mistakes. It's not a bed of roses, and you have to work real hard at it."
Author: Nigel Mansell
15. "Two or more year ago she was out workin' in her rose garden one mornin' - did you know, boy, she's got over sixty different kinds out there? - and she said to me, said, 'Mr. Blakeslee, I wouldn't even mind dyin' if'n I could be buried in a bed of roses."
Author: Olive Ann Burns
16. "Marriage is like life - it is a field of battle, not a bed of roses."
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
17. "For marriage is like life in this—that it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses."
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
18. "If I die young, bury me in satin.Lay me down on a bed of roses.Sink me in the river at dawn.Send me away with the words of a love song."
Author: The Band Perry
19. "Renouncing false beliefs will not usher in the millennium. Few things about the strategy of contemporary apologists are more repellent than their frequent recourse to spurious alternatives. The lesser lights inform us that the alternative to Christianity is materialism, thus showing how little they have read, while the greater lights talk as if the alternative were bound to be a shallow and inane optimism. I don't believe that man will turn this earth into a bed of roses either with the aid of God or without it. Nor does life among the roses strike me as a dream from which one would not care to wake up after a very short time."
Author: Walter Kaufmann

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