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1. "Keep back no part of the precious truth, but speak what you know, and testify what you have seen. Let not the toil or darkness, or possible unbelief of your friends, weigh one moment in the scale. Up, and be marching to the place of duty, and there tell what great things God has shown to your soul."
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
2. "Keep your hands off me." She spoke viciously, through her teeth, and he caught a glimpse of her deVere ancestry. She was a virago in tiny, fragile, fairy form."
Author: Christina Brooke
3. "Relax in your own home, Kylie. It's one of the few places on earth you're free to be as you really are."
Author: Dorien Kelly
4. "Like your sweet, affectionate house cat, Alice Dahl is easy to underestimate. It's not until the songbirds in the yard show up eviscerated on the front porch that you realize you should've kept that bell collar on her—because those poor birds never even saw her coming."
Author: Elle Lothlorien
5. "Why then seek to complete in a few decades what took the other nations of the world thousands of years? Why, in your hurry to subdue and utilize nature, squander her splendid gifts? You have opportunities such as mankind has never had before, and may never have again."
Author: James Bryce
6. "For decades, Japan has been a friend and reliable trading partner with the United States, and I anticipate that relationship will prosper."
Author: Jim Costa
7. "I have always had this secret fantasy of being a Bourne girl or Bond girl, and I've never even gotten called in on one of those roles."
Author: Katie Aselton
8. "Honestly, Miss Costa," Queen Jada stated briskly as she sprinkled a pinch of salt over her plate. "There are hundreds of women who would kill to be in your position.""Well, perhaps I can meet them," Alexa said snidely, her panic quickly turning to anger, "because I would rather die than be Dante's wife."
Author: Katie Lynn Johnson
9. "The urge to let go of the wheel and just see what happens is compelling. IfI live, I'll wake to find myself in hospital. I won't have to do anything, deal with anybody, talk, bescared anymore, because I will have become somebody else's responsibility. And if I die, well theneverything's solved. No more being angry like this."
Author: Kirsty Eagar
10. "Never assume you are alone, because you never truly are. Only when your life has surely ended and your loved ones have forgotten you is when you are gone. Gone from this world and the next.Sleep is when you are most vulnerable. It's a sanctuary and a curse; how you perceive it is up to you."
Author: Mandi Lynn
11. "A BILL OF ASSERTIVE RIGHTSI: You have the right to judge your own behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and to take the responsibility for their initiation and consequences upon yourself.II: You have the right to offer no reasons or excuses for justifying your behavior.III: You have the right to judge if you are responsible for finding solutions to other people's problems.IV: You have the right to change your mind.V: You have the right to make mistakes—and be responsible for them.VI: You have the right to say, "I don't know."VII: You have the right to be independent of the goodwill of others before coping with them.VIII: You have the right to be illogical in making decisions. IX: You have the right to say, "I don't understand."X: You have the right to say, "I don't care."YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY NO, WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY"
Author: Manuel J. Smith
12. "I remember your saying once that there is a fatality about good resolutions—that they are always made too late. Mine certainly were."
Author: Oscar Wilde
13. "Just when all seems to be going right, challenges often come in multiple doses applied simultaneously. When those trials are not consequences of your disobedience, they are evidence that the Lord feels you are prepared to grow more. He therefore gives you experiences that stimulate growth, understanding, and compassion which polish you for your everylasting benefit."
Author: Richard G. Scott
14. "His voice just shot through me. It's amazing, the things your body will do just when you don't want them to: heart speeding up, fingers aching. I'd always liked his voice, low and laid-back, the kind of voice that made you listen, a voice that still caused me to teeter when I heard it saying my old nickname."
Author: Sara Zarr
15. "When you take your step your dream comes true,you see the sky with fluffy clouds you take your breath-the flowers bloom you belth your way to the top of the mountain you see the sky it leaves you nothing but bumps the rain comes down the lighting hits you are the thunder and Im your lighting just deal with everything Naturally."
Author: Selena Gomez
16. "The law of God is not easy for natural man. Its standard is high and cannot be achieved apart from God's supernatural grace. God's law teaches us our need of grace. When you fail to hold out God's standard, you rob your children of the mercy of the gospel."
Author: Tedd Tripp
17. "You learn just as much from your failures. Sometimes you love your failures even more."
Author: Tina Weymouth
18. "Often, moreover, it is...that aspect of our being that society finds eccentric, ridiculous, or disagreeable, that holds our sweet waters, our secret well of happiness, the key to our equanimity in malevolent climes."
Author: Tom Robbins
19. "I like being behind the scene."
Author: Tory Burch

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Quotes About Being Unsure About Your Relationship
Quotes About Being Unsure About Your Relationship
Quotes About Being Unsure About Your Relationship

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