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1. "The tomb in the daytime, and when wreathed with fresh flowers, had looked grim and gruesome enough; but now some days afterwards, when the flowers hung lank and dead, their whites turning to rust and their greens to browns; when the spider and the beetle had resumed their accustomed dominance; when time-discoloured stone, and dust-encrusted mortar, and rusty, dank iron, and tarnished brass and clouded silver-plating gave back the feeble glimmer of a candle, the effect was more miserable and sordid than could have been imagined. It conveyed irresistibly the idea that life - animal life - was not the only thing that could pass away."
Author: Bram Stoker
2. "[Deserters], they've given up everything. Oaths. Families. When you desert, it breaks you. It leaves you willing to do anything, because you've already given away everything you could have cared about losing."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
3. "She had me from Hello," I say to Zizzy."What's wrong with you dude? She never said Hell. She always welcomes us with blood dripping fangs and a horde of corpses surrounding her." Zizzy protests."Monsters have their own way to say Hello, moron. They just need someone to get it, that this is actually hello."
Author: Cameron Jace
4. "First of all, time travel per se does not exist. ‘Travel' implies that you choose both your destination and when you come back. It's more a ‘time shot,' a ‘time through.' But it's definitely not time travel."
Author: Francis Barel
5. "Sometimes you kind of lose yourself in someone else's personality."
Author: Julie London
6. "But we have to find ways of compromising when we disagree on something. You know what compromise is, right?""Uh-huh. It's when you don't get to have everything your way and I don't get to have everything my way, and no one's happy."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
7. "But Chase might be out for a few weeks. He has tendinosis.""That's too bad," I muttered. As far as I was concerned, Chase Vere's continued absence from anywhere could only be a good thing.Alex shot me a quick look,but didn't respond."
Author: Melissa Jensen
8. "You know, Phaedrus, writing shares a strange feature with painting. The offsprings of painting stand there as if they are alive, but if anyone asks them anything, they remain most solemnly silent. The same is true of written words. You'd think they were speaking as if they had some understanding, but if you question anything that has been said because you want to learn more, it continues to signify just that very same thing forever. When it has once been written down, every discourse rolls about everywhere, reaching indiscriminately those with understanding no less than those who have no business with it, and it doesn't know to whom it should speak and to whom it should not. And when it is faulted and attacked unfairly, it always needs its father's support; alone, it can neither defend itself nor come to its own support. [275d-e]"
Author: Plato
9. "You have to trust someone before you can have rituals with them."
Author: Rachel Klein
10. "Finding Will, loving Will, had been a revelation. Like finding the other half of herself. Having his grounded wisdom to draw on when she needed it, knowing that no matter what, she had him to come home to, that his laughter was part of her world and that the passion and courage and joy he ignited in her were here to stay, had transformed her perception of herself."
Author: Sarah Mayberry
11. "And what good is a voice when so few will listen?"
Author: Stacey Jay
12. "Luckily for me, when I was growing up in high school, I had a band, and I was a singer in the band. I'm less of a legit Broadway singer than I am a pop-rock singer."
Author: Stark Sands
13. "And when the day arrives I'll become the sky and I'll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now."
Author: Trent Reznor
14. "…I see that something's are hard to do, but that you can't live with yourself if you don't do them. I see that the best way to help myself is to help the people I care about. The rest will sort itself out. It has to, right?"
Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

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Quotes About Being Strong When Someone Has Cancer
Quotes About Being Strong When Someone Has Cancer
Quotes About Being Strong When Someone Has Cancer

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