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1. "For, of course, being a girl, one's whole dignity and meaning in life consisted in the achievement of an absolute, a perfect, a pure and noble freedom. What else did a girl's life mean?"
Author: D.H. Lawrence
2. "I can't even say what my greatest fear is because I, I can't even imagine. Being without my family... I can't even say it because it makes me cry."
Author: Faith Hill
3. "Except for the sound of the rain, on the road, on the roofs, on the umbrella, there was absolute silence: only the dying moan of the sirens continued for a moment or two to vibrate within the ear. It seemed to Scobie later that this was the ultimate border he had reached in happiness: being in darkness, alone, with the rain falling, without love or pity."
Author: Graham Greene
4. "I didn't tell her about the free-for-alls on the school yard, muggings on the bus. A girl burned a cigarette hole in the back of another girl's shirt at nutrition right in front of me looking at me as if daring me to stop her. I saw a boy being threatened with a knife on the hallway outside my spanish class. Girls talked about their abortions in gym class. Claire didn't need to know about that. I wanted the world to be beautiful for her. I wanted things to work out. I always had a great day no matter what."
Author: Janet Fitch
5. "Earnest young knights are my favorite. I love the looks on their faces when they realize that they're being slow-cooked in their own armor."
Author: Jessica Day George
6. "Modelling, it's being an artist as well. It's just being a silent artist. It takes a lot of self-control and a lot of discipline."
Author: Jessica White
7. "Confidence has nothing to do with what you look like. If you obsess over that, you'll end up being disappointed in yourself all the time. Instead, high self-esteem comes from how you feel in any moment. So walk into a room acting like you're in charge, and spend your energy on making the people around you happy."
Author: Marian Seldes
8. "That's what getting old is: When you can no longer bear the consequences of being wrong."
Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
9. "The song being great in its own wealth, why should it wait upon the words? Rather does it begin where mere words fail. Its power lies in the region of the inexpressible; it tells us what the words cannot."
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
10. "Think you I am no stronger than my own sex being so father'd and husbanded?"
Author: William Shakespeare

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Quotes About Being Cold Hearted Tumblr
Quotes About Being Cold Hearted Tumblr
Quotes About Being Cold Hearted Tumblr

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