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1. "There is a cliche that men want their women to be ladies in public and hookers behind closed doors. I want my woman to be the sharper image robot so that she can be turned off."
Author: Al Goldstein
2. "I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with Guess on it. I said, Thyroid problem?"
Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
3. "Somewhere there's a score being kept, so you have an obligation to live life as well as you can, be as engaged as you can."
Author: Bill Murray
4. "I think that it's important if you run for President that you have to make those important decisions. And your father, if he can help, probably, he helps just by being your father without getting intimately involved."
Author: Birch Bayh
5. "In London, people can be so... well, it's not even a case of people being unkind or unfriendly. You just don't make any contact in London. You go from A to B with your eyes on the pavement."
Author: Carey Mulligan
6. "For this, that now was coming, he had very little curiosity. For years it had obseessed him; but now it meant nothing in itself. It was strange how easy being tired enough made it.Now he would never write the things he had saved to write, until he knew enough to write them well"
Author: Ernest Hemingway
7. "You need to let me go. Let me move on if you do not want me-if you don't want us. I'm your hostage right now. You keep me tied to you because you don't want to lose me, our friendship, but you're being selfish."
Author: Genna Rulon
8. "I am so changeable, being everything by turns and nothing long - such a strange melange of good and evil."
Author: George Gordon Byron
9. "She'd been taught that pants were inappropriate for girls because they were immodest [...] If women's pants were suggestive, men's were equally so, and they revealed a great deal more of what was underneath them. There was almost always a bulge--you couldn't help but notice it--and if the pants were tight, you could see practically everything. And the way men were always drawing attention to it! Touching and scratching themselves with total unselfconsciousness, as if they were alone and not in public. She'd even seen Aidan do it a few times, absent-mindedly. And yet no one accused men of being improper or of encouraging sin by reminding women of what hung between their legs. She looked at herself in the mirror, irritated suddenly by the double standard. This was how her body was made. The fact that it was well made and encased in a pair of blue jeans didn't mean she was inviting anything."
Author: Hillary Jordan
10. "This is precisely why I loathed being a teacher! Young people are so infernally convinced that they are absolutely right about everything. Has it not occurred to you, my poor puffed-up poppinjay, that there might be an excellent reason why the Headmaster of Hogwarts is not confiding every tiny detail of his plans to you? Have you never paused, while feeling hard-done-by, to note that following Dumbledore's orders has never yet led you into harm? No. No, like all young people, you are quite sure that you alone feel and think, you alone recognise danger, you alone are the only one clever enough to realise what the Dark Lord may be planning."
Author: J.K. Rowling
11. "After that, we had a short conversation about how your body can sometimes seem totally separate. She said her body can feel like a distant bureaucracy controlled by telegrams from her brain, and I said my body is sometimes like that of Mario Mario, being controlled with a Nintendo joypad. Mario's surname is Mario."
Author: Joe Dunthorne
12. "Some of the money from the senior players goes to helping out the younger kids. It is from the players' pool, the fines for being late and so on. Some will go to something like the tsunami appeal and some to helping out young players."
Author: John Terry
13. "Womens, they ain't like men. A woman ain't gone beat you with a stick. Miss Hilly wouldn't pull no pistol on me. Miss Leefolt wouldn't come burn my house down. No, white womens like to keep they hands clean. They got a shiny little set of tools they use, sharp as witches' fingernails, tidy and laid out neat, like the picks on a dentist tray. They gone take they time with em."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
14. "I'm very good at being out of work."
Author: Kevin Whately
15. "She was "a woman of uncertain age."
Author: Marcel Proust
16. "It sounded like a piece of blackboard being dragged over the nails of a wall of severed fingers."
Author: Neil Gaiman
17. "I am very different as a parent to new kids. My work changed from being rooted in the sky to being rooted in the earth."
Author: Peter Eisenman
18. "I decided to tell the truth even if it meant being pointed at."
Author: Roberto Bolaño
19. "Now I literally roll out of bed and put on whatever is there. I have really enjoyed being a boy this last year."
Author: Rooney Mara
20. "Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom."
Author: Rumi
21. "I loved being behind the scenes and finding out how they make movies."
Author: Samantha Mumba
22. "Can't you make them stop?' I asked her that day, wondering if there was anything in this woman I could speak to, if she had ever run joyfully over grass, or had watched flowers, or known delight or love."
Author: Shirley Jackson
23. "I went to quite an academic school, and all my friends were going to university, but even before my acting jobs, I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to spend another three years being institutionalised, and I feel that getting out of that system benefited me in quite a few ways."
Author: Talulah Riley
24. "As an actor you're used to being the focus of attention."
Author: Yasmine Bleeth

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