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1. "There is a woman at the begining of all great things."
Author: Alphonse De Lamartine
2. "He was begining to defer his problems in the hope that death would resolve them ."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
3. "Love had turned into "love affair" with a begining and an end."
Author: Graham Greene
4. "Lets go back, back to the begining back to when the earth the sun the stars they all aligned, cause perfect didn't feel so perfect tryin to fit a square into a circle was no life i defy"
Author: Hilary Duff
5. "When God calls you to build 100 castles on earth and you built 98, take the 99th as if it's the begining of your work and work hard to finish the race with all excellence. Go the extra mile!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
6. "And the old horror of being a professional writer, and the usual stench of words that goes with it, is begining to drive me out of my seat. (Buddy)"
Author: J.D. Salinger
7. "So let's start at the very begining (a very good place to start...)"
Author: James St. James
8. "Never despise meger beginings!"
Author: Janette Oke
9. "...I glance around at the nest we have made, at the floorboards polished by our bare feet, at the continents of stain on the ceiling like an old and all-wrong discoverer's map, at the earnestly bloated canvases I conscientiously cover with great streaks straining to say what even I am begining to suspect is the unsayable thing, and I grow frightened."
Author: John Updike
10. "Human beings remember "firsts"- the first time something happens, or the begining of an experience- and we tend to remember "lasts" as well. So when you are about to make a critical/negative delivery , start your criticism with a positive begining, it will affect the rest of the experience. Start by giving them solid ground to stand by expressing the fact that you value them and they matter. Once they are reassured of their own worth, people will accept your comments far more easily and they'll get less defensive."
Author: Olivia Fox Cabane
11. "He waved to me to be quiet, as if I were annoying background noise. "Look, whatever your name is..."Benvolio Montague."Right. Look, Benvolio, why don't we go outside and get a taxi? My label has a New York office. We can go there and get you a money order or something." He smile, thinking himself clever. "Come on, what do you say?"Benvolio raised an eyebrow. "I am begining to believe that you are insane."
Author: Suzanne Selfors

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