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1. "I think my being such a nomad let me into acting. I was always having to create a new image whenever we moved."
Author: Aidan Quinn
2. "I felt ashamed.""But of what? Psyche, they hadn't stripped you naked or anything?""No, no, Maia. Ashamed of looking like a mortal -- of being a mortal.""But how could you help that?""Don't you think the things people are most ashamed of are things they can't help?"
Author: C.S. Lewis
3. "But no value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid for. What is it worth? If you look around, at times the value may seem to be little or nothing at all. Often after you have sweated and tried and things are not better for you, there comes a feeling deep down in the soul that you are not worth much."
Author: Carson McCullers
4. "Being in Harry Potter is like being in the Mafia. Once you are in, you are never really out."
Author: Daniel Radcliffe
5. "I didnt like being reminded about how self-absorbed i was. I wanted to be over this, done with this. I didnt want to live in a broken world or a broken me. I wasnt trying to weasel out of anything. I just wasnt in the mood of being on the earth that night. I get like that sometimes when it rains, or when i see certain sad movies."
Author: Donald Miller
6. "So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs."
Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
7. "I like being married. I like taking care of people, having someone to make dinner for."
Author: Ellen Barkin
8. "The heart of the problem, I soon came to understand, was that with Pablo there must always be a victor and a vanquished. I could not be satisfied with being a victor, nor, I think, could anyone who is emotionally mature. There was nothing gained by being vanquished either, because with Pablo, the moment you were vanquished he lost all interest. Since I loved him, I couldn't afford to be vanquished. What does one do in a dilemma like that?"
Author: Françoise Gilot
9. "Courage is the fear of being thought a coward."
Author: Horace Smith
10. "I grew up in suburban New Jersey in a transitional area that was surrounded by farmland that wasn't being cultivated."
Author: James Balog
11. "And yet still I worried. I like being a person. I wanted to keep at it. Worry is yet another side effect of dying."
Author: John Green
12. "Anything which is just born, which has just come into existence, has no past behind it. Birth, in other words, is the condition of having no past. And likewise, anything which now dies, which has just ceased to be, has no future left in front of it. Death is the condition of having no future. But we have already seen that this present moment has both no past and no future simultaneously. That is, birth and death are one in this present moment. This moment is just now being born—you can never find a past to this present moment, you can never find something before it. Yet also, this moment is just now dying — you can never find a future to this moment, never find something after it. This present, then, is a coincidence of opposites, a unity of birth and death, being and non-being, living and dying. As Ippen put it, "Every moment is the last moment and every moment is a rebirth."
Author: Ken Wilber
13. "I look at being older and gaining wisdom. I've learned to stay fit and healthy. I accept my body, my life, and my circumstances."
Author: Kim Alexis
14. "I like the intimacy of independent films and I like the idea that people aren't being paid necessarily as much money as some one on a studio film."
Author: Kim Shaw
15. "That no man can truly imagine being happy and that's why happiness isn't for sale here."
Author: Robin Hobb
16. "Now, being a science fiction writer, when I see a natural principle, I wonder if it could fail."
Author: Rudy Rucker
17. "In addition to being the most beautiful score I have ever sung, 'Piazza' gave me the opportunity to honor the matriarchs of my Southern family."
Author: Victoria Clark
18. "But the Constitution was made not only for southern and northern states, but for states neither northern nor southern, namely, the western states, their coming in being foreseen and provided for."
Author: William H. Seward
19. "Isao had never felt that he might want to be a woman. He had never wished for anything else but to be a man, live in a manly way, die a manly death. To be thus a man was to give constant proof of one's manliness–to be more a man today than yesterday, more a man tomorrow than today. To be a man was to forge ever upward toward the peak of manhood, there to die amid the white snows of that peak.But to be a woman? It seemed to mean being a woman at the beginning and being a woman forever."
Author: Yukio Mishima

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Quotes About Being Judged And Misunderstood
Quotes About Being Judged And Misunderstood
Quotes About Being Judged And Misunderstood

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