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1. "Will." Her hands pulled at his shirt, and it came away, the buttons tearing, his head shaking free of the fabric, all wild dark hair, Heathcliff on the moors. His hands were less sure on her dress, but it came away as well, off over her head, and was cast aside, leaving Tessa in her chemise and corset. She went motionless, shocked at being so undressed in front of anyone but Sophie, and Will took a wild look at her corset that was only part desire."How—," he said. "Does it come off?"Tessa couldn't help herself; despite everything, she giggled. "It laces," she whispered. "In the back."
Author: Cassandra Clare
2. "You're dressed for dancing," she said in her throaty stage voice. "Being undressed for dancing occured to me, but I didn't think Merris would like it."
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
3. "Janice rolled her eyes. First, the doctor had ogled her, and now Karr was leering at her and licking his lips lasciviously."Oh this is great. I'm being mentally undressed by a space pirate."
Author: William L. Lavell

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Quotes About Being Undressed
Quotes About Being Undressed
Quotes About Being Undressed

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