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1. "He drank a good deal at times. But the alcohol did not seem to affect him. His stony expression never changed. But sometimes a strange, flashing glance from his cold eyes would rest upon Anna, full of some burning fierceness that was like hatred, and he would force her to drink with him, force her to swallow a little glassful of fiery spirit at a single gulp.'I ought to shoot you, really,' he said to her once, in a dead voice. 'Conscientiously, it would be the best thing for me to do.'She saw from the grave concentration on his face that his conscience did actually require him to kill her. And this puzzled her because she could not understand why her death should be a conscientious necessity. The thought of being shot did not seem to cause her any concern."
Author: Anna Kavan
2. "Ain't no sun in the kitchen without your face lookin' up at me."
Author: Beth Hoffman
3. "I enjoy being out with the fans, I enjoy talking baseball, but to get up and tell my life story... I'm not comfortable doing that."
Author: Bruce Sutter
4. "Men wouldn't ask any such thing. They'd already know what caught my eye. He whispered in a conspiratorial fashion. "It's your tits." "They're magnificent." He wasn't even looking at them, but Minnie's hand itched to cover herself - not to block out his sight, but to explore her own curves. To see if, perhaps, her bosom was magnificent, if it had been magnificent all these years, and she had simply never noticed."
Author: Courtney Milan
5. "Find out who you are and be that person. That's what your soul was put on this Earth to be. Find that truth, live that truth and everything else will come."
Author: Ellen DeGeneres
6. "So, my good father, you go and write the order to burn that book, as your church requires of you. And I will say nothing to the printing house, as my conscience requires of me. Censura praevia or censura repressiva, the effect is the same. Either way, a book is destroyed. Better you do it than have us so intellectually enslaved that we do it for you."
Author: Geraldine Brooks
7. "I've been a photographer all these years... I haven't been in my own darkroom for 10 years."
Author: Graham Nash
8. "Read your own obituary notice; they say you live longer. Gives you second wind. New lease of life."
Author: James Joyce
9. "There's never any percentage in being ahead of your time."
Author: Jonathan Lethem
10. "We hate our parents for having their own lives, don't we, for making decisions for themselves that don't seem to take us into account. They're not people, not really. They're parents; how dare they live and love and"
Author: Lisa Unger
11. "If you try to find a replacement, you'll be sadly disappointed, I can't be replaced. I'm the only man in all the world who possesses the right combination of qualities for you.You can turn your Ballister stare upon me all you like, but you can't petrify me. You can knock me about to your heart's content without worrying about doing any damage. You can perpetrate any sort of outrage your wicked mind conceives and be sure I'll join in, with a will. You're a troublemaker, Lydia. A Ballister devil. Nothing less than a Mallory hellion would ever suit you."- Vere Mallory -"
Author: Loretta Chase
12. "I once met a woman who'd been in therapy... and it seemed like the big thing she'd learned was to ignore everything she thought in the first hour of the day. That's when the negative stuff will try to bring you down, she said, and she was right about that but not much else. You come back from the night with your head and your soul empty, and bad things try to fill you up. There's a lot to get exercised about, if you let it. But if you've got a task, something to fill your head and move your limbs, by the time you've finished it the day has begun ands you're onto the next thing. You're over the hump, like I said."
Author: Michael Marshall Smith
13. "Lay siege to your sins, and starve them out by keeping away the food and fuel which is their maintenance and life."
Author: Richard Baxter
14. "There's a way, a way way too long but reachable, not for everyone a way but possible... Go and don't lose your way!"
Author: Rossana Condoleo
15. "Has a confrontational ring to it, doesn't it? Like saying, the sky is rubber, or, your foot's a hippopotamus."
Author: Terry Moore
16. "I believe every woman should own at least one pair of red shoes."
Author: Terry Tempest Williams
17. "What is the quality of your intent?"
Author: Thurgood Marshall

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