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1. "Well, I think that those of us in public life that are trying to do a good job, and that are faced with this popular new game that the media has of being critical of everything that anybody in public office does probably are thin-skinned."
Author: Bill Scott
2. "You have to fight against being an antique."
Author: Burt Lancaster
3. "We don't do things we aren't good at by nature. I wouldn't play basketball because I'm only 5' 1". Find what you enjoy - whether it's racing, flying a helicopter, being a doctor, or stitching clothes together. Once you've done that, you have the passion you need."
Author: Danica Patrick
4. "Once you lose that sense of wonder at being alive, you're pretty much on the way out..."
Author: David Bowie
5. "Being with you is as easy as being alone."
Author: Eleanor Prescott
6. "Man truly achieves his full human condition when he produces without being compelled by the physical necessity of selling himself as a commodity."
Author: Ernesto Guevara
7. "On my first day in jail, a three hundred pound man named Porterhouse hit me in the back of the head with a metal tray. I was standing in line for lunch and I didn't see it coming. I went down. When I got up, I turned around and started throwing punches." (James Frey, pg.1)"
Author: James Frey
8. "Having your book edited is like watching your cat being operated on. It's uncomfortable and someone is probably going to get hurt. Most likely the cat. But in the end, things work out for the best and your cat is better it. And then your cat gets released in hardcover, and you have to read all of his reviews."
Author: Jenny Lawson
9. "Mitt Romney has a history of being a great job creator. Secondly, he was a great governor. He went from billions of dollars in the hole when he became governor to billions of dollars in surplus when he left. And he went from the loss of tens of thousands jobs when he became governor to the creation of 40,000 new jobs when he left office."
Author: John Kasich
10. "But when I was doing the KKK I had constant nightmares of being exposed as a Jew and lynched by the Klan."
Author: Jon Ronson
11. "But one of the many problems with being an alcoholic is that when people tell you how bad you are when you're drunk, you're usually drunk. So you just keep getting drunk."
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
12. "There is a distinct feeling of contentment that engulfs your entire being after a day well lived, a battle well fought, and a purpose tirelessly pursued."
Author: Steve Maraboli
13. "I'm being hypocritical because I have a Twitter, but I try to not talk about things like, 'Oh, I had a grapefruit this morning and it was delicious,' because, who cares?"
Author: Zoey Deutch

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