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1. "Some alters are what Dr Ross describes in Multiple Personality Disorder as 'fragments', which are 'relatively limited psychic states that express only one feeling, hold one memory or carry out a limited task in the person's life. A fragment might be a frightened child who holds the memory of one particular abuse incident.' In complex multiples, Dr Ross continues, the `personalities are relatively full-bodied, complete states capable of a rang of emotions and behaviours.' The alters will have `executive control some substantial amount of time over the person life'. He stresses, and I repeat his emphasis, 'Complex MPD with over 15 alter personalities and complicated amnesic barriers are associated with 100 percent frequency of childhood physical, sexual and emotional abuse."
Author: Alice Jamieson
2. "Aunt Fran lowered her voice. "Her cold is just the start of a greater sickness. These 'stories,' as you call them, will only lead her to more pain.""Fran, talk plain, will you?""I'm talking about derangement.""Don't be silly!"She wispered. "And deviant behaviours."
Author: Ami McKay
3. "It is facile to imply that smoking, alcoholism, overeating, or other ingrained patters can be upended without real effort. Genuine change requires work and self-understanding of the cravings driving behaviours."
Author: Charles Duhigg
4. "They thought they were identifying a set of behaviours, but yeah, they just wanted to have an answer."
Author: Chester Brown
5. "MATCH your potentials with the right credentialsEducation and environment can mould and modify behaviours.God is a perfect matchmaker. Match your potentials with the right resources and manpower to explore and exploit it.Want to know how?"
Author: Ikechukwu Joseph
6. "Peter denied Jesus; Judas betrayed Jesus. The bad news was that both of them fell off the track and were both filled with regrets, remorse and anguish for their mischievous behaviours. However it was only Peter who chose to rise again after falling! Judas chose to end it with suicide! If you fall, you can rise again!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
7. "Technology, we find, amplifies behaviours. If you want to be anti-social, technology allows you to be. And vice versa."
Author: Jan Chipchase
8. "There are a certain number of extreme behaviours led by fundamentalists who are using their religion for political ends and use extremist techniques."
Author: Jean Francois Cope
9. "When I asked Robert Spitzer about the possibility that he'd inadvertently created a world in which ordinary behaviours were being labelled mental disorders, he fell silent. I waited for him to answer. But the silence lasted three minutes. Finally he said, 'I don't know."
Author: Jon Ronson
10. "...when a phone call competes for attention with a real-world conversation, it wins. Everyone knows the distinctive high-and-dry feeling of being abandoned for a phone call, and of having to compensate - with quite elaborate behaviours = for the sudden half-disappearance of the person we were just speaking to. 'Go ahead!' we say. 'Don't mind us! Oh look, here's a magazine I can read!' When the call is over, other rituals come into play, to minimise the disruption caused and to restore good feeling."
Author: Lynne Truss
11. "Disgusting are not men but their behaviours."
Author: M.H. Rakib
12. "It's awkward how some people refuse to be humans regarding their behaviours! Isn't that against God's will for he created them as humans? And yet, they at night hold hands up and ask God for forgiveness and to grant them their wishes; when he created animals sinless."
Author: Mustafa SULTAN
13. "We are, at almost every point of our day, immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviours, beliefs, rituals."
Author: Randa Abdel Fattah
14. "Making excuses is one of a host of self-defeating behaviours and mental patterns that can block your success."
Author: Stephen Richards

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Quotes About Behaviours
Quotes About Behaviours

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