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1. "It's definitely difficult being a woman and growing up a girl. When you're graceful, people say you lack personality; when you're serene, people say you're boring; when you're confident, people say you're arrogant; when you're feminine, people say you're too girly; and when you climb trees, people say you're too much of a tomboy! As a woman, you really need to develop a very strong sense of self and the earlier you can do that, the better! You have to be all the things that you are, without allowing other people's ignorance change you! I realized that they don't know what grace is, they can't identify serenity, they have inferiority complexes, they are incapable of being feminine, and they don't know how to climb trees!"
Author: C. JoyBell C.
2. "I grew up being a bit of a tomboy, a big-time tomboy."
Author: Katheryn Winnick
3. "'Red Dawn' was really the most fun I ever had making a movie, because I love Westerns, and I love the idea of being a tomboy, and riding horses and shooting guns."
Author: Lea Thompson

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Quotes About Being A Tomboy
Quotes About Being A Tomboy
Quotes About Being A Tomboy

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