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1. "I quickly got used to being picked up by my mother, and taken to the air raid shelter near our home. Although frightening, this was a great adventure to me as a child, for in the shelter I played with the other children and we felt safe there as we were surrounded by grown-ups; although now the grown-ups were more worried than they had been in the past. There were greater feelings of anxiety and fear in the older people, which we children also felt, and it unsettled us all."
Author: Alfred Nestor
2. "Some very plausible stuff is being written by women in a way that most men are not doing."
Author: Amy Clampitt
3. "You have to fight against being an antique."
Author: Burt Lancaster
4. "I've never been cool and I don't really care about being cool. It's just an awful lot of time and hair gel wasted."
Author: Chris Martin
5. "Oh, and a huge Federal Building that looked like it was being molested by a giant steel pterodactyl, but evidently that was just the government trying to get away from their standard bomb shelter architecture to something more aesthetically appealing, especially if you liked Godzilla porn."
Author: Christopher Moore
6. "When people are kids their parents teach them all sorts of stuff, some of it true and useful, some of it absurd hogwash (example of former: don't crap your pants; example of latter: Columbus discovered America). This is why puberty happens. The purpose of puberty is to shoot an innocent and gullible child full of nasty glandular secretions that manifest in the mind as confusion, in the innards as horniness, upon the skin as pimples, and on the tongue as cocksure venomous disbelief in every piece of information, true or false, gleaned from one's parents since infancy. The net result is a few years of familial hell culminating in the child's exodus from the parental nest, sooner or later followed by a peace treaty and the emergence of the postpubescent as an autonomous, free-thinking human being who knows that Columbus only trespassed on an island inhabited by our lost and distant Indian relatives, but who also knows not to crap his pants."
Author: David James Duncan
7. "Beholding the flash drive that may contain so many keys, intuition dawns: I've always been a butterfly trapped in Donovan's net. My heart knows Donovan and I traveled together before, yet I've never allowed myself to think of the logistics. If the more I pull back, the more I crave his enclosure, what happens if I learn my deprivation has been for centuries, or even millenniums? Is being an old soul why I have always felt and sounded older than my years? Why doI have the passions I do? How did I become me?"
Author: Diane Rinella
8. "...capitalism satisfied the Christian demand for an institution that channels selfish human desire toward the betterment of society. Some critics accuse capitalism of being a selfish system, but the selfishness is not in capitalism - it is in human nature."
Author: Dinesh D'Souza
9. "What is it about being on a boat that makes everyone behave like a film star?--Julia Flyte"
Author: Evelyn Waugh
10. "My biggest fear had always been getting hurt, and not being able to leave the game as a player on my own terms."
Author: Jason Kidd
11. "Man was created as a being whose very existence is derived from and dependent upon a Creator whom he must acknowledge as such and from whom he must obtain wisdom and knowledge through revelation. The purpose and meaning of his life, as well as his very existence, is derived and dependent. He can find none of this in himself. Man is not autonomous."
Author: Jay E. Adams
12. "The condition of being an actress can be unbearable."
Author: Julie Delpy
13. "I hate the title of being called 'the richest woman in India,' but it's the recognition that this was the value that I had created as a woman entrepreneur, and that makes me very, very proud."
Author: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
14. "His jaw was set, telling me I should back off. Unfortunately, being a gobby cow meant I couldn't."
Author: Kyra Lennon
15. "So asking you to take a moonlit walk with me, that would totally not work?""What?" Again that glare. "Go away. Stop being an idiot. I don't even know you.""You're healing my little brother Bowie.""Yeah, that doesn't make us friends, kid.""So no moonlight.""Are you retarded?""Sunrise? I could get up early.""Go away.""Sunset tomorrow?" -Sanjit & Lana"
Author: Michael Grant
16. "Clearly Mr. Drkh has had a long career of being the weirdest person in any given room, but he's about to go down in flames."
Author: Neal Stephenson
17. "I like being brave well enough, but I will be a lazy coward again if you think that would be better."
Author: Peter S. Beagle
18. "There's no possibility of being witty without a little ill-nature."
Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
19. "Chris:I forgive you.Annie: For killing my children and my sweet husband?Chris: For being so wonderful a guy would choose hell over heaven just to be around you."
Author: Richard Matheson

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Quotes About Being Cocksure
Quotes About Being Cocksure
Quotes About Being Cocksure

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